Old fashioned

AGMA really enjoys those Progressive TV commercials where the self help therapist, Dr. Rick, is trying to help young homeowners who are “turning into their parents”.

He’s challenged by young homeowners wearing fanny packs (that are coming BACK into fashion by the way!) who have paper tickets at the airport, pack snacks from home for their plane ride, are worried about exiting a football game before it starts, and compliment the grocery store deli worker for great lunchmeat slicing…

You get the picture.

I enjoy them until it dawns on me that I AM the parent he is trying to help the young homeowners not be like.  What??  For some bizarre, AGMA-twisted reasoning, I think I am one of those young homeowners, not the older parent.

Considering we bought our first home in 1978, I’ve obviously been consuming too many gummies.

We are most definitely NOT young homeowners.  And we’re guilty of pretty much everything that the the commercial is poking fun at.  Although I don’t think I’ve ever complimented the deli person on their slicing skills.  Out loud.

Time marches on…. And AGMA has been feeling that quite acutely.

Now I know how my father felt in the 80’s & 90’s with the advent of personal computers, the internet, and cell phones.

Today it’s crypto currencies, VR, NFT’s, and the Metaverse.  I think they’re all connected. Maybe. I’m really not sure. 

Yup – AGMA is turning into my father. This is terrifying.

My brother turned 80 (OMG!!) a few months ago.  He’s a recently retired investment advisor.  When I saw him this past fall, he told me he invested in a cryptocurrency, but he has no clue exactly how the crypto thing works.

Join the club.

I heard this morning that the US government is looking into issuing cryptocurrency, and that we are actually behind the 8-ball compared to other countries.  Damn – just when I was getting ready to fill up my nickel collectors card… 

Clearly, crypto is hot and a ‘thing’. But, right now, when Matt Damon tells me from the TV that “fortune favors the brave” in advertising crypto investing, it all feels a bit like a Ponzi scheme.

AGMA is kind of a crusty skeptic.

Then there’s VR or virtual reality.  I have enough of a hard time with with reality reality.  Not sure I want to add another layer to my reality anxiety issues.

NFT’s are really interesting.  I think.  And bizarre.  Another thing that feels a bit like a pyramid scheme.  But since I don’t understand what they are, who knows?

NFT’s are Non-Fungible Tokens.  

What the heck does fungible mean???  Is that even a word??  It sounds like something I would use to describe the love child of the Orange Cheetolini, the Pillow Guy, and Kid Rock.

“Oh my goodness, what a fungible baby.”

AGMA can’t tell you how many time I’ve Googled NFT’s to try to figure out why people are spending millions of dollars on them.


And all I get is that it has something to do with proprietary digital “stuff” stored in a blockchain (whatever the hell that is) somewhere in some cloud that you need a special code to access.  So I guess you’re really paying for that code, but, again, who knows?

Artists are cashing big time on the NFT craze, and it may expand to real estate and other “stuff”.

Now there’s an oxymoron for you – digital real estate.  I wonder if that’s like naming a star after your significant other?  I mean, it’s not REALLY named after them, but you have a piece of paper that says it is. It’s a gimmick. 

Can you raise crops on a digital farm?  Or cows?  How about building a house?  Or a sky scraper?

AGMA just has so many questions….

Which brings us to the Metaverse.  AGMA has a sneaking suspicion that cryptocurrency, VR and NFT’s are all part of the Metaverse, but I couldn’t swear to it.  Again, this is something that I’ve Googled multiple times, but am having a difficult time wrapping my very limited brain around.

If somebody out there can explain any of this to me, please have at it!

Honestly, the older I get, the more it seems like The Matrix is becoming the new reality and less just a plot for a movie.

Give me the red pill please!

Oh, to go back to the good old days of flip cell phones, email, and typing www before a website’s name.

The days before 9/11, MAGA hats, FOX “news”, the Big Lie, COVID-19. 

The days when women’s reproductive rights weren’t being stripped away, voter suppression of POC wasn’t wildly popular because there was Federal Government oversight, corporations weren’t considered ‘people’, tens of thousands of people didn’t needlessly die because of anti-vax propaganda, and traitors who attempt a violent overthrow of democracy would actually get imprisoned rather than elected to the US Congress. Or the Presidency.  

Silly AGMA….

Longing for days past where school children didn’t have to endure active shooter drills, school boards didn’t ban books/curriculum that teach actual history, libraries didn’t have to close because of threats of violence against their employees because they ask the public to wear masks to protect others, and fences didn’t have to be erected around the US Capitol to keep out the ‘tourists’ (who erect a gallows to hang the Veep.)

AGMA guesses both Hubs and I are just old fashioned folks who believe real estate should be real, doing our own ‘research’ is no substitute for listening to learned professionals, science is not subjective, history is reporting what actually happened even if it makes people uncomfortable, reading challenging books develops critical thinking skills, every citizen should be able to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice and have it counted, black and brown lives matter, people who try to overthrow the government need to be in jail, and women should be the sole decision makers concerning their bodies.

So maybe it’s not a bad thing that my young, home-owning sons turn into their parents?

Gotta go now ‘cause AGMA has to pack up my NFT that I bought with crypto in the Metaverse and take a trip though VR.

See you, Alice (and the White Rabbit), and Neo on the Nebuchadnezzar.


11 thoughts on “Old fashioned

  1. I’m with you. All the way. Into whatever version of reality is about to encounter us. Some days I’m glad I’m old so I won’t have to put up with this nonsense much longer. And you didn’t even get into “woke” society (I assume that perversion of society has graced the US of A as well as Canada), but don’t get me going on that!

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    • We are of like mind Margaret! And re: the “woke” thing – it’s in the mix but we are still actively dealing with the the insurrectionists who would be kings banning books and writing legislation that would allow them to overturn elections which takes up 90% of my brain power (which is set on low anyway!) Slipping away into a virtual world actually doesn’t sound too bad right about now!


  2. I like those commercials too and, yes, I am that parent as well. I especially like the one where the two guys and Dr. Rick are in a Home Depot type store and a young man with blue hair walks past them. Dr. Rick softly says, “We all see it…we all see it” when one guy can’t stand it anymore and blurts out “He has blue hair!” That reminded me of my mother who used to say things like that, mainly in a crowded doctor’s office waiting room. Now, when I catch a glimpse of myself unexpectedly in the mirror, I see her face. Sometimes, it’s my father’s, depending on my facial expression.

    And Amazon actually has a mug for sale based on that encounter: https://www.amazon.com/Progressive-Insurance-Commercial-Subscribe-Becoming/dp/B09DSQ98P3

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    • That is hysterical!! I love that one – BLUE!! I don’t think I look a lot like my mother, but then again, she died at 47 so I have no idea what she would have looked like as an older lady (like me!) I have a friend from high school who, at 69, is the spitting image of her late mother. It’s interesting how that works!


    • You and me! That’s really all I can do – stick to what I know! But I do try to stay up with trends so I can at least know some of the vocabulary. But honestly (and I sound like a crusty AGMA) there are few trends that seem to have any value and depth. So much of what is ‘out there’ today seems so shallow. It’s for short term, instant gratification and gain. Some of it seems so silly, especially if it involves social media. What a glorious waste of time and resources. But I DO love 60’s and 70s music – some of the best there is! I can hear the Millenials now… “Okay Boomer!” Ha!

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  3. I am SO with you, longing for the GOOD part of the “good old days”, when there was less gun violence and at least SOME civility toward our fellow citizens You know, when most elected officials refrained from public temper tantrums and were expected to occasionally exhibit dignified behavior.

    Great post!

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  4. Little secret: When Bitcoin was only just beginning, one of my daughters said she was investing in it and suggest I should do the same. I berated her for falling for such a scam. I don’t know whether or not she went ahead and invested despite my advice, but I can only hope she’s forgiven me for my short- sightedness. My money is still in savings only (traditional banks are safer, right?); perhaps Progressive should do a commercial about that.


  5. I still think the crypto thing is a bit of a scam in some corners. It’s like anything else – when the next big thing comes along, there are con artists who swoop in and try to take advantage of people. But yeah – the Bitcoin thing, while volatile – at this point, looks legit. I guess. Who knows??? 🙂


  6. As usual: thought-provoking, humorous insights, AGMA. Had to Google “metaverse.” I thought it referred to current trend for writing 6-word poems. What would Dr. Rick make of THAT given that someone OLDER than we Baby Zoomers — 1920’s Dorothy Parker — came up with this hipster humor which for me works as a 6-word poem: “Brevity is the soul of lingerie.” Ok. Not a poem, but tickles me.

    Where am I going with this? “Currency” — whether it be crypto or staying “with it” as an aging Zoomer provokes my curiosity (and angst). If I am not “current” with the Snowflake Generation (defined on Internet as “people born from 1980 to 1994, in other words, those that became adults in 2010… youngsters who are easily offended and are viewed as less resilient and more prone to taking offense than previous generations.” Hmmm…

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