Fearless tech 101


I’m eavesdropping at my favorite coffee shop again.

It’s not intentional.  Really.  I like it here because it’s usually quiet and I can blog. Thinking and writing can be a dicey proposition in the of best circumstances without adding yacking to the equation.  For me.

But some folks just don’t know how to use their “inside voices”.  Today’s victims are sitting at the coffee bar about eight feet away from my table.  Far enough away so that I shouldn’t hear them.

They’re not a young match.com couple like my other eavesdrop post.  These people are Age of Aquarius people.  Peace, love and rock n’ roll people.  Pepsi Generation people.

In other words, old farts like AGMA.

And – oh my – they are explaining technology to each other.  Now this is getting good… There are few things in this world more entertaining than listening one Baby Boomer explain how to download app to their Notebook to another.  The goal – a crossword puzzle app.

As my older son so aptly and impatiently put it in 2004 when our extended family gathered in Chicago for his college graduation and the “elders” of the family were struggling to put each other’s cell phone numbers in their phones….

“It’s like watching monkeys trying to use tools.”

True dat.

Full disclosure: AGMA worked in a corporate IT department for 20 years back in the day, so technology isn’t quite as daunting to me as it is to some other Boomers.

The technology of today is light years ahead of what I was dealing with when I left in 2006.  I certainly don’t understand how 98% of it all works now, but I do understand the basics which, in some ways, makes me a bit more “tech fearless” than most my age.

Hey – I set up my WordPress blog didn’t I?

My sister and her hub got new Galaxy S6 smart phones a couple of months ago.  They went to classes to learn to use them. Recently, they got back from a bucket-list trip to Israel.  My sister discovered, AFTER she got home, that she could actually adjust the screen brightness on the camera function.  The whole trip, she had been taking pictures with her phone not actually seeing what she was taking a picture of because her screen was so dim.  She just pointed the phone camera toward the subject, pressed the shutter button and hoped for the best.

Oops.  I might ask for my money back from that class.

Oh golly – there’s so much more to say about technology for seniors…  But I think I’m getting too wordy.  I’ve decided that I’ve been too wordy lately. So AGMA’s turned over a “no more wordy posts” leaf.

“Oh no AGMA, we LOVE reading your inordinately long posts…”  Not.

So I’ll continue next time.  As always, stay tuned.

Oh – and I’m sure you’ll want to know that the crossword app download was a resounding success.  Now they’re just sitting there, heads down, tapping way on their notebooks.

Nothing like a challenging crossword to get the coffee shop universe back in balance.

And quiet.

26 thoughts on “Fearless tech 101

  1. When my grand kids arrived for their summer visit they each had either a smart phone or tablet device. Each has taken great delight in showing me what they can do with it – each assuming I knew nothing about them. Then I figured I’d show them what I do as a software engineer and finally showed them my blog. The 11 year-old was amazed and said, “You have a blog! Are you famous?”
    “Well, yes I am,” I replied. You can’t disappoint an 11 year-old now can you…

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  2. I love going into a Best Buy or other store that features these latest products…and messing with their head. My husband and I are baby boomers that have kept up with the technology, but it’s fun to play dumb and see how they try to make a sale to folks with graying hair. My bad. ☺

    “Monkeys trying to use tools”…have to remember that one. Thanks.

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    • It was at once mean and hilarious (because we seriously did look like monkeys trying to use tools!) My husband and I have used that phrase a lot in the ensuing 11 years!!

      You know – I think I think I know more about technology than I really do. I couldn’t mess with the Best Buy kids I’m pretty sure. But I LOVE that you do!

      Tech – one more thing to add to my list of things to get better at. It’s good to have goals right?

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  3. My new car came with SYNC, and the dealership offered a class on how to use it. Now I wish I had taken that class – I still can’t get the SYNC lady to talk to me (maybe she was insulted by the fact that I only have a basic, flip-type feature phone instead of a smart phone).

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    • Yikes! I hate it when those electronic ladies won’t talk to you. Makes them seem moody and cranky. Like me when I was going through the big MPause! Have you tried Googling how to make her talk to you? I bet somebody else out there has had the same issue and knows how to make her talk. Good luck!

      And why are they always female voices?? I wouldn’t mind a nice male Scottish brogue…


    • It’s a hard call to make… Not everybody is as loyal as you Forkin! Some people see that “850 words” at the end of the teaser post and say “Hell NO!” I think it’s a psychological thing. And I have to admit that I’m guilty of not reading a few posts simply because of the word count. Bad AGMA!

      But I think there’s a certain amount of satisfaction for both reader and author when you publish an essay that takes a subject from start to finish. It’s some how more cohesive and “tidier” and there’s a sense of closure. Am I overthinking this?

      What to do, what to do… Maybe I’ll split the difference and if something is looking REALLY wordy, I’ll divvy it up and let the slightly longer than normal ones stand as they are. Thanks for helping me work through this FIP! And thanks for liking my “stuff”! 🙂


  4. Luckily, my wife is techo-savy, so any problem I have, I just refer to her. Unfortunately, by the time I refer to her, I have usually made the problem worse by the random pushing of buttons. That does not make her happy. Technology is a complete mystery to me, but one I enjoy using.

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  5. Smart phones and cell phones are wonderful but they can give you a “dowager’s hump” from looking down so much! I love my phone and carry it with me everywhere. Elderly people wouldn’t need the alert necklaces etc. Just say, “Okay Google, Call 911.” Write blogs as long as you want to. I enjoy them!

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    • Awww – thanks Joyful! If you get a chance, read my reply to ForkinPage. It’s a hard call if you’ve got a longer than normal post… If felt a bit unsatisfying to me splitting it up, but it really was getting loooonnnggg.

      I don’t carry my phone with me when I’m at home, but when the day comes that I have to choose between an alert necklace or something to clip my cool smartphone on my person, guess which one I’ll choose? 😉

      Literally tens of thousands of people are getting what we refer to in the bodywork field as “text neck” It’s much worse with the teenage population than our age, but it’s still bad for us with arthritic cervical vertebra and thinning discs. Sadly, “text neck” will keep massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors busy for years!

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      • Those alert necklaces can’t help you learn information you need. I am with you on this one too! In fact if you have a smart phone you can summon the great God, Google” and it will phone for you! I keep mine by me most of the time! Thanks for the comment. Will look up your article if I haven’t read it already.

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    • Ha! And we’ll all have to visit a chiropractor to get our cervical spines back in alignment! And of course a massage therapist afterwards to help lengthen the short front neck muscles and shorten the long back neck muscles. 🙂 and 😦


  6. This reminds me of the time I was trying to teach my mom how to use those basic crt computers around 10 years back and after 1 week of efforts on office,paint , games etc I had her addicicted to road rash 🙂
    Talking of addiction , this blog now counts as one of them….can’t stop reading
    Being in my twenties,its really interesting to read about your experiences 🙂 🙂

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