Let’s fly


Yes… AGMA lives!

I think this is the longest I have have gone without posting.  Sorry ‘bout that!

It’s been all travel all the time at Casa AGMA!  Going on trips, booking trips, planning trips…. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Oh – and I chopped my hair off and got a new tattoo, but that’s another post.  (FYI, I LOVE my new ink!)

Hubs and I went to France last month.  We flew there, of course.

Thank you Orville & Wilbur!

For some reason, on the flight to Paris, I starting thinking about AGMA’s flying history. 

My first plane ride was around 1962 or 1963.  My mother, sister and I went to Miami on vacation.  We took a train from Pittsburgh to Miami.  I don’t remember much about it other than I got sick during the trip.

I’m not sure if it was me getting sick or whether my mother had planned it all along, but we flew home.  I was ecstatic!  I was really one of the first of my friends to have actually flown on an airplane.

And that was really the start of AGMA’s love of travel!

My father used to fly quite a bit in the 50’s & 60’s for his job.  My brother (12 years my senior) fell in love with airplanes as a child in the 40’s, and it is a love that has lasted his entire life.  He wanted to be a commercial pilot, but his poor eyesight was a deal breaker for that dream.  However, did go on to get his private pilot’s license.

He never owned an airplane, but belonged to a flying club.  Through the club, he was able to rent a plane to fly he and his family for long weekend trips.  Once in the late 80s, they flew to visit us in Cincinnati. We went out to the community airport to look at the plane.  OMG it was SOOOOO incredibly tiny!  Literally just room for the 4 of them. 

 If they all inhaled.

Seriously, you could not give me enough money to fly in such a itty bitty plane!  Regional jets even give AGMA the willies…

As a teenager, my friends and I used to go out to the old Pittsburgh airport to watch planes take off and land. 

Things were slow back then before social media….

We used to bon voyage people at their gate and greet people coming into the airport after landing.  This was in the “olden days” when there was no TSA, no security screening, no rules about who could be at a gate.  Back when there was a TWA, Eastern Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Braniff Airlines PanAM, Allegheny Airlines.  There were so many more airline options back in the day!

My sister (6 years older) did her senior year of college in England.  After she graduated here in the US in 1969, she went back to Europe for a year.  She worked and traveled during the heyday of “Europe on $5 a Day” times!  Her experiences only inflamed AGMA’s passion for travel. 

Oh myyyyyyy!

Because I went to college out west in the early 70’s, AGMA used to fly home for the holidays.  And boy, did I think I was grown up and sophisticated flying by myself. Of course I was – NOT.  This was also the era of student discounts and flying student stand-by as so it was pretty dang cheap to fly.  These things, of course, have gone the way of the John McCain type Republican in Florida.

AGMA’s first trip across the pond was in 1973.  I took a class on Ancient Greek Civilization, and part of the class was a trip to Greece.  Sweet!  My mother had died in 1965 at 48, and left a small college trust fund for my sister and I.  I was able to pay for the trip from that trust fund because it was associated with a class I was taking. 

Thank you Mum! But honestly, I would have rather had you in my life for 40 years more years than I did.

AGMA has been truly blessed in her travel life, and since 1973 there have been many, many trips on flying machines.  

Having moved so much, and with friends and family flung all over the US, AGMA has and continues to fly a whole lot domestically.  But since the late 2000’s, there have been lots of international trips as well.

But lately, methinks AGMA may have gone a bit too far.  

After a 14 month hiatus from international travel from March 2020 to July 2021 (f*ck you COVID), I think I’m over compensating…. France in July 2021; Iceland, France & Ireland in Sept/Oct 2021; England, Germany & Portugal in March 2022; Greece in May 2022; France last month.

But that really doesn’t compare with the trips coming up.

I’ll report on my adventures as I come back, so no details right now, but AGMA is going on not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 international trips in the next 9 months.

I’m really not sure what has come over me.

Could be, I see the hand writing on the wall.  Hubs PLS is getting worse by the month.  In a year or two or three, he will be in a wheelchair full time.  And that will make traveling the way we have done in the past do far more complicated.  And expensive.  

But life is definitely a journey and I’m up for the trip.  

Next year will be 50 years since I first laid eyes on that handsome jamoke with the cute booty.  And last month in France, we celebrated 45 years of ‘flying’ together in matrimony.  We’ve flown through a lifetime of challenges together and done pretty well.  I’m guessing that this next phase of the flight will work out okay too.

So stay tuned, and come fly with AGMA as we head full throttle into the future!

Next up: a report on our trip to Bordeaux and the Dordogne!  Maybe… Yikes!


15 thoughts on “Let’s fly

    • My dad loved flying back in the day because of how “fancy” it was! It really is like being in a cattle car now isn’t it? But it’s a means to an end, & I don’t have the $$ to go “fancy” class (or I’d rather take 3 trips for the price of 1 “fancy” ticket!), so cattle class it is!!

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    • Stay tuned… I have another appt with my stylist and I think I’m going to change it again! I got a French bob (lip line short) which is cute, but I have to work really hard not to look like the little Dutch Boy! I think I’m going to keep it shorter, but have it layered or texturized or shagged or something. It’s a bit too much work! And the ink – yes… I LOVE it! Patience my friend… 🙂


  1. My daddy was a flight instructor in WWII. He continued to love flying commercial planes later and inspired one of my sisters to be a licensed commercial pilot, but she never flew again. I love flying and get a buzz from hearing the plane going down the runway and listening to the airplane engine hitting it’s fasted speed and the wheels leaving the ground as I lean back during the take off. I love to travel too but more when I was younger and had more money and a better back. Enjoy your years with your husband.

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    • Great to hear from you sweet Joyful!! So flying is kind of in your blood… I used to LOVE the experience of flying, but not so much anymore since I’ve realized I’m indeed mortal and live in a city where it is VERY windy! A bad experience last year where we tried to land at O’Hare twice in violent weather, then had to divert to Indy kind of traumatized me a bit. I still fly, but there’s a bit of anxiety that I never had before. Hubs is going on a trip with me next May, but for all trips between now and then (3 of them), I’m going to be traveling with friends. I know he enjoys the travel and I want us to go as much as he is able, but it’s a lot of work planning (to make sure things are accessible) and actually on the trip because I have to handle both his and my luggage. And I have a wonky back too!

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      • Wow, that’s rough! Sorry about your back. I know you want to travel with him as much as possible. Would a train be easier on you and/or him? My first son’s wife is on call Thanksgiving eve and Thanksgiving so we had Thanksgiving here Sunday with everyone. Then Mike, Son #1, will work Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then we’re going to see my brother in SC and his family. I haven’t seen them in 4 years since my back got messed up, got better and then Covid fears for 3 more years. So this will be fun. I hope you and your husband have many more trips ahead of you.

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      • Hi Joyful!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Train travel is more difficult for me because I have to lift his scooter to get in & out of the train, plus I’d still be in charge of our bags. Not sure how many trips we have ahead of us, so we’ll just take it one trip at a time… And we’ll be grateful for each one!


  2. I hope that the true jet lag won’t catch up with you till trip #9 is over and you are home long enough to catch a breath!!
    Just checked out your hubby’s condition, PLS, which not surprisingly I had never heard of before. How do you think he would do on road trips? I’m asking because I know that I, personally, am not that enamored of foreign travel, with the exception of someday possibly visiting Australia and other South Pacific destinations.
    Safe and happy (air) travels to you and yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Caught my breath and leaving today for another trip with a friend! Hubs does pretty well with road trips. We are still traveling internationally, but doing it independently. I drive the rental car. But in early 2024 I turn 70, and not sure will be able to rent a car in Europe anymore. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!!

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