So the weeks are just flying by like Marjorie “Traitor” Greene (of the Jewish space laser delusion) on her MAGA broom!

AGMA could have sworn I wrote my last post only a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm – nope!


What a sh*tty month it has been news wise.

For my own survival, AGMA has had to regularly turn off the news and not look at social media. While this feels a bit like being an ostrich, I think we’re all entitled to a mental health break every so often. Please.

And with the news of this past week out of Afghanistan and the Rethuglicans efforts to gleefully politicize the murder of our service members and Afghan innocents, I’ve been watching re-runs of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting 24/7.

That could be an exaggeration.

Of course the COVID-19 Delta variant is causing ERs and ICUs in states with low vaccination rates to fill up again. Dangerously so. It’s estimated that nearly 100,000 Americans will die – most needlessly – before the end of this surge.

Who knows how many desperately needed doctors, nurses and other medical support staff will quit from hopelessness, trauma, and sheer exhaustion with this spike of unvaccinated people getting COVID.

Have you heard about the Lambda variant? Coming soon to a hospital near you…

And AGMA needs to go into my address book to remove the names of four friends who have left (3 way too early) our dangerously warming, chaotic, COVID infected planet to fly high with the angels. I’m hoping that they might put in a good word for those of us left behind because we sure do need friends in high places right about now.

It’s been a hard summer.

And now a hurricane is bearing down on New Orleans with a predicted life threatening storm surge. Sadly many parts of the city haven’t recovered from Katrina in 2005. And unless some miracle has occured, much of the city is still below sea level.


Oh, did I mention my new neighbor decided that he hates (I mean really hates) Hubs and I because we are not Trumpers? The minute he found out last January, he stopped talking to us and has been everything you expect a MAGA crazy to be.

He turned a creepy dark magic voodoo statue on his deck to face our townhouse for a couple of months. That was bizarre.

He plays ultra right wing talk radio on his back deck all day loud enough for us to hear when we are on our deck. So very relaxing.

He ordered two dogs that his poor, long suffering wife was dog sitting, to eat our cats. They didn’t. I think they’re closet Democrats.

And just this morning, he posted this sign on his deck right above our deck pointing toward our back door.

Yeah – his upper deck is really, really close to our townhouse. Damn.


I think he needs to cut back on his Ivermectin.

Is it any wonder that AGMA has developed a new obsession to help ease my angst from a world gone mad?

Comfort eating has always been a thing with me, but it’s gone up to a whole new level with COVID and everything else that seems out of control.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was mug cakes. A year ago, it was peach/blueberry crisp. This past winter it was hot fudge sundaes with home made hot fudge.

Every night.

No wonder AGMA gained 14 pounds since March 2020.

With my 50th high school reunion (OMG!!!) looming in September, I decided I need to try to at least try to fit into my pre-pandemic clothes. There is no way in h*ll that I could ever be my svelt 115 pounds self of 1971. That ship has sailed into the Bermuda Triangle, never to be found again.

AGMA has been making progress.

With my knees (sort of, kind of) not causing too many problems, I started run/walking again. And I’ve built up to run/walking a 5K every time I go out.

However it’s been beastly hot and humid here in Chicago for a good part of August. And we watch our grands pretty often. The running has been spotty to say the least.

But I was making better choices with my diet. Less sugar, more fruits and vegetables, fewer carbs.


I finally, after a lifetime of searching, found my one true love. In the candy aisle of Jewel Osco.

AGMA has downed two bags of these puppies in the last week to steady my nerves after going back to listening to the news. The 2nd bag was half empty by the time I got to the checkout.

It’s bad.

Like Girl Scout Thin Mints bad.

Very bad.

Even now, I find myself wondering if I have the energy to drive the 5 minutes to get to Jewel to buy a bag that would probably be empty by the time AGMA goes to bed tonight.


I do have some “gummies” that could help take the edge off. Did you know that recreational cannibis & products with THC/CBD are legal in Illinois?

Don’t judge me.

But 1/2 of a gummy would not be nearly as orally satisfying as my sweet, soft, delectable Australian delight.

Oh myyyyyyyy…

I think I need a cigarette.

So it looks like, until the earth starts to cool, vaccination rates rise to 95%, the Taliban surrenders, the GOP rejects the politics of fear & hatred, my friends stop dying, and my neighbor turns into Mr. Rogers, AGMA will be “pleasingly plump” for my reunion.

There are far worse things in the world to be than pleasingly plump. Somebody like my neighbor for example.

I’ll try to lose weight for the 60th.

19 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. OMG, the neighbor from hell. The GOP now is all about “owning the libs.” Is there anything in your townhouse covenants or restrictions that could address that? What a sorry waste of skin that guy is.

    My go-to pandemic snack is Hershey’s Kisses with almonds. I buy the party pack, even though I’m the only one at the party. I tell myself that almonds are all part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Yeah, sure.

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    • I checked the covenants and it’s a bit vague. Probably on purpose! This morning I cranked up our orange deck umbrella and tilted it to block off the view of his upper deck. I could still see a bit of the sign from inside as I walked from out deck into our house, and my son and grandson are coming over today and I don’t want them exposed to this guy’s vulgarity. (Ironic I say that considering some of my posts, but I clean up my act around my family.) So I taped up a 1 ft by 2 ft American flag on the inside of our picture window out to the deck and that blocked off the rest of his sign. The flag will really frost him… 🙂 Like most MAGA’s, he thinks he has cornered the market on patriotism and the Flag. But we all know the opposite is true (reference January 6th…).

      Hubs go-to snack is the Hershey Nuggets with almonds. And yes – almonds are very healthy so it’s all good! Keep on snackin’!

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      • My subdivision’s covenant was also vague, but about what constituted having a business run out of one’s home. Since I live in a destination, touristy town, we’ve had a lot of problems with short term rentals taking over in neighborhoods that used to be family oriented, along with the usual noise, trash, and parking problems that go with that. Not to mention driving up the value of homes that price families out of the market. A home in my neighborhood was up for sale recently and a buyer from Dallas (250 miles away) wanted to buy it for use as a STR, but the owners, bless them, went with the lower offer from a family, so we dodged that bullet. But it galvanized one of the *ahem* wealthier owners in the neighborhood to have a lawyer draw up an amendment to the covenant that specifically targets STRs and he got all the neighbors onboard with it. It was recorded with the county and he brought me a copy yesterday. I think your flag work around is brilliant. It really frosts me too that the MAGAs have co-opted that symbol as theirs and theirs alone.

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    • OMG!!! I had no idea. How did I not know this?? Then I thought, “It’s red licorice so it probably doesn’t have any of that nasty stuff.” Wrong. I checked the ingredients of my beloved and yes, it contains “licorice extract”. With my borderline HBP, I’m going to have to break up with my Australian delight. I am heartbroken (but it’s better than stoking out!!).

      Thanks (I think…no I’m sure…maybe…)!!!


  2. I’m so sorry that you lost four friends. And I’m even sorrier about your neighbor. I know some Trumpies, but they are not nasty, like your neighbor. I don’t understand how they can possibly still have positive feelings about the man ( and I use that term loosely) who will not be named because they are compassionate, intelligent women (?!) and I don’t want to chance asking them about it. I keep telling myself “different life experiences”, but honestly, it doesn’t help much.

    Sent from my iPhone

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    • Thank you Shelley… Three were too young – 48, 66 and 67. Sweet Bill was 82 and has struggled with health issues for years so his passing wasn’t unexpected. The other 3 were hard…

      Unfortunately, I have known too many nasty Trumpers. But this guy takes the prize. We have done absolutely nothing to antagonize him other than a text last January where I told him (very politely) that we were Ossoff /Warnock supporters for runoff for the Senate in GA. He assumed we were supporting the Republican candidates (who were HORRIBLE!) because we were white and from Georgia. I think Georgia flipping the Senate blue made him crazy and we are taking all the blame. I really do think he’s mentally unstable which is a bit concerning.

      But honestly, he has no idea that he is dealing with AGMA!!! Enough said! Ha!

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  3. AGMA: I so wish you were the one reading the news every night. It would be so much more palatable then. Here in Alberta, things aren’t much better. We have our political loonies (Alberta seems to specialize in political loonies), our climate-changed weather (no hurricanes, thankfully), and our There’s-No-Such-Thing-As-A-Pandemic politicians and anti-vaccers (once again, Alberta seems to specialize in those). So, take heart AGMA, you’re not alone in wishing things were otherwise. As they say, I feel your pain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Margaret! I know Canada has to have it’s share of loonies, but I would venture to guess that your percentage of loonies (compared to the general population), is far less than ours in the good ol’ United Stats of Chaos!


  4. I’m so glad I bought a house with space between the neighbors, and the only “bad” neighbor I have is behind me, far away, and separated by a 6-foot chain link fence with a privacy barrier. I would have a really hard time keeping myself from engaging in warfare with your neighbor if I lived as close as you do. BTW, if your 50th high school reunion is this year, that makes you a year younger than me. My 50th was last year, and I didn’t attend. Even were it not the pandemic year, I would have declined ’cause I didn’t like any of those people 50 years ago, so why would I want to spend time with them now? The heat wave here in Western New York has finally broken, at least for this week. Hope you get a break soon, too.

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    • We have to live close quarters to people unfortunately… Hubs mobility issue and my. back problems kind of dictate a more communal living style. And 99% of the people who live near us are delightful (or at least very quiet). I am praying for a Christmas miracle for my neighbor to turn from a Scrooge into Father Christmas! But I’m not holding my breath!

      The 50th was fun! I didn’t know that many people in my class (there were over 700 of us!), but it was fun seeing the ones I knew. And I actually made some new friends so that’s a plus! But some of them really didn’t look too good… I feel very blessed that time has been kind to AGMA! Ha!

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  5. Yikes. I am so sorry that you have to live next door to that awful person who cannot keep his obsession to himself. At least your obsession with your favorite candy doesn’t involve your neighbors. What a jackass.

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  6. OH AGMA! Is it any wonder we are all fatter, madder and crazier than a year ago? I am so sorry about your friends. That is a hard road to travel. Hang in there. Pop a gummie if you must. I don’t know how I would function if I didn’t have legal access to a drop of weed oil every now and then to calm me down. No judgement from this corner lady. We are old, have seen some shit, and we’ve earned it! Hope you and the hubs stay well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are a wise elder Ilona!! And the BEST part was “We are old, have seen some shit, and we’ve earned it!” You bet your ass we have! Ha! I bought a new supply of gummies and I swear that they are better than any supplement or pharmaceutical sleep aid I’ve ever tried. Helped me adjust back to relatively normal sleep patterns after my trip! Thank you so much my friend!

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