Ailing America

I have a post about shopping for Thanksgiving dinner I’m putting the finishing touches on.  It’ll be a little more introspective than most of my posts generally are and not quite as mildly amusing as normal.  But it’s still pretty “fluffy” in light of what is happening in Ferguson, MO and all over our country.

I can’t bring myself to post it today.  Not today.

I’m not eloquent when it comes to serious subjects.  I stumble and bumble and struggle to express myself, and will come up with something that’s marginal at best.  So I’m not going to try.

All I know is that there is something terribly, horribly, fundamentally wrong in America.  It’s like the country itself has contracted Ebola.  We’re bleeding all over.  And nobody knows how to stop it.   Actually, I don’t think anybody has called a doctor.  Yet.

My heart grieves because I’m so fearful we’re going to wait too long and lose the patient.

And I feel powerless to stop it.

And that feeling sucks.

9 thoughts on “Ailing America

  1. I loved a post Peter Shankman made yesterday on his FB page, “Can we just take a moment to remember that whatever the grand jury decision (this was obviously prior to the decision), we’re all still on this planet together, and as of yet, we’ve no other place to go.”

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  2. My son is a lawyer and he said that what the grand jury did…not the outcome, but the process…was extremely unusual. It was more like a trial than a grand jury, which is merely supposed to determine if there are sufficient ground to come forward with an indictment. But the way it was presented to the members of the grand jury was more like you would find in a full-fledged trial geared to determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant.

    I, too, am saddened by what is going on in this country. Apparently there are those who believe that the best way of expressing disagreement, frustration, or disappointment is through violence. That’s unfortunate because it accomplishes nothing. I don’t know. Perhaps the wounds are just too deep to ever heal.


    • I’m so incredibly disturbed that so much of this horrible event was “extremely unusual”. I have no comment as to why things played out as they did other than it was only gasoline on the smoldering anger and resentment. The apparent lack of transparency and cluelessness in the process only fueled the notion that there are two standards by which police officers are held accountable.

      Then you have the people who just want to destroy who see this situation as a justification of violence against their own community. Honestly, none of it makes any sense at all!

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  3. Fear not, dear friend. God is all over the situation in our city of St. Louis. Sometimes it takes major surgery before the recovery and healing can begin. As long as we have thoughtful and concerned people like you on our side, we can’t lose.


    • And sometimes the patient dies because the surgery is just too late… I pray that isn’t so but given the direction our country has been going in, I just see wounds getting deeper, divisions getting broader and everything getting that much more polarized (if that’s even possible!) Keep the faith for me right now – I’m running a bit low in the gas tank. Stay safe!


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