I’ll shave mine if you shave yours


My friend over at Life in the Boomer Lane (LITBL) is a courageous woman. And incredibly funny.

She had the Cracker Jacks to write a post about pubic hair. Or the disturbing lack thereof.

No, I didn’t say public hair. I said pubic hair. Or the disturbing lack thereof.

This is something that has been troubling AGMA for quite some time, but I was just never sure how to….ah….approach what is sure to be a hairy subject. Or not.

Pun totally intended.

AGMA spent her formative years in the 60’s being strongly influence by the Women’s Liberation movement. I still carry those ideals today.  I’d go out and burn my bras, but gravity has taken it’s toll, so maybe not.

In trying to recall names of the forces in the Women’s Lib back in the day, I went to what I used to think – until today – was the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia. I was shocked at what I read. And what I didn’t read. Mostly, didn’t read.

Here’s how the Wikipedia entry starts:

The women’s liberation movement was a loose agreement of women and feminist thinking that emerged in the United States and other developed countries during the late 1960s and persisted throughout the 1970s.

Huh? Ummm – I know my memory isn’t as great as it used to be, but I remember it as being a little bit more than a loose agreement. And I love the use of the word persisted. Like it was a nasty viral infection that took a decade to shake.

The article goes on for a whopping 765 words, 241 of those words being dedicated to the movement in the UK.

Gloria Steinem, where are you when we need you?

Despite what some completely ill-informed idiot didn’t include in Wikipedia, Women’s Lib was a powerful influence on many, many women who were part of the Pepsi Generation.

And body hair was a pretty public controversial issue back then. Many women wanted the freedom to not shave their legs or armpits, and be accepted by society.

Like men. Unless you’re Michael Phelps, and then you shave everything.

I was never into the hairy legs/pits thing. I guess I was just too willing to let myself be brainwashed by our sexist cultural norms. Plus it felt kinda itchy when it was growing out…

So imagine my surprise when I realized, about ten years ago, AGMA was thrust into the very counter-cultural role of liberal feminist radical. That’s when I found out that the majority of women were now shaving their hoo-has.

Hairless hoo-has are evidently all the rage. Who knew?

I was stunned. What the hell? It’s one thing to take a razor to your legs but an entirely different matter to take a razor where a razor was never meant to go. Unless you’re trying to tame the “overflow” before heading to the beach.

But that’s technically still your leg. I know this; I’m a massage therapist. I know a leg from a hoo-ha.

The realization that women were clearing out their underbrush was mind boggling. What are these women thinking?  I find one suggested possibility quite disturbing.

In her post, LITBL references an article by Mona Chalabi titled The Disturbing Truth About How We Treat Our Pubic Hair. Seriously – that’s the name of the article.

Mona writes, “We’ve been trained to hide the fact that we’ve gone through puberty. Being considered feminine is about remaining a girl – not speaking too low (I’m thinking she meant loud?)  not being too tall, not being too shapely and of course not being too damn hairy.

If that’s true, then that’s really amazingly creepy.

Women are sending themselves to the emergency room on a regular basis with all kinds of nicks and scrapes and infected hoo-ha cuts so they can appear pre-pubescent in order to attract and keep a man. Super, uber creepy.

But I’m not judging… Well, maybe a little.

And we wonder why somebody like Donald Trump can get away with saying the terribly sexist things about women that he does. And why women rights are being eroded. And why sex trafficking is such a booming industry in the U.S.

Betty Friedan is spinning in her grave.

AGMA wants to advise young women everywhere who feel they have to be hoo-ha hairless to attract a male, that, like in the upcoming election, you DO have a choice. If a guy isn’t going to love you because you haven’t risked female circumcision and serious infection to look like you’re 12 to indulge some pedafile fantasy, it’s time to say “Buh bye now.” There are plenty of men out there who want a real, grown-up woman (and all that entails) and not a 12 year old girl.

Or make him a deal. You’ll shave yours if he shaves his. Yeah – that’ll happen.

Here’s the post by Life in the Boomer Lane if you want to read my inspiration for this post.

Possible companion subject…vajazzling?