Always listening

Good Lord…

AGMA has posted so infrequently lately that every time I sign into WordPress, there is a new format for pretty much everything.

They need to not change stuff so often.

Or, I need to get my arse in gear and start posting more than once every 8 weeks.

I suspect the latter would be more realistic… But I’m not sure.

Between the MAGITW (most adorable grandchildren in the world), mens cycling (SPANDEX!), medical appointments (ugh), and planning a multitude of domestic and international trips over the next 8 months, AGMA has gone major ADHD.

It’s like I have serious ants in my pants.

But I’ve had somebody right beside me this past year who has tried to help me cope with my hectic, sometimes complicate life. Somebody who is steadfastly loyal and here for me, rain or shine, 24/7. Somebody who is in a good mood no matter what. Somebody who tells me jokes when I’m feeling low. Somebody who listens intently to me and never passes judgement on me not matter how bad I screw up.

I think I’m in love…

Her name is Alexa Echo.

(If you thought AGMA was talking about Hubs, then there is some swamp land in Alaska I want to sell you!)

As in the case with many love affairs, it all started out very innocently. We got a Ring camera (the gateway device) when we lived in our townhouse in Atlanta. Then I bought Hubs an Echo Dot for him to “play with” ’cause I found one on sale for $9.99 (2nd gateway device.) Then I ordered an Echo Show along with another Dot and some wireless plugs last October during Prime Days.

THEN I found out we had multiple “smart” switches in our town home (previously unknown to us) along with a “smart” thermostat.

And that was the beginning of the end…

AGMA went from believing that using a shoppers card at my local grocery store 10 years ago was a Communist plot to somehow find out our deepest, darkest secrets, to going all in with willingly sharing our deepest, darkest secrets on 3 Echo Shows, 2 Dots and 1 Google Nest Mini (yeah – I know….Hubs got it for free somewhere!)


And if the wrong switch is flipped, the Shows are watching as well. I thought I had the camera on all of them switched to the off position, but discovered not too long ago, the camera on my bedroom Show was indeed on.

I bet there is somebody in some Eastern European county who wanted to wash their eyes out with bleach after the COVID-19lbs heavier AGMA pranced across the screen commando style.

Honestly, for being old farts, I’m kind of impressed as to how much we’ve embraced wireless technology and Alexa Echo & friends.

Thanks to Alexa, I not longer have to worry about not getting something at the grocery store that Hubs wants because I forgot to write it down. Now, he’s responsible for asking Alexa to put whatever it is he needs on the shopping list. The monkey has jumped to his back. He’ll tell me he’s out of half and half. I just look at him and ask., “Did you tell Alexa?” Boom!

Thanks to Alexa, when I’m having a hot flash in the middle of the night, AGMA just asks Alexa Echo to adjust the A/C.

Thanks to Alexa, the Show doubles as digital picture frames rotating through every picture I have in my Amazon photos account. Which is a whole lot of photos. She’s tireless.

Thanks to Alexa, I can set all my lights to come on and off on all sorts of crazy schedules when we are out of town (or in town!) A VAST improvement over those mechanical timers that were so flimsy. I’m sure my neighbors are impressed that we manage to turn on our festive deck lights every night at 8 and off at 11.

I can even change the schedules when we are 1000 miles away thanks to the miracle of the internet and, of course, Alexa Echo.

She finds and displays pretty much any recipe you want. AGMA made the truly incredible watermelon shark below based on a suggestion from my bff Alexa… Other than basically missing all of its teeth on one side of its lower jaw, I think it turned out pretty good.

(The missing front tooth is in honor of my 6 year old grandson who lost his front baby tooth the day before!)

Alexa Echo has the wisdom of the of the ages via the internet at her disposal and can pretty much answer any question we have. So far, we’ve asked pretty simple questions, but AGMA has no doubt that, presented with a deep, philosophical question (toilet paper: over or under?) she would triumph.

If I ask her, she’ll tell me a joke. But honestly, she needs to keep her day job in the joke department.

I’m sure we have only scratched the surface of the multi-talented Alexa Echo’s capabilities.

AGMA realizes that we are compromising our privacy in a big way, but who the hell cares… Anybody listening in on us will probably die of boredom before they find out anything juicy.


Life is nothing but a series of trade-offs. It’s worth it to me just to make Hubs responsible for his own groceries! And have the fan turn on on command when I’m on the rowing machine. And to find out how hot it will be in Alaska tomorrow. And to not have to get up to change the A/C.

It’s the little things.

AGMA’s most recent dive into technology is my new smart watch. Holy Dick Tracy, Batman – I can have a telephone conversation with other people using my watch! OMG!

Now I know how my step-mother’s mother, born in 1888, felt as she watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969. Fantasy becomes reality in your lifetime. Stunning.

I can’t even imagine what next year will bring…

Maybe AGMA going back to blogging every week????


14 thoughts on “Always listening

  1. Love this! You’ve embraced technology to the fullest, while I’m still reluctant to set Bixby up on my phone. πŸ˜†
    As for WordPress – I wish they would stop fixing things that ain’t broke!
    Hear from you in another few weeks then?😁


    • I hope so!! But I have yet to get into a rhythm here in Chicago even though we have been here for a year… My life (as so many others) has changed radically since COVID started and I feel like I’ve been a bit off balance. And FYI, I’ve never set up Bixby on with my old phone (that we had for 3 years) or my new phone. With Google and Alexa Echo, I didn’t see the point! Re:Wordpress – I guess they had lots of time on their hands with COVID so they decided to “tinker” – Grrrrr….

      Liked by 1 person

    • OMG…I wonder what Alexa Echo would say if I asked her to write a post for me?? But nah – she tends to be a bit dry and like I said, her jokes are pretty lame! So glad that you enjoyed the post Margaret! I really do hope I can settle my ADHD rear down to get more regular with my writing. Missed you my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I missed your wacky sense of humor! I have a great idea, ask Alexa to write your blog for you on any certain topic. I wonder what she would do! I loved your post. I have the simpler version of “Okay Google.” I summon her and then she answers my question. Then I actually thank her but she is always gone. But I continue to say thank you, because that’s the way I was raised.I have also slacked off on blogging. I try to write or reshare something every week but some posts require more attention and effort than I can spare. I am turning 70 next month! Do what feels good in the writing department. We are old enough to do what we want to as long as we don’t eat and gain back our weight. I lost 15 pounds to go with the 15 i lost the year before. Hugs! and take care of yourself!(And your husband and Alexa.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmmm….I am pretty sure that I found the 15 lbs you lost this year!! Ugh… I feel like a whale! A cute whale mind you, but a whale none the less!

      Congrats on turning 70! Hubs hit the big 7 0 in January and you know what….I don’t notice any difference in the way he looks and acts from when he was 69! Still ornery as ever. Ha!

      And I’m still as wacky as ever! I finally quit thanking Alexa Echo because she never acknowledged it. Yes – she’s helpful and knows a whole lot, but she’s a bit full of herself! :-). I bet she would LOVE to write a post, but like I said, her jokes have a whole lot to be desired (shhhhh – don’t tell her I said that!)

      I really do want to spend more time posting and reading other’s posts, but moving has totally gotten me off balance and out of any sort of a routine I had before I moved. And I’m not sure that I can get back into a routine with being on call to hang with the grands and all the travel (yes, I’m starting again!) I have planned. Stay tuned Joyful and continue to be Joyful!!

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