Let’s Go Krogering!


Although the last few years have seen me in Whole Foods every week, I’m really a Kroger girl at heart.  If you aren’t familiar with Kroger, it’s a US grocery store chain headquartered in the city I lived in for most of my adult life, Cincinnati, Ohio.  You pretty much can’t spit in Cincinnati without hitting a Kroger.  They’re everywhere.

OMG – this is going to be a snoozer post…

Since Whole Foods is waaayyyy too expensive to buy food for more than one or two unless you have a trust fund, last weekend I went into my local Kroger to get some goodies to donate to my church for Thanksgiving food baskets.

But a weird thing happened.

After I had checked off all of the boxes on the list of things to get – cans of vegetables, cranberry sauce, evaporated milk, boxes of instant potatoes, stuffing and pasta – I didn’t want to leave.  I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the cashier to check out.  Or to one of the horrid self-service checkout things that are always calling the attendant on me because it didn’t “sense” me putting the 1 oz greeting card into the bag.  I’m convinced they call the attendant just to mess with me.  I hate those things.

But honestly, I didn’t want to leave.  I found myself pushing my cart, aimlessly wandering up and down the aisles.  Thinking about November “Krogering” trips from years gone by.

It’s pretty crazy how and where memories can be triggered.  These were good memories of shopping to feed the seemingly endless appetites of teenage boys, buying turkeys and “fixin’s” for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, getting ingredients for home-made holiday treats for teachers, friends and co-workers   Memories of family and community brought together by the sacred act of sharing food together.  Of spending time and energy in creating a body and soul nurturing meal out of the simple elements of meat, vegetables, bread.  And love.

Like alchemy.

I’ve been running away from some memories for a long time.  Maybe running away is a bit too dramatic.  How about “detouring around”?

The bad ones because they are just pain bad and painful. Understandable.  But I’ve been detouring from some of the good ones too.  Really happy ones in a different time and place and situation.  They tease that life may never be like that again. That the best really isn’t yet to come – that it’s already been.  Total nonsense I know.  Life is a continual adventure with unexpected joys and opportunities presenting themselves all the time if we can find a way to open our hearts to them.  I really try.

Screw Whole Foods…  This year we’re having an all Kroger Thanksgiving!  I have 364 days of the year to eat organic and “locally sourced”.  I want some good old comfort holiday food tomorrow. Food that will make my kitchen smell like it did 20 years ago when I was cooking for my growing family, and having friends and family in and out for the holidays.  Food that makes me smile and remember, and feeds my body and spirit.


Maybe this means the detouring is winding down.  Maybe it means that I’m finally getting my act together.  Or that the life I’m making for myself now is just as happy as in days gone by, but in a new and different way.  Or none of the above.

I need to not overthink this.  Tomorrow, I just need to dig in, enjoy and be thankful.  For lots and lots and lots of stuff.

Like you, my WordPress friends.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

12 thoughts on “Let’s Go Krogering!

    • OMG, I tried a few years ago to get a bit more “upscale” with my food preparation and tried to tweak some things. You’d have thought I was going to burn the house down. Major revolt from the troops! You don’t mess with some things and Thanksgiving tradition is one of them evidently! I guess I should be glad they like what I fix and have fixed for the last 30 years (when I started hosting Turkey Day.) Honestly, I can do it in my sleep so it works! Happy Thanksgiving Jodi and thanks for reading AGMA!


      • We are sole sistas – that is the exact scenario here! 🙂 How dare I try to make a fancier vegetable dish or spice up the mashed potatoes! Any other time, we can get away with it, but not Thanksgiving, and I agree – makes it the easiest meal. I am trying brining my turkey this year just to make it even juicier – hope I don’t get stoned! 🙂


      • Two years ago I tired to make dressing on the Big Green Egg. It sunk like a stone (but I really liked it!) You inspired me Jodi – I’m dry brining our little bird! Let me know how everything goes tomorrow. 🙂


  1. When I was growing up in the DC suburbs, Giant Food was the big grocery chain. And in the Philly suburbs, it was Acme. In New Jersey, Shop-Rite. Here in San Francisco, it’s Safeway, but we do have our fair share of Whole Foods Markets. This has nothing to do with either Thanksgiving or with Kroger, but it had to be said.


    • I completely agree! It had to be said… I was distraught when I moved to St. Louis and there was nary a Kroger to be found. They have local chains – Schnucks and Dierbergs. They do have Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, but I really needed a Kroger for those 18 months we lived there! I think that played into our decision to move back to Atlanta. Now we live across the street from one! That’s what I’m talking about…

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  2. Hello! You don’t know me from Adam, but I enjoyed your post on Kroger, because I’m a Kroger gal myself. In my moves around the country I’ve shopped at Albertson’s, Giant Eagle, Meijer, etc., but none of them says home like Kroger. And, thankfully, we live in central Ohio now in the heart of Krogerland, so I’m a happy camper. We have a new Meijer in town, but they don’t get my grocery business. I’m being faithful to my old friend. I did a post in which Kroger plays a prominent part. 🙂



    • Ha! Great Kroger minds think alike! We had Meijers in Cincinnati, but I could never warm up to them. The other big chain here in Altanta is Publix and I have to admit, they are very nice. Lovely stores and very customer service oriented. But they aren’t Kroger… Thanks for your comment and if it makes your feel any better, I don’t know anybody who comments on my blog from Adam, but I’m happy to have ya’ll stop by for a visit!

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  3. Love this post. I love that it was total stream of consciousness.
    i have spend the last 10 Thanksgivings away from my biological family [only half of which were by choice. i think] and this year i too got nostalgic for some of what ‘used to be’
    unfortunately, i live far away and none of the same grocery stores are available to me. Or else I would have done all my shopping at Meijers. Good old Meijers on Sawmill Rd.
    thanks for the wonderful reflective piece.


    • You are so sweet! I hope that things worked out okay getting your Thanksgiving “stuff” from Brand X grocery store. If they even had Thanksgiving stuff… For all I know, you could live in Thailand! I bet there aren’t many turkeys in Thailand. My sister and her husband had Thanksgiving dinner in London – can’t wait until they get back to tell me how that worked out! Bit O digress…thanks again for your nice comment!

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