“History has it’s eyes on you”


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AGMA traveled with now retired Hubs to Chicago two weeks ago to visit the most adorable grandchildren in the world.

Seriously, they are. But I don’t want to pick any fights with those of you who might disagree because you might think that your grandchildren are the most adorable.

I’m sure they’re cute and all that but…

We went up to Chicago a day earlier than normal because we had tickets to see…

“Wait for it”…



Now I know that Broadway musicals aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if you get the chance to see Hamilton, please go! Saying it was fabulous doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

And men, you’ll love it even if you think you won’t. It has war and cannon fire and drinking and duels and sexual intrigue and comedy and rap battles. I mean, what’s not to like?

AGMA bought the tickets last September. Risky at our age buying tickets to something 8 months in the future. You just never know…

And the way T-Rump has been acting toward North Korea, there was definitely a 50-50 chance we might not have been able to go.


I’m frugal. Very frugal. Some might even say cheap. I buy a lot of my clothes in thrift shops – very nice ones, but still… But I didn’t hesitate to shell out the $167 per ticket to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece of a hip-hop version of Alexander Hamilton’s life.

And from what AGMA hears, compared to seeing it in New York and San Francisco, we got a bargain.

A year and a half ago, a friend of mine suggested we take a girls trip to NYC to see Hamilton. She’d seen something on Good Morning America and said it looked fun. At that point, I was Hamilton-unenlightened. I checked the ticket prices (only resale were available) and said “No way!” They were $300 per ticket.

$300. To see the original cast. On Broadway.

I’ll never forgive myself.

My DIL and son went to New York last summer to see one of the final performances of the original cast. She says she will never tell anybody how much she paid for her tickets. AGMA thinks it was close to a hefty downpayment on the national debt.

Interestingly enough, she was pregnant at the time and having difficulties. The baby was fine, but her body was not handling the pregnancy well. Her OB advised her not to travel.

She started crying. Literally crying in her doctor’s office. And said, “But I have tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway with Lin-Manual Miranda this weekend!”

He told her to go.

All went well on the trip and they had a Broadway experience of a lifetime.  And little V came out singing “Hey yo, I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry…” when she was born.

For those of you who don’t follow this stuff, Hamilton is a hip hop opera written by, at the time, 29 year old phenom Lin-Manual Miranda.  He based it on the Ron Chernow book titled Alexander Hamilton.  Hamilton was an immigrant from the West Indies who came to NYC as a penniless 17 year old and became one of our Founding Fathers.

“Immigrants, we get the job done.”

The music and lyrics are wonderful. And catchy. AGMA has lately been heard belting out some of the songs while showering.

“La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la”

The staging is impressive. One set that is incredibly adaptive. Like AGMA.

And the casting concept is a stoke of pure genius.

Miranda uses a culturally and racially diverse cast of African-Americans, Latinas and Asian-Americans to play the Founding Fathers and the rest of the historical figures. Kinda makes American history more accessible to everybody…

Miranda started working on the concept for Hamilton in 2009, well before T-Rump burst onto the political scene, but it is so very relevant to what’s happening in the United States right now.

AGMA’s pretty sure all of our Founding Fathers and Mothers are furiously spinning in their graves at how our fake president is trying to tear down the nation that they built with their blood, sweat and tears. And how he and his traitorous, bellicose baffoons are trying to undermine the checks and balances our Founders put into the US Constitution. And take away our rights. And get into bed with the Russians.

T-Rump and Putin in bed. Now there’s an image in your mind’s eye that you can’t un-see.


One of the most poignant songs in Hamilton is titled “History Has It’s Eyes on You”.

I have been calling my Senators (both GOPer’s) since the inauguration expressing my deep concerns with the corruption, lies and treason in the White House and Congress. Lately, I’ve been adding the phrase, “Remember, ‘history has it’s eyes on you’…”

History does indeed have it’s eyes on them.  All of them. And AGMA has a feeling history will not be kind to them. Any of them.

Nor should it.

So until we get their butt’s kicked out, impeached, tarred and feathered, etc., just like Hamilton, I’ll keep resisting tyranny and treason.  AGMA hopes you will too.

I’ll continue calling my elected officials and attending town halls and marching and being AGMA-obnoxious for the sake of the future of the most adorable grandchildren in the world.

And if you don’t agree about the adorable grandchildren thing – no problem. I’ll just challenge you to a duel with pistols.  In New Jersey because…

“Everything’s legal in New Jersey.”