Russian _______ (fill in the blank), go f*ck yourself

The t-shirt Hubs bought for me!

So clearly the Russian cyber-attacks in response to the global sanctions on Russia for Putin’s illegal, immoral, and Hitler-ish invasion of Ukraine, have started.

AGMA’s sitting in my 3rd favorite coffee shop (for blogging) and my MAC is as slow as molasses. (Do people even say that anymore…??). 

It’s taking like 3 minutes for a page to load.  Oh the humanity!

Back in the dark ages when we had to dial into the world wide web via a modem, this wait would not seem excessive.  In some cases, this was considered ‘fast’.

But times have moved on, and now we’re used to split second responsiveness.  And AGMA tends to get very impatient when I experience a technology hiccup.  Talk about your champagne problems…!

But I noticed a slow down a couple of days ago and again today.  This just might be the tip of the iceberg.

People I consider rational and reasonable are seriously getting ready for the Russian ‘cyber invasion’. They are preparing for an all out cyber attack, taking 1000’s out of the bank, freezing milk and other perishables, and loading up on non-perishable food items.  AGMA hates to tell them that the power grids will probably be an early target (Texas, are you listening?) which will take out electricity, hence freezing anything will provide only a short term supply.  Unless you have a generator and then, of course, there will be the shortage of gas to power it.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? 

I find that those of us living at Casa AGMA are woefully unprepared for Armageddon, cyber or otherwise.

And that’s okay with us.  

It’s always been my position that I want to be taken out by the initial strike.  AGMA’s seen too many movies/TV shows about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.

No, brain eating does not sound like a survival technique I would like, thank you.

I’ll just be like Scarlett O’Hara – I’ll worry about it tomorrow.

AGMA is 50% Ukrainian.  My grandparents emigrated from Ukraine in the very early 1900’s and settled in Western Pennsylvania.  My mother and her siblings were all 1st generation Americans.

My other 50% is mostly German with a tiny sprinkling of the Biritish Isles mixed in.  Very tiny.  

To be honest, I’ve never been overly excited about my heritage.

Until now.

It’s stunning to see the resolve of Ukrainians in defense of their homeland against the unprovoked, terrorist aggression of super-power lead by an unhinged, wannabe Nazi.  AGMA is gobsmacked by the courage and bravery of ordinary citizens being reported in the media.  

And just when you think that there are no courageous, inspirational leaders left in the world who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is doing a most excellent job channeling Churchill.

I’m hoping he’s a distant cousin…

We always wonder (at least AGMA does) what we would do put in a situation like the Ukrainian people.  I like to think that I would be the lady offering the Russian soldier sunflower seeds.  Or the grandma who is learning to shoot an automatic weapon.  Or the woman who learned how to make molotov cocktails by Googling it.  Or the Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island who told the Russian warship to, “…go f*ck yourself!”

Make no mistake, AGMA (being the liberal, progressive snowflake that I am) is totally against war, and the horrors it brings to the innocents involved on both sides.  I mourn not only for the Ukrainian lives lost, but for the young Russian soldiers who do not want to be doing what they are doing in Ukraine. I mourn for a country that can never return to what it was a week ago; forever changed by the untenable reality of either kill or be killed.  I grieve for the children, wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers who are and will be grieving for their murdered loved ones.  And for those who have fled their country and left everything behind.

My heart is broken for my (50%) homeland.

That being said, I am also filled with pride that I have the same DNA as these incredibly brave, courageous people with their dogged determination to defend their homeland against incredible odds.  

And AGMA believes that they will ultimately prevail over their would-be oppressors, though there will be much more death and devastation before that happens.

Damn Putin.

In the meantime, I pray the world will support the people of Ukraine in every way possible.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a more important item on the pro-democracy checklist than stopping this war-crime laden aggression with all of our collective global efforts.   Despite the temporary inconveniences that may happen as a result.  Higher prices at the gas pump or grocery store are nothing in comparison to having thermobaric vacuum bombs used to kill your children.

We kind of need to suck it up folks…. Again.  But AMGA knows ya’ll can do it!

Also, and this is really important, let’s work as hard as we can on keeping pro-Putin fascists (otherwise known as Republicans or the GQP) out of power here in the US.  

If you think what is happening in Ukraine can’t happen in the US, you haven’t been paying attention.


15 thoughts on “Russian _______ (fill in the blank), go f*ck yourself

  1. Well done!
    I feel like you have read my mind. I too am heartbroken for both the Ukrainians AND the brave Russians who are protesting the war, despite the terrible consequences they face from Putin and his cronies.
    I too am hoping that our fellow Americans recognize that higher prices are a small price to pay given the devastation the Ukrainians are facing.
    I watched the State of the Union address and was encouraged by Biden’s speech. I can’t imagine how our country will survive if the GOP gains control of Congress.
    But I will end this comment on a positive note—because we need all the positivity we can get these days. So here goes…
    Your genetic makeup is rightfully a source of pride.

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    • Oh – thank you Shelley! Sadly, because my mother died when I was young, and I had no contact with my aunts and uncles until I was in my 30’s, I didn’t grow up with a sense cultural connection to Ukraine. My mother used to write Pysanky – I remember that – but other than that, I had no sense of identity with her side of the family. And I didn’t write the rant I was going to about the GOP in reply to your comment, because I was inspired by you wanting to keep things positive. And we all know that there is nothing associate with the GOP that is positive. So here you go…kittens, puppies, baby hedgehogs, and chocolate chip cookies. Positive enough? Ha!

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    • So 8 days later – they are still hanging on. But oh, the war crimes being committed against them by the Russian soldiers and Putin. I am sick to my stomach about it. And there is no calvary who will be galloping in to save them. I can only pray that something miraculous happens and the violence will stop. Chicago has a large Ukranian population so it’s very personal to many people around here…


      • We have a large Ukranian population here in Buffalo, too, as well as a very large Polish population (Poland will be next if Ukraine falls). My heart goes out to everyone in the war zone and to those who are in the process of evacuating.

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  2. I am totally with you! I am praying and will donate to whichever cause for Ukraine I can figure out is the most legit and has the most aimed for those people who are suffering. Do you know of the best one to donate to? Good to see you again. God bless Ukraine and its people!!

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  3. Unless some Russians believe in their propaganda, alot of them don’t want the war either. Just live their ordinary lives like us.

    I find it interesting your didn’t find great interest in your heritage until maybe now? Did it really need to take a war to shake it out. Come on…

    For myself, of course, being non-white in North America, a person soon must make a choice in life to suppress anything they might feel (kinda stupid actually) vs. what others might think of oneself. So it’s either embrace and be proud for all the history and history for me HERE in Canada, not as heavily what happened/happens in China.
    My biracial nephew is married to Russian-Canadian. She immigrated to Canada around 8 yrs. old with her parents. They are professors from there…so probably would have opinions.
    I live in Alberta where Ukranians dominated the settlement of farms, etc. in late 1800’s to early 1900’s. There are many Ukrainian churches all over. Even an historic village complete with grain elevator near Edmonton. This is not the same in Ontario, etc.


    • Hi Jean! Good to hear from you! Being an Asian North American, I understand where you sit in an “conflicting” space of identity.
      Let me give you some context to my post…
      My grandparents immigrated to a small city north of Pittsburgh. There was a very large Ukranian population there because it had a huge Pittsburgh Plate Glass company which attracted Eastern European glass workers, many of who were Ukranian. My grandparents died before 1940 and my mother (who had moved to Pittsburgh to become a nurse) married a man who was of mostly German heritage (but much longer in the US than my mother’s side.) And so I was raised with virtually no German influence (other than my dad loving rye break and liverwurst!) And my mother and her siblings became 100% Americans so there was very little Ukranian influence as well (other than I remember my mother writing Pysanki every Easter until she passed in 1965.). It’s pretty easy to misplace your cultural identity when you look like your Irish, Italian, French and Polish neighbors, and there is no family influence regarding the “old country”. You tend to think of yourself as an “typical” American, with European roots. However, back in the 90s, I volunteered for a while at the Cincinnati sister cities shop that carried Ukranian made items because Kharkiv became a sister city. And my husband and I wanted to travel to Ukraine about 4 years ago, and got the names of some personal guides, but the trip never happened because of the cost – just didn’t have the $$ to go at the time . Last year, I took a Pysanki writing workshop via Zoom given by the Ukranian Museum here in Chicago (which I joined as a member in 2021, so, pre-war.) So while you may think that I may have been ashamed of or intentionally hiding my heritage because I don’t mention it at all, that’s hardly the case. Yes, I have become quite vocal against the vicious, murderous, criminal attack by the Russians against a peaceful, sovereign nation, but isn’t that the only thing a person with any shred of justice and compassion can do? The fact that I have distant cousins who still live there (known due to my husband’s genealogy research) only amplifies my voice.

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      • The path of familial ethnic rediscovery is a lifelong journey and with an open mind/heart, one learns a great deal about family as well a bit more beyond’s one’s present country as a citizen/resident. I have wondered what is it like not to know of one’s heritage at all and not be interested for others unlike us. To me, it seems rootless and homogenous…kinda boring. 😀

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  4. Good for you AGMA, generally keeping your sense of humor and of the current geopolitical world situation in the proper perspective via-a-vis each other. In other words, kind of laughing (or at least giggling) through your tears.
    I don’t have the same sense of humor about all this, unfortunately, and find these global and domestic tragedies (past, present and I fear future) to just drag me further down into the personal pit of all the negative situations I have dealt with recently. I think I may be seeing the light at the end of my personal tunnel and am impossibly hopeful that maybe the pandemic may have actually leveled down to an endemic level, at least here in the US.
    Wish I felt the same way about the war in Europe and the pandemic in the rest of the world. IDK if or when the latter will (or even have a chance to) come down to the US level. My fear is that best case we will eventually officially enter into WWIII or worst case MAD will malfunction mainly because Putin’s quest to rebuild Russia makes him seem like Hitler on steroids.
    May we all, especially old farts like you and me, AGMA, who want to leave at least a physical earth behind us for succeeding generations, no matter how big a mess we have created of it, live in hope! Right now it looks like that may be all we have.


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