Real time observations on eCoupling


I’m back in my favorite coffee shop.

The craziness of the past couple of months (grandkid’s birth, Rome, crazy mother-in-law trip, grandkid visit, 1st marathon) has limited the time I’ve been able enjoy the convivial atmosphere of Prancing Oats.  I’ve changed the name to protect the innocent. Makes it sounds more like a petulant health food store than a coffee shop.

Normally, I come here to write AGMA stuff.  It’s a routine.  I get my mocha and scone, sit at a window high top table and let it fly… Or dribble out.

Today I came to study.  My Certified Personal Trainer exam is coming up in – yikes – two weeks.  I am sooo not ready.  I’m convinced that my brain is running out of room.

Everybody here is usually as quiet as a mouse.  With tilted, forward heads and excessively rounded shoulders, they’re normally all silently tapping away at their lap tops.  Sorry about that…I have postural dysfunction on the brain.  Anyway, it’s generally a good place to come if you need to concentrate.

Not today.

Today, I’m pretty sure I have a eHarmony couple sitting next to me.  They’ve done nothing but talk for the last 40 minutes.  Non-stop.  It’s a 3 person table.  I feel like their chaperone.  We’ll call them Dick and Jane.  No Sally.

It got really hard for me to focus on the eight reasons for flexibility training and what the the lengthened muscles are in Pronation Distortion Syndrome.  Non-stop talking.  So now I’m blogging.  I feel compelled to share my observations about modern day coupling as I see it happening in front of me.

Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to make it.  Dick seems to be much more interested in Jane than she is in him.  It sounds like a job interview.  He’s asking questions and she’s dutifully answering them.  While Dick’s volunteered a lot of information, I don’t think Jane’s asked him a single question.  So sad.

We have gone over Jane’s education (two bachelors degrees), what she likes to drink at a coffee shop (coffee in the AM, tea in the PM), what she does now (a nurse), where she’s lived (I think I got 5 minutes of good study in – I don’t remember), where she’s traveled (mostly domestic, but a trip to France in high school), what TV shows she likes (guilty pleasures like The Bachelor), what movies she likes (Fried Green Tomatoes is her favorite, but she likes inspirational sports movies like Rudy), what shows she’s seen (not much lately but she saw Wicked in LA), what her politics are (progressive), what she does in her free time (a runner – yeah!) and what her music tastes are (loves country music on Pandora. Doesn’t use Spotify.) They both agreed they love the singer/songwriters who play at Eddies Attic.

That’s nice.

Quite honestly, I wanted to jump into their conversation. Wouldn’t they have just loved that?  When Jane started railing about Georgia not approving the Medicare provision of Obamacare, I wanted to tell her I totally agree with her.  When she said she’d run three marathons, I wanted to tell her about mine.  When Dick asked her about the snowman in Frozen, I wanted to say he was comic relief.  And I wanted to agree with them about Eddies Attic.

Dick’s gone now and Jane’s back to studying.  I think she’s going for her Masters in Nursing.  They hugged before he left and talked about getting together “sometime”.  No plans were made.  Yeah – been there, done that.  Doomed…

I find myself wishing the best for each one.  They both seemed like really nice, intelligent, socially-conscious Millennials.  Actually, they seemed to have pretty much in common.


From personal experience of many, many moons ago, I know that you have to feel that special spark.  It’s an energy thing.  Mr. eHarmony can match people online based on interests and whatever other criteria he uses, but there is no substitute for good old fashioned heart thumping and breathless face to face attraction.  I’m a bit flush thinking about it.  Oh my…

Good luck Dick and Jane!  I hope you both find that special person.  Just be careful who you sit beside when you meet or you might find your liaison out on the blogosphere for the world to see.

Oops – too late!