Matthew refugees welcome


                                                      (photo from NASA Earth Science Office)

It’s one of those perfect autumn days today here in Atlanta.

It’s one of those days that you think (or at least AGMA does), “I’m really going to miss days like this when I’m dead.” Now I know that heaven is supposed to be glorious and amazing and beautiful, but it would be hard pressed to match a Georgia fall day like this.

I’m just sayin’…

It’s 75 degrees with 50% humidity (low for Atlanta) and a slight breeze. According to the Weather Channel. That often gets Atlanta’s weather wrong. Even though their studios are located in Atlanta.

Go figure.

The sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful turquoise and the leaves on the trees have an ever so slight tinge of color.


AGMA’s always loved autumn. It’s my favorite season. Hubs and I got married in October oh so many years ago. And I’m pretty sure it was another perfect fall day. Or I could just be making that up….

Who can remember back that far?

On days like this, it’s hard to believe that there are horrible things in this world. Like Aleppo. And the Paris bombings. And the _________ shootings (you fill in the blank.) And 20 precious 6 year olds killed at Sandy Hook. AGMA still grieves for those innocent little ones…. And ever increasing human trafficking. And 200 Nigerian school girls who have gone through the unimaginable at the hands of Boko Haram in the last 2 years. And the death of unarmed young and mentally ill black men at the hands of police. And the rise of Donald Trump. And creepy clowns threatening little kids.

Actually, those last two statements may be related…

It’s exhausting and overwhelming. The feeling of the lack of control is depressing and frustrating. And angering.

Maybe that’s why God gives us beautiful fall days.

It’s a respite. And a reminder that there is still beauty and perfection in the world; a world that seems, so much of the time, ugly and grossly flawed. On days like today, we have a little more time and space to reflect on where and how we fit into it all.

AGMA wonders if things are really any worse than they have been in the past or if the extra time afforded by the season of “slowing down” (code for getting older) just makes it seem that way. I remember my dad saying that the world was going to “Hell in a handbasket” back in the 60’s & 70’s.

Is it just that we’re getting older and angst is part of the job description?

And I wonder how different life would be without the blessing/curse of social media?

My head hurts.

And now a hurricane has ravaged an already fragile, crippled Haiti, battered Cuba and Jamaica, and is heading directly towards the Southeastern US coast. My favorite coast…

Can’t we catch a break?

I was going to name my youngest son Matthew.  I’m glad I didn’t…

So to all of you faithful AGMA readers who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew, be safe. Please leave your homes if there is an evacuation order. Riding it out is for the young and restless. And clueless.

You have an open invite to stay with me in Atlanta until the storm passes. Whatever storm that might be…

Mi casa su casa.

The weather is great here.