On the hunt

It’s a wonderful day today in Chicago.

73 degrees, no humidity, slight breeze, clear blue skies and an abundance of sunshine.

AGMA’s at her French bistro with the charming outdoor patio sitting across the way from a big chunk of delicious eye candy.

Hey – there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a well constructed human…

Back in the olden days (pre-March 2020), I would have said the the day was perfect.

But there will be no perfect days until the Cornona Kid and his gang of Kool- Aid imbibing enablers are forcefully evicted from the WH (and Congress), tried for high crimes against humanity and treason, and imprisoned. And, of course, there is a safe, effective and affordable vaccine against COVID.

Until then, AGMA’ll have to settle for wonderful (as she stealthily sneaks a peak at Mr. EC cross from her.)

I’ve been kind of quiet since returning from our great train adventure. It’s been over 2 weeks since we’ve been back and we’re feeling good, so I’m guessing we didn’t acquire any unwanted virus freeloaders during our travels.

That’s a good thing.

We’ve actually been incredibly busy. Between spending a whole lot of time with the grands – which is why we came up here in the first place – and learning how to text-bank for progressive candidates for the upcoming “will our democracy survive or not” election, and watching cycling races (men in spandex!), we put an offer in on a condo here in Chicago.

Nothing like multi-tasking.

We’ve bought and sold 9 homes during our lives (trying to stay one step ahead of the law…), so we know the drill. But buying in Chicago is a bit different from anyplace we’ve ever purchased a home. More people to deal with during the process and way more expensive.

AGMA met our realtor here, in my French bistro. She sat at the table next to me and was meeting with some former clients who wanted to buy again. Always interested the in conversations of my fellow humans that sound interesting, I eavesdropped. And I liked what I heard.

As she was leaving, I asked her if she was a realtor (which I knew already) and confessed I had heard a bit of her conversation (all of it) with her friends. Then I asked for her card.

I think she was okay with me listening in.

Fast forward a month. Hubs and I had decided that we were just going to rent for 6 months or so (NOT the Hobbit hole – that lease is up 11/1) and take our time looking for a place to buy.

But then, as happens, AGMA saw an open house for a condo that looked like it checked all of our boxes. And we have a lot of boxes to check so this was pretty exciting.

We went to the open house on Saturday. I called the French bistro realtor, KR, on Sunday. We saw the property on Monday and put an offer in Monday night (because there was already an offer on the table.) KR and her financing lady pulled off a miracle in getting us a financing pre-approval letter in 90 minutes.

Our offer got accepted Tuesday morning. We got the inspection on Wednesday. We applied for our loan on Thursday and sent our inspection concerns to the attorney (a new step for us having an attorney involved in negotions.) He sent the letter to the sellers attorney with changes to the contract, our requests for additional information, and our inspection concerns on Monday. We received an answer Tuesday (yesterday) with most of the requested information.

And we backed out of the deal today.

Yes…after all of that, we backed out. Such an AGMA thing to do…

There were lots of red flags in the inspection, the HOA financials and the work that had been done on leaks in the mortar between the bricks that kept popping up.

Nah baby nah. We’re just too old for that.

But now we’re in the buying mood. Of course…

And we’ve upped our “max spend” on a place. Of course…

And we’re going out with KR to look at properties tomorrow. Of course…

In trying to de-stress from looking for an affordable home in a expensive new city during a pandemic, AGMA’s been watching my beloved professional cycling. The Giro d’Italia, the 2nd three week grand tour of the season – the Tour de France was last month- is in it’s first week and it’s been a great race so far.

Most major cycling races that normally happen in the spring and summer were either cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19. The season started up again on August 1st, and between then and Nov 8, there are 18 – count ’em – 18 races. Three 3 week grand tours, five multi-stage races (either 5 or 7 day races), and ten 1 day races (Monuments & Classics.)

That’s over 100 days of cycling in a little over 3 months.

OMG – AGMA needs a cigarette!

I have two subscriptions to services that live stream races (early in the AM because they are all in Europe – ugh.) And because the season is so compressed, some races overlap others. I’ve have had one race on the TV (cast from my phone) and another on my laptop several times.

OMG – AGMA needs another cigarette!

Too bad I don’t smoke.

(Don’t you love how I sneaked my cycling swooning into a normal post!?)

9 thoughts on “On the hunt

  1. Sounds like a sensible move to back out of that deal AGMA, when we bought the latest Dookes H.Q., 15 months ago, I made sure that there wasn’t anything to bike me in the backside….like you, I’m too old for that c**p anymore!
    Cycle racing is fantastic at the moment, I really don’t know what to watch when! Le Tour was fantastic, and now the Giro is looking very exciting!
    Catch you soon,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Dookes!! Loving the whole cycling season – so many great new young riders. And some more “mature” riders are getting a 2nd wind. Sad Paris-Roubaix cancelled, but I guess France is a huge COVID mess.
      Yes – very glad we backed out of the condo. And of course we found another place… But this is actually PERFECT (or almost perfect) for us so it was meant to be that the other one fell through. Fingers crossed that we can lock the deal in! Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You sure you want to BUY in Chicago? (you might want to get through a winter and a sweaty summer and a huge tornado first) – also, the suburbs are beautiful and not quite as expensive (my husband is from Rockford)


    • Great advice, but nobody ever said AGMA was the sharpest needle in the pincushion! Ha! Actually, I grew up in Pittsburgh and we lived in Cincinnati for 30 years so I’ve seen some bad winters in my time. And our son has lived up here for 20 years so we’ve been going back and forth for a loooonnnngggg time. We’ve been through tornados in Cincinnati, Atlanta and St. Lous. And we have lived in Atlanta for 12 years so I am very familiar with sweaty summers. And St. Louis – our 2 summers there were actually worse at times that hot and humid Atlanta. I feel like we’ve been “in training” for this for a long time!

      And the whole reason we came up here was to be closer to our grandchildren and unfortunately for our budget, they live in Lakeview. The new place we have a contract on as of Friday (yes – we found another place!) is 5 miles from their house. Anywhere between a 12 minute to a 45 minute drive depending on traffic! We’re gluttons for punishment!


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