A lot of sh*t can happen in 5 years!


In 2015, at 92, Harriette Thompson became the oldest woman to complete a marathon!  She passed in 2017, but what an inspiration!

So somewhere in the bustle of the holidays, my never ending sniffles, and out of town guests, I missed my 5th anniversary on WP!  It happened like on December 30th (give or take a day.)

Happy Anniversary to my little ass, Aging Gracefully!

Holy cow, that was a fast 5 years!

When I started AGMA, I had a lot of time on my hands.  Blogging seemed like a good way to fill some of it.  I’m a bit ADHD, so I needed something to keep me busy.

Little did I know that the next 5 years would turn out to be crazy eventful.  And my days would soon be overflowing with “opportunities” to be busy…

  • The most adorable grandchildren in the world (MAGITW) made their appearances in 2014 and 2016.  And there is soon to be a 3rd MAGITW!  Stay tuned this summer…
  • I decided to start “running” marathons, and have 6 notches in my belt so far.  I ran my 1st one 2 months after starting AGMA.
  • My love of thrifting turned into a little Ebay business.  The problem is that AGMA loves thrifting more than listing the items on Ebay.  And I’m running out of places to store the crap…eh…treasures.
  • I gave up the space I was renting and made the decision to switch my massage practice almost exclusively to corporate chair massage.  And business has been good. Very good.
  • Because of the series of most unfortunate events on November 8, 2016 and after, arranged by Comrade Putin, I’ve become a Resistor (NOT the electrical kind.). This has taken up quite a bit of AGMA’s time.  But it’s time well spent (refer to the 1st bullet point!)
  • I’ve been able to indulge my passion for travel both domestically and internationally like never before.  With a very flexible work schedule, family & friends flung all over the US, a bit more in the bank account, and the desire to sample local wines in every country in the world (still working on this…), AGMA has racked up beaucoup miles in the air and in the car.  Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!
  • Some “not aging gracefully” health junk has taken up way too much time.  I’m not a fan and ignore whenever possible…   But I’m pretty pumped because I had my BIG birthday a few weeks ago.  It’s Medicare time now baby!


It’s been a rockin’ and rollin’ 5 years.

But I love this little AGMA blog and ADORE my blogging friends.  Yinz guys (to say it in my native Pittsburghese!)

And I’m looking forward to another 5, 10, 15, dare I say 20 (?) years of blogging.

By 2038, I predict I will have at least 4 more tattoos, will have run at least 30 marathons, have an Ebay business that Jeff Bezos will envy, will have finished my wine quest (hic), will have a great grandchild, and will have visited the Big Orange Cheeto and his posse in prison at least once since being sentenced in 2019.

Nah – maybe not that last one…

But you can read all about it here on AGMA so stick around!

P.S.  I am forever grateful to the now “retired” blogger, Dobster, who gave me wonderful encouragement in those early months of AGMA.  I still miss him – he quit blogging cold turkey one day in 2015.  It was jarring and I felt like I’d lost a friend.  If he hasn’t already, I hope he returns to the blog-o-sphere one day.  His posts made me laugh.

My big fat Lucy and Ethel idea


Did any of you see the movie Joy?  Released in late 2015 and starring Jennifer Lawrence, it tells the semi-true rags to riches story about Joy Mangano.  Essentially, Joy is a creative thinker who’s a cross between an engineer and an inventor.

The movie is set in the late 80‘s, and right out of the chute, she’s shown struggling to emotionally and financially supporting her unbelievably dysfunctional family.  And that struggle pretty much continues throughout the whole movie.  They’re pretty clueless about everything.

In the midst of her family struggles, she invents a “no hands” mop – the Miracle Mop. Then she proceeds to struggle with that whole inventing/patenting/marketing process.

So now she’s struggling  with her family, her finances and her mop.  Get the picture? Struggling…  The movie is filled to the brim with Joy struggling.  Like for 122 of the 124 minutes.

And angst.  OMG, was there angst…  Lots and lots of angst.  Jennifer Lawrence must have needed a few tucks to her forehead after the filming was done because of all of the frowning.

I was exhausted just sitting in the theater watching the movie.

The 86 year old mother of a friend of mine summed it up pretty well. “I just got sick and tired of seeing that damn mop!”

Turns out that Joy was the golden girl of the fledgling QVC and then the Home Shopping Network (HSN), and ultimately made millions.  After the Miracle Mop, she went on to obtain 100 patents on other “must have” products we absolutely couldn’t live without.   She’s the fairy godmother of the “As seen on TV” cult.

Look in your basement – I bet you have some of her crap…eh, I mean, inventions.

Which brings me to AGMA.

AGMA is thinking of becoming a business mogul herself.  I’m thinking that I have a good brain and can advise myself.  Just like Donald “small hands” Trump.   I’m thinking the sky’s the limit.

Within limits.

Unfortunately, I’m not an engineer or an inventor or a innovative thinker.  At all.  Just like Mr. Small Hands.

I remember reading an article in The Wall Street Journal around 1980 about a company that was going to produce wireless, portable telephones to use a new localized “cellular” communication technology allowing phone calls from virtually anywhere.  I sniffed, “Who would ever be interested in that?”

Duh…just like every person on the planet, AGMA.  Epic out-of-the-box-thinking fail.

And I’m cautious.  I’m not generally an early adopter.  I learned my lesson after buying that Sony Betamax video player back in the mid-80’s.  Shrewd move.

But now I waited the requisite twenty years to make sure it wasn’t a flash in the pan.  I’ve done my YouTube tutorial viewing.  I’ve done my thrift shop bargain hunting.  And I’ve opened my PayPal account.

I am ready to take the business mogul plunge even though my nickname in massage school was “Man Hands”.

And now for the big announcement.. (drum roll)

I’m going to start selling crap…eh…treasures on eBay!

I figure there’s nothing like waiting until the market is totally saturated.  There’s something like a million people selling on eBay now.  My timing has always been so spot on…

But I was inspired by a woman I met on our South Africa tour.  She’s been selling on eBay for 16 years.  She sells lots of stuff, but evidently she really sells the snot out of very large bras that she buys in thrift stores.

“Hey”, I thought, “I’ve been buying big bras all my life. And I’m really good at picking good stuff out at thrift stores. I can do that!”

It’ll be Lucy and Ethel in Paris all over again.

So look for my eBay listings for burlap sacks, feed buckets, extra large women’s gloves, a Beta version of Ghostbusters, and gigundo bras.

And possibly a damn mop or two.

P.S.  Happy Easter to those of you who, like me, will be glad Lent is over and I can get all sugared up again!