Gummy girl

AGMA believes that a person should spread their wings.  Get out of their comfort zone.  Try to new things.

Wait for it…

In all of my travels since starting AGMA almost (gulp) 8 years ago, I’ve refused to do a traditional “trip report” post.  I never felt I’d be any good at it, especially after reading some of your, dear reader, posts about your domestic and international travels.  They are wonderful.

But last week, I changed my mind.  I decided to try something new.  Spread my wings.

Like Icarus.  And you know what happened to him…

AGMA had such a delightful trip to Ireland in October.  And knowing that many of you are still not comfortable with traveling yet (or don’t want the hassle that travel is these days),  I thought I’d try my hand at a travel blog post to maybe get folks thinking about traveling in 2022.  I mean, how bad could it be?

Turns out, pretty bad. Kind of a snooze fest.

I’m sorry.

Too many words and not enough snark.

And ya’ll know AGMA’s all about the snark.

My heartfelt thanks though to those of you who said you liked it.  And bravo for staying up to read the whole thing.  


It did have pretty pictures.

Not that I’m using this as an excuse (translation: I am TOTALLY using this as an excuse), but I haven’t flexed my blogging muscles very much since March 2020.  I’m out of practice.  

It was foolhardy to try something new when I am so out of blogging shape.


Did I mention that recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois?

And no – that’s not the reason last week’s post was so long and rambling, and why I had to have a snack when I was done writing.  Actually several snacks.


AGMA was never a smoker.  I tried both tobacco and marijuana waaaaayyyyy back in my college days, but just couldn’t do the ‘sucking smoke into my lungs’ thing.

I was raised until I was 11 by a mother who smoked, then went to live with a father who also smoked.  There was a big enough risk from inhaling 2nd hand smoke in my formative years; I didn’t want to make things worse by taking up smoking myself.

And I remember eating some cannabis brownies my college roommate baked.  AGMA could never understand why you would ruin perfectly yummy brownies with something that made them taste like they’d been stored in Steve Bannon’s armpits for a couple of years.

But, for whatever reason, after I moved to Chicago last year, I REALLY wanted to go buy some weed (or a derivative thereof.)  Just because I could.  Legally. It’s an AGMA thing.

I’ve used CBD products in the past and was frankly amazed at the pain relief they give when you use a topical cream on a sore back or knee.  I tried the ingestible oil, but no thank you. It tasted like armpits. Again.

Based on recommendations from Son#2 and a couple of friends, and actually trying some THC/CBD gummies Son#1 gave me to help me sleep (with lovely results), I decided AGMA was a gummy gal! 

It took me a few months to get up the nerve to go to one of the dispensaries in Chicago.  Not sure what I thought would happen…. Sometimes AGMA gets overly dramatic.

Turns out, my first dispensary visit was quite the event.

Hmmmm – it had no sign out front and an armed guard outside the door.  Okay…

Thankfully, the security guy must have thought I looked like I wasn’t going to cause too much trouble (ha!) so he let me in. In Door #1 that is.

I came face to face with a thick sliding plexiglass window (think dental office) in the anteroom. However I suspect that, unlike your dentist’s office, it was probably bulletproof. The nice lady behind it asked me for my drivers license, then she had me smile at the camera

They definitely didn’t get my good side.

Now I was buzzed in through Door #2 to the waiting room. With another armed guard.

I was getting a Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid vibe.

Then they called my name. AGMA got buzzed through Door #3 into the sales room.

The promised land!

I pulled out an empty gummy container that Son#1 had given me.

“Do you have any of these?”  

Well…AGMA’s happy to report that not only did they have them, but the lovely young man who was helping me signed me up for the frequent buyer club AND a senior discount.

Why have I never seen this advertised on the AARP website?  

And I also found out if I go there on a Wednesday, I can spin the ‘discount wheel’ and win $$ off of my gummies.

Sort of like hitting a slot machine in Vegas, but with a much more mellow edge.

And aside from being filled with all sorts of pricey cannabis products, I figured out that the armed guards are there mostly because the dispensaries are all cash only.  And my gummies aren’t cheap, even with my senior discount.  I gotta hit up the ATM before each visit.

Ten 10mg gummies with 1:1 THC to CBD (the best for sleeping) cost me $38 this past week.  AGMA went on a Thursday so I didn’t get to spin the wheel….

I won’t make that mistake again.  “Mama needs a new set of gummies!!”

But I only take 1/2 a gummy at a time and only on nights that I really need to get a solid night’s sleep.  

For now…

Aging gracefully my ass!


6 thoughts on “Gummy girl

  1. So, do they work? I would happily pay $3.80 per hit, if I were guaranteed a good night’s sleep! Some nights I can’t fall asleep. Other nights I wake up multiple times. And I used to be a sleep champ.

    By the way, I happened to LIKE your Ireland post. I’ve never been, and hope to get there sometime in 2023, so I bookmarked your post to make it easy to find when the time comes. But then, I love personal accounts of travel—it helps me to plan where I will go next.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Shelley! And I love that you liked my Ireland post! I just don’t feel like I really do a travel destination justice with my writing. You might just make me feel more confident in my writing!

      And yes, I think the gummies work! I’m like you – I used to sleep like a rock. And same now as well – I either can’t fall asleep or I wake up multiple times. I’ve tried Holy Basil drops (good), tryptophan (good), Ambien (concerningly weird), my husbands muscle relaxants (okay), but I like my gummies best by far.
      And I only take 1/2 a gummy because that does the trick. And I only do it when I have something I HAVE to be well rested for the next day (like hanging with the grandkids). Or if I have had a couple of rough nights and need a good nights sleep. I’ve never tried CBD from hemp for sleeping, but I hear that is good too if cannibis isn’t legal for recreational use in your state. Happy good nights sleep!


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