Have curriculum, will coordinate

We’ve been apart for what feels like forever.

AGMA found out that WordPress has a new editor! I’m giving it a try so who knows what this post is going to look like. Where the heck is the word count?

And Andrew at Andrews View of the Week moved from California to Nevada.

What other big changes have gone on out there while I was in hibernation?

Despite crazies like AGMA and Andrew who decide to sell their homes and move in the midst of a pandemic, I think that most folks are like Marty over at Snakes in the Grass and have pretty much been staying home. He complained that there’s just not much to blog about when there’s a wild virus raging outside your door. He volunteered to move to Chicago to help us grandparent TMWGITW. I told him that the children (5, 3 and 1) would indeed provide the needed inspiration for amusing blogging.

The 5 year old, my Boo, keeps himself entertained by asking Echo (at his house) and Alexa (at our apartment) to do fart sounds. There are even fart songs.

Who knew?

Evidently Boo knew….

We are closing on 4 weeks in Chicago.

Other than a horrific pandemic that has basically gone unchecked in the US due to totally incompetent leadership leading to close to 5,000,000 total infections, and, tragically and totally unnecessary, nearly 160,000 deaths, things are going pretty well for AGMA.

After living in a different city and state from our son and DIL since they were a “thing” and had kids, wondering how all of this togetherness was going to play out was sort of natural.

Comedy, tragedy, melodrama, tragicomedy, theater of the absurd…??

Adding to the concern was that our relationship has had it rocky patches over the years. Some very rocky patches. Like Rocky Mountain rocky patches!

If I was a betting woman (which I am!) I have a sneakin’ suspicion that son and DIL had the same concerns.

But due to AGMA’s diplomatic skills, charm, and easy going (WTF???) personality, not to mention the fact that the kids think Nana is the bomb because she risks her life in their bounce house, things have been going swimmingly.

My Boo will be in kindergarten this year. Thankfully Chicago Public Schools just recently announced that, for the first quarter at least, all learning will be virtual. No instruction in the human Petri dish called a school classroom.

It’s cute how some school districts (and businesses, restaurants, airlines, theme parks, etc) act like everything is okey dokey, back to normal, and have rolled out the red carpet for all comers.

Just adorable. If you’re the coronavirus.

Because Boo will be doing online learning, my DIL asked if I would be one of his curriculum coordinators.


AGMA said yes, but I have no idea what that entails. I guess I’ll find out. Should I be worried?

But it will actually give me something to do. In between visits to TMWGCITW, activities in the AGMA Hobbit hole are few and far between. TV, social media, some reading. And it’s small and dark in there. And I’m together with Hubs almost 24/7.

Oh, the humanity!

So yes – I’d be HAPPY to be Boo’s “curriculum coordinator” if it gets me out of the cave!

One bright spot in a year full of huge spiders and venomous snakes is that professional cycling is back!!

OMG, there IS a God…

Those of you who’ve been reading AGMA for a spell know how much I LOVE men’s professional road cycling.

About 10 years ago, I found that the Tour de France was the “gateway race” to a late in life, absolute obsession with young men in spandex climbing mountains on bicycles with skinny wheels. And since it’s 2020, COVID sucks and I live in a “garden apartment”, AGMA’s gone all in with watching races on TV and online. I have subscriptions to 2 different streaming services that will be streaming different races.

AGMA was supposed to go to France last month to follow the last week of the Tour. Clearly that didn’t happen for multiple reasons. The Tour ended up not being cancelled, but postponed until 8/20. But since Americans aren’t allowed to basically travel anywhere in the WORLD because of the Orange Covidiot throwing up his tiny hands and saying “It is what it is.”, I’ll be staying in my Hobbit hole during the Tour. So AGMA figures that paying for a couple of subscriptions for streaming services is the least that I can do for myself!

‘Cause it’s really all about me…

AGMA hopes all of you are treating yourselves to some special things during this surreal apocalyptic year of 2020. Hopefully that doesn’t involve any controlled narcotic substances. Or alcohol.

Okay – maybe some alcohol.

Maybe more than some.

Stay safe my friends!

P.S. Did I say it’s sooooo good to be back??

18 thoughts on “Have curriculum, will coordinate

  1. And it’s sooooo good to have you back. Can’t help you with the “curriculum co-ordinator” thing, whatever that is. As for cycling, try to find the animated movie “Les Triplettes de Belleville” aka “The Triplets of Belleville.” (apparently, it’s on YouTube — what isn’t?) It was nominated for Best Animated Feature Oscar but it was up against Finding Nemo which won (I still think Les Triplettes was a better story.) It’s funny and satirical as well as intellectual (really), with the best animated dog EVER!

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      • Yes, it was crowded. Campers were lined up for first come first served camping spots at 6 AM when I would leave to get coffee. I was at Colter Bay campgrounds. Some of the lodges are closed and no ranger-led activities, as you would assume. Some hiking trailheads seemed crazy busy, South Jenny Lake to be exact. But for the most part no crowds. But lines to get into all the shops, only outdoor or take out service in the restaurants, even lines for the bathrooms. It got old, but I was there without electricity and wifi for a month. I had fun, spent time with a cousin I really didn’t know before, and of course the photo ops were beyond incredible!

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  2. If you can’t move during a major pandemic lock down, when can you move? As a realtor once told me, “I like a challenge.” It was a challenge and years from now my grandkids will have one great story to tell about their crazy grandpa.

    and good to have you back.

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  3. Love this, AGMA. Although I suppose next time I really should remember to check with the wife first before inquiring about becoming self-appointed, adoptive grandparents — to other people’s kids, in other towns. “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” or so I tried to explain to her, along with my insatiable need for better blog fodder.

    Ah-ha, so now your streaming preferences are beginning to make sense. For me it’s admittedly how charming those British folk use the Queen’s tongue. But for you it’s all about the spandex, isn’t it? I do admire your candor.

    I’m thinking your new duties in elementary curriculum studies will benefit us all on this platform: Once you master that, please turn your attentions to us and provide guidance on the new WordPress editor. Thank you in advance! 😉 – Marty

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG…that new WordPress editor! They kind of went from a Model T to a Tesla in one fell swoop didn’t they with no models in between? I had to switch back to the Classic mode today to post my latest. I was in a time crunch and just couldn’t figure out the new stuff…
      Can I tell you you made me laugh out loud when you talked about checking in with you wife? Didn’t
      t mean to bust you. Ha!
      And I LIKE cycling – they just happen to be wearing spandex! The only ones who really look good in it are some of the sprinters who have a huskier build. The mountain and GC guys are kinda skinny. Not that I notice that stuff mind you…
      You may have seen this already, but we just started watching The Musketeers on one of our streaming services (maybe YouTube TV?). It was a production of the BBC and lasted 3 seasons from 2014 to 2017. It’s petty good if you like period pieces and the characters Dumas created. It’s supposed to take place in France, but everybody has an English accent, and all the Musketeers look like they’re Spanish. Interesting mix. But very swashbuckling!

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  4. So good to be listening to your voice again. A friend took over as his son’s “gym teacher” last spring when they went to on-line learning. A great excuse for both of them to take a middle of the afternoon break to play in the yard. My treat was to get Disney+ so I could watch Hamilton. Since I’m a huge live-theater fan, this spring/summer has been tough. I “donated” my tickets to the two theaters I subscribe – all 6 shows – so I hope that helps, but they have both said no live-shows until 2021. I shudder to think of the on-going repercussions of this pandemic on artists, small business owners, restaurants, etc. The things I’ve surrounded my life with in retirement. Ah well, enjoy the streaming of the races!

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    • Thanks Pat! It’s good to hear your voice again as well! This virus is so horrible for everybody, but I think the fine arts are being hit especially hard. There is a guy who lives not to far from our apartment who converts his front lawn into a stage on the weekend and he invites professional musicians from around Chicago to perform there (mostly jazz) once or twice a weekend. And people sit all along Logan Blvd which is wide with 2 wide grassy strips along it so there is plenty of room for social distancing. It’s free for those who want to set up a chair to listen, but they do have a donation bucket. It’s a small thing, but at this point, small gestures like that are important! Hamilton is amazing isn’t it? Although I’ve seen it live twice (once in Chicago and once in Atlanta), I never saw the original cast so we subscribed too! And I like the Marvel movies so I’m pretty happy with Disney+!


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