January & February…WTF??

Sorry I haven’t posted in a hot minute (an understatement maybe?), but AGMA’s been cocooning.  It’s been cold and snowy here in Chicago.


Now I DO understand that was something I should have expected when we moved up here permanently in November.  And I did.  Son#1 has lived here for the past 20 years, and in the mid 70’s to late 80’s, my sister and BIL lived in Chicago.  And I grew up in Pittsburgh.  I really though I was ready.

How naive I was…

AGMA just didn’t expect the ferocity of it all.

It’s hard to type on a keyboard when you are bundled up in your living room like Ralphie from A Christmas Story (yet another iconic movie that I have never seen all the way through…)  So I couldn’t write any posts.

Yeah…sure.  But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Honest to goodness, I have no idea how you folks in Canada and the bordering US states do it!

AGMA is f*cking cold, and I have been f*cking cold for the past 3 weeks.  And we haven’t seen the ground (other than what’s been shoveled or plowed) since January 25th.   We got 30 inches of snow from snow “events” that have happened seemingly every other day since 1/25, and we have another 10 inches from the snow storm today with more on the way tonight.


Three of the best purchases we’ve made since moving to Chicago:

  1. A remote starter for our 2017 AWD Toyota Highlander.
  2. A snow shovel with a ‘helper handle’
  3. An Eddie Bauer down stadium coat (that weighs at least 10 lbs) that is rated to -40 F.

And I made a purchase last week that is helping immensely in our quest to keep warm.

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

Thankfully, we only have to worry about clearing the snow from the 8 steps on our front, and our deck & steps in the back.  Our HOA takes care of plowing our tiny streets and all the walkways.


Still, it feels like we have been shoveling and salting fools.  We’re running out of places to put the snow we are shoveling.

Oh…the humanity!

But things are definitely looking up.  Spring is right around the corner.  It’s supposed to get up into the 30s early next week. And while my friends in Atlanta are marveling at the flowering of the first daffodils, I am looking very much forward to actually seeing the dead grass in our little front yard.

It’s the small things…

So much has happened since my last post.  For most of you in the US, you had the same reaction to the national political news as we did.  Elation on January 3rd, anger on January 6th, joy on January 20th, *&#%$@^* anger this past Saturday.  How could the Senate not convict the Inciter in Chief for his attempted overthrow of the US government and the attempted murder of our representatives in Congress?  Maybe the meme below explains it?


Hmmm…I suspected they were missing.

From the AGMA news desk, I had a birthday last month.  And I continue to age as ungracefully as I can.

So far, so good.

Son#2 flew up to visit us a few weeks ago which was lovely.  I miss his eye rolling and thinly veiled impatience with hubs and AGMA.  I really do.  He does a great job of keeping us grounded and tuned into the Millennial mindset.  He felt it was safe to fly, not because he got his COVID vaccine, but because he actually HAD COVID at the beginning of January.  This was surprising news to us.  He chose not to share the information with us until he was feeling better.  He was wise as Momma Bear would have hopped in the car and drive down there to catch COVID with him.

And we continue to kernoodle with the 3 grands quite often (which is the sum total of the reasons we moved to Chicago in the first place.)  Considering the unending snow and how f*cking cold it is, it’s a damn good thing they are still so adorable and fun and delightful, and make us very, very happy.

A damn good thing.

Please, stay warm, stay safe and don’t ever believe again that the GOP cares about blue lives, the US Constitution, law and order, and anybody who isn’t white and part of the 1%.

You’re welcome.

11 thoughts on “January & February…WTF??

  1. Good to see you back, AGMA. These cross-country storms just keep coming, don’t they? I do appreciate your newly-purchased “provisions” to help keep you warm (just remember it’s a long winter; to paraphrase mothers everywhere: “Don’t use it all up at once.” A friend who lives up north never fails to marvel at the run on stores for supplies during storms, such as with snow shovels. “What happened to their previous shovels?!,” he always asks. Stay safe and warm! – Marty

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    • Good to be back Marty, thanks!! And yes, it’s been storm system after storm system. And now the lights and heat are out in Texas. Geeze… And I think that it’s the newbies who cause things like snow shovel shortages. My DIL helped to guys who live in the small apartment building across the alley from their garage get their car shoveled out by lending them a snow shovel. They were trying to dig their car out with a garden spade! I guess they would have gotten it dug out…eventually. 🙂


  2. Welcome back, AGMA. I was worried you had caught COVID, hadn’t thought that you might be snowed under. How do we Canadians cope? Booze, for starters. Canada Goose Antarctic-rated parkas (pricey but worth it), block heaters for our cars, heated garages, snow-blowers, better still neighbours with snow-blowers. Mind you, this winter we haven’t needed any of those, except booze, not because it hasn’t been cold (temps have been down where Fahrenheit and Celcius meet) but because no one’s going outside due to COVID (except to get more booze). Here’s to spring and vaccines.

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    • I was quite frankly shocked Margaret, when I saw the date of my last post. Time really does fly by! My sincere hope is that I will NEVER, EVER need a coat that is rated more than -40F! Ha! And I now realize how important the adult beverages are… Are block heaters for the engine block? I’ve learned a new term up here that was missing from my previous cold weather living vocabulary – ice dam (referring to gutters). This does not appear to be a positive thing – the gutters are filled with ice (very heavy right) with long, perilous, dagger-like icicles hanging down from them threatening the life of anybody who would dare stand under them then when they decide to break off. Do you use gutter heaters up there? And I’ll drink to spring and vaccines!


  3. So glad you’re back. Although New Jersey also has gotten more than its fair share of snow (my opinion) it doesn’t have the “lake effect” that I experienced while living in Toledo. While we were there, truckers were being buried under snowdrifts on route I-90. They actually had to call up the National Guard. We moved to Houston after that. Just like that old saying “From the freezer into the frying pan”—or something like that… Enjoy the kiddos.

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    • Glad to be back! Until this last storm, the lake effect snow was pretty much on the OTHER side of the lake. But with this last system, Chicago along with NW Indiana was definitely getting slammed. And literally, the area of high accumulation was limited to the City of Chicago. How does Mother Nature know where the city limits are?? 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I am itching to get outta Dodge… We have some domestic trips planned this spring and a trip to Ireland in May. I think the domestic trips will be a go, but feel 95% certain Ireland will be a no go. One of my friends there says you can’t go more than 5K away from your home and there are evening curfews. I just can’t see that situation turning around dramatically in 3 months. So maybe 98% sure…


  4. Greetings from the Great State of Texas, where our motto is: “We don’t need no stinkin’ winterized electrical grid.” I was without power, heat, and cell phone service not as long as most people, but long enough. My daughter and granddaughter here in Fredericksburg rescued my other granddaughter (who’s a Californian) from the Lord of the Flies situation at UT Austin where she’s been trying to have a freshman year. First Covid, and now this. They were rationing food and her dorm was boiling water and allowing them 8 frigging ounces each at a time. Gah. Today it’s sunny and almost 70. I’m sure the GOP who run this state will forget all about it very soon, much like the insurrection. “Nothing to see here, folks.”


  5. I need to keep this post, just in case I ever come close to believing my daughter who thinks I will end up in Kalamazoo with her sister, my son-in-law the “Evil Genius” and my future grandkids.

    I imagine you’d agree that humidity in the “upper South” e.g. Atlanta and most of Tennessee is not as bad as in the deep South in the summertime. Based on that assumption, I also presume that you can stand Chicago at that time of year as you did Atlanta, but please let me know if I’m wrong.

    That condition alone makes the thought of relocating there from So Cal not terribly attractive. On the flip side, said daughter also thinks I would be OK with the amount of snowfall and low temps she has experienced up there through the midway point of her med school sojourn. Again, speaking as a So Cal native who couldn’t navigate the hills of TN with low temps and the slightest bit of moisture on the pavement, I still says she’s crazy and really doesn’t know her weather wimp of a mom very well!

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