2017 comes a roaring’ in


Photograph: Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock

Rebecca Solnit is a writer for the US edition of the British publication The Guardian.  On December 29, she wrote an brilliant article for The Guardian titled “Another, more beautiful America is rising. Trump will be resisted.

Please click on the link and read it.  It’s a hopeful message in a time of darkness for our great nation.

The picture above is the picture used in the the article.  The photograph credit says Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock.

It should also say AGMA.

Because this is a picture of AGMA.

Holy sh*t.

It was taken at the 12/19/2016 peaceful demonstration at the Georgia state capital in order to encourage the Georgia electors to have the courage to put America first and not cast their votes for Trump.

It didn’t work.  They all put party politics above love of country and voted for the unpresident anyway.  Now it’s up to history to judge their actions.

Imagine AGMA’s shock and surprise when I innocently opened a link on Facebook that a friend had posted yesterday.  And saw me staring back at myself.

Holy sh*t.

It was unnerving.  It was unsettling.  It was flabbergasting.

AGMA’s a very private person.  I guess you figured that out after 3 years of not knowing my name or even what I look like.

I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

I had quite a few people take my picture with my homemade sign on 12/19.  But I never imagined that, out of all of the gatherings all over the U.S. and of the thousands of pictures that were taken that day, that AGMA would be a headliner for The Guardian.

And 2017 comes a roarin’ in.

I posted this meme yesterday on my Facebook page before I saw The Guardian article.  Maybe it was an AGMA premonition.


So let’s get started.

Aging gracefully my ass!