Where do I begin?


It’s been a hellofa couple of months for AGMA…

No, I, nor any member of my immediate family, did not contract COVID (no thanks to the MAGA cult who continue to go maskless and still insist it’s a hoax.)


Our lease ran out on our Hobbit Hole in Chicago on 11/1 so we had to skidaddle.

Closing on our new (to us) townhouse in Chicago wasn’t until 11/12. We needed to place to crash for a couple of weeks.

Soooo – we packed up all of our Hobbit Hole stuff, moved it all into our son’s house & garage, and piled the cats, their litter box, a couple of suitcases, hub’s mobility scooter and ourselves into Peaches (my SUV), and drove back down to Atlanta.

And that’s just the start.

It’s been a wild, crazy ride since then – 98% of it being good. But really, anytime you don’t become part of a pandemic statistic, it’s good. Really good.

Let AGMA just sum it up by saying it’s just a little bit crazy to move into a new home during a pandemic, right before the holidays, and host your ‘pod’ for Thanksgiving dinner that includes 3 children under 5. Then to try do find out which boxes the (to quote ‘be best’ Melania) “f*cking Christmas stuff” is in because all the boxes in the basement are piled all in one room because we need to get new carpet in the family room because the previous owner’s cat peed in one corner and I didn’t notice the aroma until after closing and our kitties are mighty interested in that area of the basement.


I hate it when that happens.

And we have our new, made in China, PVC Christmas tree set up almost in the middle of our dining area of our small living /dining room, because we have 42 moving blankets piled up along the wall that won’t be removed until 12/13. I’m sure we’ll get the ornaments on it before Christmas.


Again, most of what’s been going on has been all good.

Except for the cat pee.

And we live in a ‘smart’ home now. Oh God, it is FULL of ‘smart’ things. Switches, plugs, cameras, doorbells, thermostats, vacuums, refrigerators, countertop ovens, little speakers everywhere that will do your bidding like Aladdin’s genie, and video screens who want to be your best friend and tell you jokes and show you YouTube videos… AGMA has things beeping and chiming and grunting at me all day.

But that’s another post.

I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m still here.

I know this is a little late since Thanksgiving was just soooo last week, but I’m very thankful that I AM still here. And that my family is healthy. And that the state of Georgia, my home for the last 8 years flipped blue! And come January 20th, the treasonous insanity will leave the White House, the People’s House, with the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. Who has an incredibly intelligent woman of Indian/African American heritage with a white Jewish husband as Vice-President.


And that AGMA is part of a blogging community that has supported me in more ways than you know!

Just SO much to be thankful for in the chaos of 2020.

Now where’s the freaking Christmas sh*t??

11 thoughts on “Where do I begin?

  1. After we moved this summer I kind of lost track of our Christmas stuff, but I found it – in the loft, in the garage, above where we park the cars. Took me an hour to figure out how in the heck I got all that stuff up there.

    And to celebrate our new president, my wife and I went to the big box store to buy more Christmas junk that I have no idea where it’s going to go after Christmas.

    Enjoy your new home – when the moving blankets are gone.

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  2. Hello AGMA!
    I share your pain. It’s 15 months since we relocated Dookes H.Q…..still sort things out though!
    And now you’ve reminded me…where did I put that Christmas stuff….oh well, off to the attic again!
    Stay safe,

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  3. I’m so glad you are still here, I enjoy reading about your adventures that, not matter if they’re good, bad or ugly, you somehow manage to turn into a humourous account. Thanks for that. This year, we need all the smiles, chuckles, laughs, and guffaws we can find. Keep safe and keep on writing. Merry Christmas, even if you never find the !@#$% Christmas stuff.

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  4. I got dizzy reading this, and that was only by the third paragraph! You do keep it all exciting, AGMA. Congrats on the new, permanent abode, good luck on ridding yourself of the cat pee (it’s a process; I know from a former home of mine), and travel safe back up north when that time comes. – Marty

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  5. I second kudos on the header photo. And the end of the orange menace and his spawn. Enjoy the new dugs, happy to know all is well … I guess … minus the cat pee and the work of moving in fully!

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  6. Hey AGMA – I could be you (in a way) except mine came in a POD which has been emptied in my Mom’s garage. Now I just have to figure out what I want to move inside and where I can put it.

    This will be the second or third go-around on coercing Mom to get rid of most of the stuff she’s collected from family members who passed on quite a while ago. You know, she thinks my kids will want some of it, even though they and hardly any of us know what it is or even who it may have come from. Thank goodness I have an excellent friend who’s very experienced with this sort of thing though for her it was easier since many of her dead/dying relatives were priests! She fights my battles with Mom because she, unlike myself, doesn’t have to live with Mom the rest of the time.

    Even before my pending divorce, I had pretty much stopped decorating for the holidays or even buying very many gifts since most adult kids these days are fine if you just throw $ at them, or in my case transfer it directly to their checking accounts. The one married and fairly well settled in one place daughter is also the one who liked to decorate, so I convinced her to take some of what I left behind in my about to be former house with her when she visited my about to be ex over the holidays. (And yes I was extremely jealous that he got to see her and I didn’t. That’s another story).

    Maybe by the time I see that stuff again the related memories will be happier ones and augmented by the possibility of future grandkids, as opposed to my current grandcats. Even the other daughter, who already hated her dad, has acquired a grandcat for me to spoil which I have already done by sending Miss Maple some new toys and a laser light for her very own!

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