Viva (in a meh sort of way) Las Vegas

AGMA’s been busy.

Babysitting duty with the WG (wild grands) and climbing out of the winter doldrums has been keeping me on my toes.

And of course there was that 2nd COVID shot.

It went down easy, but I had a Moderna hangover the next day for about 9 hours. Nausea, the sweats, headache, chills, and total exhaustion. Holy crap – if that was just a very tiny taste of what a mild case of COVID is like, then OMG… I should have been triple masking and bathing in hand sanitizer this past year!

I am so very grateful I managed to keep it off my dance card.

And with the 2nd shot in my arm, AGMA did what AGMA does, but hasn’t done in a very long time.

I got in an airplane 3 days later. Destination – Vegas Baby!

Yes – I know I wasn’t full protected because my 2 weeks wasn’t up, but I had made the CHEAP airline and hotel reservations back in January as a birthday gift for Hubs. And I wasn’t about to cancel yet another trip now that we both had our 2 jabs.

Besides, I figured, how crowded could Vegas be? Everybody – except Florida and Texas – was still sort of hunkered down and only old farts were getting the vaccine, so at most, it would be a lot of blue hairs.

AGMA was pretty wrong about that.

It was WAAAAYYYY more crowded than anyplace should be while a pandemic is still raging.

And it wasn’t just blue hairs. The vast majority of folks were Millennials with some GenZers mixed in. And lots of these people brought their kids.

To Vegas. During a pandemic.


The trip can best be described as fun with a large dose of weirdly surreal thrown in.

It was strange being in the airport, flying in the airplane, renting a car, checking into the hotel, going to casinos, and being on the strip…

It was clear everybody wanted everything to be back to normal. It just wasn’t.

We wanted the freedom to see some of the cool areas outside of Vegas, so I arranged to rent a car. When I booked it back in January, AGMA thought $50 a day was really steep for Vegas. Back in the day, you could rent a car for like $15 a day.

Turns out, we got a super bargain. People renting at the counter without a reservation were paying $120 a day.


We stayed a the Hard (to like) Rock Hotel.

This was not one of AGMA’s best decisions. I was lured in by the low price (relatively) and large rooms. I think the room was $39 a night BUT now everybody gets charged a “resort fee” of around $40 a night. It’s for the pool (it was too chilly to swim) and the internet (you could only connect 2 devices before you have to shell out another $14.99) and other “resorty” stuff that I never figured out.

Our room was indeed big with a HUGE bathroom, but it was some what bland and soul-less.

The hotel parking garage was (and I kid you not!) 1/3rd of a mile walk from the hotel. We had to walk through a pretty big shopping mall to get there. And, if you could find the elevators in the casino to get to the lobby (which was a floor below – the signage was terrible) you could check in. We wandered with our luggage for about 10 minutes before we found the elevators.

If you were fortunate enough to actually find the lobby, you had to check yourself in via machines (like at the airport). Unfortunately, the machines didn’t work very well.

I don’t think I saw anybody who didn’t need the assistance of the single harried staff person assigned to the peons consigned to the machines for all their needs. Only VIPs (??) could actually check in with actual real live people. WTF?

And if you’re room wasn’t ready, there was no place to leave your luggage. You just had to walk around with it.

First impression – not impressive. At all.

Regarding gambling, clearly they didn’t know they were dealing with an AGMA who does nothing but lose my money when I gamble. I really wanted to give the hotel casino some of my $$, but it was a REALLY awful casino. It was like they made a casino for GenZers who’ve never gambled before and wouldn’t know any better. They put in the worst machines (OMG – you couldn’t understand how any of the payouts worked – which obviously was the point!) and high limit table games.

Nah baby nah.

And other than two sad display cases with Hollywood memorabilia in them, there was nothing Hard Rock about the place. It was more like Elevator Music Generic Hotel and Casino.


It’s been more than 18 years since my last trip to Las Vegas. Things are very different from my last visit..

AGMA is one to embrace change…when it doesn’t interfere with my good time.

We did have fun at times, but we really had to work hard for it.

One day we made the nearly 3 hour drive to Zion National Park. It was breathtaking and is now on AGMA’s list of “must return to” places.

On the 3 hour drive back to Las Vegas, we stopped in Mesquite, NV at the Virgin River (a Virgin in Nevada – ha!) Hotel and Casino for their $13.99 prime rib special. It was us and the rest of Mesquite (where the median age has to be 60) in line for the coffee shop, the majority of whom (or is it who?) were not wearing masks with a good deal of smoking sprinkled in.

We turned around and left.

We ended up having dinner at the coffee shop in Jerry’s Nugget, an old Vegas style casino in north Las Vegas. There was a pawn shop across the street on one corner and a closed nude bar, the Palamino Club, on the other corner.


Jerry’s knows their cliental is more “mature”, and they were the only casino we went to that checked people’s temperatures at the entrance. Impressive!

Everybody was wearing masks, every other machine was turned off for social distancing, the drinks were cheap, AGMA won about $10 at video poker, and the prime rib special was delicious.

We liked Jerry’s Nugget!

The next day, we went to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and did the nature thing again. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and mild temps. Glorious!

Then we headed to the last remaining collection of old-style Las Vegas hotels and casinos…

Downtown Las Vegas.

We played video poker for a nickel a game sitting at one of the bars in Binion’s and got free drinks.

We scored yet another prime rib dinner (evidently we have been beef deprived at home.) This time is was the $8.99 early bird special at Tony Roma’s in the Fremont. Score!

We have no shame. But we had fun.

On the way back to the Elevator Music Hotel with the horrible casino that evening, we drove down Las Vegas Blvd and saw the iconic wedding chapels, and some scattered old school hotel casinos that haven’t been hit be the wrecking ball.


I think I’d like to go back to Vegas again post-COVID to visit more of the “old” Las Vegas. The fun Las Vegas.

But first…Arizona…Sunday.

Grand Canyon, AGMA’s coming your way!

6 thoughts on “Viva (in a meh sort of way) Las Vegas

  1. Love your story (harty-har-har). My husband says being at Las Vegas is like being trapped in a pinball machine (and only us old farts know what that is). Jerry’s Nugget and environs sound exactly like our kinda place. Have fun in Arizona.

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  2. I got my second vaccination last Friday and only had a sore arm with some redness, but I’d been working out in the yard pruning dead branches after our big freeze, so any aches I felt I probably attributed to that. The second Shingrix shot was the doozy for me.

    I am not a fan of Lost Wages, but maybe that’s because it was the site of my shotgun wedding in 1965 when I was 18. That union lasted a little over 10 years and I got a couple of great kids out of the deal so I really can’t complain.


  3. I had to go to Vegas a couple of times for business meetings. It felt like punishment to have to walk through the smoke filled casino to get to the elevators, which are purposely obscure so you can be tempted to drop your cash before reaching them.
    Check in was ugly, even pre-covid, unless you were a VIP.
    I was in the elevator with a couple of Asian women. Their conversation went like this:
    “Oh my husband is going to be very angry. I lost a lot of money”.
    “How much”, her friend asked. (To me, a LOT of money is about $1,000. )
    “I lost 98 thousand at baccarat“.
    I kept my “yikes” to myself.

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  4. My husband and I usually stayed at the Golden Nugget downtown. One day I went across the street to Binion’s. It was the first time I ever played craps. I had no idea what to do. There was a young guy next to me and we kept winning and laughing even though everyone kept telling us that we shouldn’t do what we were doing. When it came my turn to roll the dice, all those old farts at the table pulled their bets off. They wouldn’t let their money ride with a woman rolling the dice. It so unnerved me I never played craps again. This was around the late 80s.


  5. I went to Vegas a lot as a single gal, many many moons ago. Last time I went, if I remember correctly, was when my youngest daughter reached the “legal” age of 21. If I’m counting correctly, that would have been in 2012. Just coincidentally a photo taken on that trip popped up recently on FB.

    Anyway, most of the visits I made there in the 21st century were very similar I have a lot of pre-21st century history there, lead me to start a series of posts on the subject several years ago and so those are already out of date, too.

    After becoming a parent, most of my gambling trips were to Laughlin, another place that I haven’t been to for even more years than my last Vegas trip. It used to be a much smaller and more family-friendly destination than Las Vegas, and much less formal or trendy, which is why about-to-be-ex-spouse and I liked to go there.

    Makes me wonder what Laughlin is like today, too. Though I am now back to living within less than a day’s drive from Nevada, I hope to check out both places again someday, but I’ll bet you get there well before I do!


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