Comfort rules


overpackingAGMA hasn’t been on a long trip in a while.

May, to be precise.  And I’m getting twitchy.

Very twitchy.

I mean, May was what…like 5 months ago!  Seems longer. Much, much longer.

It doesn’t help that I subscribe to multiple tour companies’ email blasts, along with SCF (Scotts Cheap Flights for the uninitiated) super low airfare alerts, along with following multiple pages having to do with travel on Facebook.

It just seems to feed the Travel Beast within.

At the recommendation of a running friend, I recently started following a Facebook group called “Travel Fashion Girls”.

Yup – that would be AGMA!  I’m just a regular travel fashion girl.


Evidently, it’s the social media community for people – mostly women would be my educated guess – who visit the website.

Here are some of the topics on this website:

What To Wear in Berlin: Autumn, Summer, Winter and Spring   (I pretty much think that I would wear the same thing in Berlin as I would at home.  What am I missing?  And why did they get the seasons out of order?)

Best Chelsea Boots for Women On The Go: Comfort, Ease and Style  (I have no idea what a Chelsea boot is and how it’s different from a regular boot.  Can I get some help here?)

Take Flight In These Fashionable Outfits For Fall  (AGMA has a standard travel wardrobe that is not restricted by the confines of seasonal fashion dictates.  I would probably pack my long underwear though…)

Based on my responses to their topics, AGMA clearly needs to follow the Travel Fashion Girls FB page.

The FB page is full of first-world dilemmas like whether to wear white or black sneakers to Europe, what brand of carry-on is the best, and how to cram tons of make up and hair products in a 1 quart plastic bag because they are only taking a carry-on.

AGMA’s answer to the above would be…

  1.  Anything but white.  Be sensible for heavens sake.  Who wants to clean white shoes every evening?
  2. Go to TJ Maxx and buy what’s cheap ’cause the airlines are gonna beat it up anyway and you’ll have to buy a new one next year.
  3. Go “au natural” for your trip.  You’re beautiful without all that gunk!  Besides, nobody really cares if you have tons of make-up on or not.  Seriously. Nobody. Cares.

…which is why I don’t comment on these posts.

But I get it.  I was young once and thought that I had to look “cute” all the time.  Especially when traveling.

Hubs and I went on a 3 week junket to England, Scotland and Germany back in 1981.  I remember taking two big suitcases plus a garment bag.  How young and foolish we were!

And I wore really cute cowboy boots on the flight over to London.  Urban Cowboy had come in 1980 and everybody had cowboy boots!

Sooooooo stupid.  My feet were so swollen when we landed that I thought I was going to have to go through customs in my stocking feet.

Age, many, many trips, and lifting too many heavy suitcases has made AGMA into a more pragmatic traveler.  Maybe a bit too pragmatic?

I have a standard travel wardrobe that I’ve been using for a number of years.  Because I really only want to take a carry-on when I travel, I really don’t take all that many clothes.  So the clothes that make the cut need to be able to be washed out in a sink and be quick drying overnight.

I gotta say,  there aren’t many high fashion items that fit that bill.

And AGMA has reached that point in her life where comfort rules.  Over anything else.

Especially where my shoe selection is concerned.   Travel shoes have to be ultra comfy.  And those cowboy boots, while really cute and trendy, we NOT comfortable.  Even when my feet weren’t as puffed up as the Mad King’s ego.

I have a pair of beat up black walking shoes that look like the ultimate “fashion don’t”, but are sooooo comfy that I am compelled to pack them on every trip.

And I like to wear PJ-like clothes on long flights. Looser yoga-style pants and a floppy, soft long sleeve top. I definitely don’t look stylish, but I feel very comfy cosy.

And honestly, it’s all about me.

AGMA’s “problem” is that I kinda don’t give a rat’s ass what other people might think of my wardrobe choices when I travel.  And I don’t care that a lot of my travel pictures have me in virtually the same clothes from year to year.  I’m on a trip to experience the culture and see the sights, not to impress folks with how chic I look.

Which I am in danger of NEVER doing.

Now understand that I do keep my clothes clean (of course!), and don’t wear anything that is ripped or is in need of repair. OMG – if I did that, my sweet step-mother would come back from the dead and give me a lecture!  That would definatley be a “fashion don’t” for AGMA.

And I will  add new items to my wardrobe if I find something that fits my “comfy and washable/quick dry” criteria with the right price point.

Which brings me back to Travel Fashion Girls.

Maybe AGMA should rethink my idea of travel fashion.  The pictures some of these women post are so attractive.  They’re at the airport with their stylish skirts and cute flats, their sweaters layered on top of fashionable tops with a matching scarves and designer purses.

I could look like they do, right?


As Lena, Ella, Frank, Tony and Gaga sang, “That’s why the lady is a tramp!”