The bad granny and the boys in spandex


So my post last week was unexpected, and interrupted AGMA’s travel blog from her trip to Europe in July. I’m back in the swing of things now!

But rest easy. This is the third and last (keyword being last…) travel post. Then it’s back to the normal AGMA nonsense.

So in my last travel post, I was in Provence and had a mouth full of creeping crud from my prednisone. Remember?

From Provence, we trekked to the Principality of Andorra high up in the Pyrenees Mountains between the boarders of Spain and France.  You have to REALLY want to visit Andorra to get to Andorra. There is no easy way to get there.

And I REALLY wanted to visit Andorra. We were going to watch Stage 9 and 10 of the 2016 Tour de France.

Cyclists in spandex! My kinda creepy obsession…

I went to France in 2013 for the last week of the 100th Tour de France.  It was electrifying. I was hooked and have been trying to get back every since. Long suffering and patient Hubs agreed to take 3 days out of our trip to fuel AGMA’s creepy obsession.

What a guy.

We watched the cyclists on Stage 9 on their way up to a rain and hail filled finish from the comfort of the Andorran village of Ordino. No rain or hail 18K from the finish. My cowbell got a real workout.

And I found the perfect TdF T-shirt for my 20 month old grandson (pictured above.) Might as well get him indoctrinated early to his granny’s creepy obsession right?

The next day was a rest day. Normally, when I’m watching from home, I hate rest days. AGMA gets bored with no Tour to watch. But I loved the rest day in Andorra.

Rest day = cyclist stalking day.

The cyclists don’t really rest on rest days. They go out for a 2 to 3 hour easy ride in the morning so their bodies don’t freak out from no activity. They have to keep the engine running so to speak or it will shut down. And that’s not good.

Armed with my list of team hotels, I went in search of my favorite cyclists. Unfortunately, AGMA left our hotel too late to catch the teams going out for their rides, but I knew I had a chance of catching them when they got back.

AGMA went after Team Sky, a powerhouse cycling team based in Great Britain, and the team of two time TdF winner Chris Froome. He was also in the lead of this year’s TdF (with the yellow jersey) after Stage 9.

He went on to win the whole tamale this year and got his 3rd TdF win.

After waiting over an hour, the team finally came in from their ride. All but Chris Froome. The cell phone cameras went crazy. Mine included. Sadly, I lost most of those pictures the next day due to a smooth move on AGMA’s part.

I hate technology.

The fabulous thing about being a cycling fan is access. You get nearly unfetterd access to world class athletes like no other sport. You can just walk up and start talking to them and/or you can take a selfie with them and/or get their autograph. They looked tired so I opted for an autograph.

AGMA is a bad granny.

Instead of getting autographs on the notebook I brought, I got out my grandson’s cute TdF shirt, looked at the cyclists with pleading eyes and said, “Can you sign this for my grandson please?” How could they say no?

They couldn’t.

30 minutes later, Chris Froome finally rode in in his yellow jersey. The access thing doesn’t always apply to the yellow jersey – the teams tend to be very protective of their big “stars”. He pretty much stayed away from the small crowd of stalkers, but he was close enough for AGMA to get some great pictures. Most of which I lost.

He finally came up to the small group of remainig fans and signed a few autographs. I gave him the doe-eyed look and said, “Mr. Froome, could you sign this for my grandson please?” And he did.


AGMA is a bad granny.

I have no intention of giving that T-shirt to my grandson. His parents have no appreciation of cycling. They might actually let him wear it. The horror!

AGMA’s going to wait until he gets older. Hopefully, with my influence and that of his uncle – my cycling crazy younger son – he’ll become a cycling fan too.

Then he can tell the story of how his crazy, cyclist stalking, spandex loving Nan met the best cyclist in the world and got his autograph for him.

It was a grrrrreat trip!

Oh yeah, after Andorra, we went to Lourdes, France which was amazing, then onto Pamplona, Spain for the Running of the Bulls which was insane. Totally insane!

We spent the last night of our trip, July 14th, in Barcelona before we flew home the next day.

July 14th is Bastille Day in France. The Tour de France went through Provence that day and up Mont Vonteux. Chris Froome actually RAN part of the way up due to a freak accident with a moto that crushed his bike. Nothing like that has ever happened in the TdF.  It was crazy.

It was also the day of the horrific attack in Nice that killed 85 innocent, peaceful people who were enjoying being out with friends and family, celebrating Bastille Day. Let’s hope that nothing like that ever happens again. It was beyond crazy.

AGMA went to bed that night incredibly sad, but determined to continue traveling. We can’t let this type of evil frighten us, and keep us from sowing the seeds of peace and understanding all over the world. If we stop traveling, the bad guys win.

And we can’t afford to let that happen.

Australia in November anybody?

15 thoughts on “The bad granny and the boys in spandex

    • Thank you! My younger son is determined that his nephew will love cycling and when he sets his mind to something, it usually happens! I did feel a tiny bit silly at 62 chasing after these 20 & 30 something cyclists, but what the heck – you only live once! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You are SO right about not letting the bad guys win. That’s the whole point of terror–one random, horrible act can disrupt many, many lives for many, many years, but only if you let them.

    I’d be game for Australia in November, but we already have our travel plans in place for the rest of 2016 AND most of 2017. Damn. (Sicily, Malta and then US National Parks).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Okay – I’ve never been to Sicily or Malta! Maybe I can join you… Ha! And there are quit a few National Parks I’ve yet to visit! Hmmmm…

      So far in 2017, I’m going to Puerto Vallarta in early March and Italy in early April (hopefully to do the Rome Marathon and then the Cinque Terre) and possibly Ireland in October for our 40th anniversary trip (and maybe the Dublin Marathon!) And who knows where else?

      Thanks for your comment and for not letting the bad guys scare you from exploring the world!


  2. So you enjoy watching young men in spandex and now seem to have found their hotels. I get holding on to the shirt until the grandson is older, but when do you tell him you stalked young men in spandex to their hotels in order to get the autographs? Or do you just leave that part out?

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  3. I was thinking about you AGMA when I heard about the bulls running amok in Spain and the attack in Nice. Glad you were safe. Glad you didn’t cave to the bastards. I have a Sham Wow! signed by Vince, heh…a friend got a couple at some trade show for his wife and I because we always talked smack about him…it is pretty creepy too. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • A Sham Wow! signed by Vince?? Wow! I feel like an amateur…

      Thanks for thinking of me while I was gone and all that crazy, horrible stuff was going one! And while I will not foolishly walk into a war zone, I will NOT, as you say, cave to the bastards!! The travel plans continue…

      Liked by 1 person

    • True dat!! We drove up Mont Ventoux and were exhausted… I was a real goofball, and video-ed our last 5K up to the top with compelling commentary. Lots of waving at cyclists riding up and moto’s driving up! And when we get to the top, you’d think I’d run up instead of been driven up. I felt a bit silly at the time, but it’s actually quite funny watching it now that we’re home! Maybe I’ll post it on YouTube?

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