OMG…I’m back!!


Picture of a Hobbit Hole taken by AGMA in New Zealand last November,


I can’t believe it!  I can’t believe it!  I can’t believe it!

AGMA’s back.

“AGMA who?”

I deserve that.

But we have reached the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel!  Hubs and I are now living in the Windy City.  Homeless.  Sort of.

More about that later…

We closed on our home in Atlanta at the end of June.  It’s been 8 years since we sold our last house and I forgot what a “treat” selling a house can be.  Like watching a WH coronavirus “task force” briefing.

So. Very. Painful.

For those of you who are regular AGMA-ites, you know I’ve complained over the past few years about how I just can’t seem to multi-task anymore.  Younger years were spent juggling the many balls of growing kids, aging parents, work and volunteerism.  And I was pretty darned good at it.

Modesty is overrated.

But once I hit 60, I seemed to lose the ability to manage multiple projects at once.

Well…I’m very glad to report that AGMA still has what it takes!  It wasn’t that I lost the ability; it’s just that I didn’t really HAVE to do things like when I was younger.  Once upon a time, kids had to get to ballgames on time and projects had to be done for work on time and volunteer commitments needed to be fulfilled on time.

It’s truly amazing what you can pull off when you have hard and fast deadlines.  When things HAVE to get done because you don’t have any other option.  When there can’t be any Plan B

I HAD to find temporary apartments in Atlanta and Chicago, HAD to sort and pack all of our belongings and find a place to store them, HAD to make arrangements to give away, get rid of the stuff we weren’t taking/storing, all before the movers came. And I HAD to buy a car that could fit 3 car seats before we left for Chicago.

Yup – I did it all.  And, mostly, it pretty much sucked.

I went to bed exhausted every night.  I quit using my blood pressure cuff because I had so many spinning plates to keep up in the air.  Similar logic to the Orange Covidiot’s logic on coronavirus testing…  If I didn’t take my BP, it couldn’t be high, right?

Basically, I was pretty much a bitch.  And with the pandemic on top of it all, AGMA found herself in some dark places mentally and emotionally at times.

So be glad Debbie Downer didn’t post for a while.

Another one of my “issues” with writing is that I didn’t have any place to write.  My muse of a coffee shop in Atlanta – Dancing Goats – was closed for all but carry out because of the pandemic.   And even after the Orange Arse Kissing Covidiot of a Governor in Georgia opened everything back up and invited COVID-19 to have field day infecting Georgians, Dancing Goats is continuing to only do carry out.

AGMA didn’t realize how important DG was to me as far as blogging inspiration goes.  I tried a few times writing from home, but…nah….

Then we moved out of our 3400 sq ft townhouse into our 700 sq ft temporary apartment in Atlanta for 3 weeks until we were able to move into our 700 sq ft temporary “garden” (meaning it’s in a basement and a bit like a cave) apartment in Chicago 2 weeks ago.

It’s cosy.  And dark. But it’s nicely appointed, has lots of high end touches, and is less than 2 miles from the MWGITW (most wonderful grandchildren in the world!)

That’s really why we did this.  All of it.

Seeing them, spending time with them, playing with them, hearing them laugh, having them hug and snuggle with us has made all of the tears and stress and anxiety and curse words (oh yeah – there were a lot of them!) of the past 4 months worth it.


And yesterday, hopes of AGMA rising like a phoenix from the ashes of unwritten blog posts were rekindled!  I think I found my new “Dancing Goats” here in Chicago!  It’s a delightful French bakery/cafe with a nice big shaded patio and only an 8 minute walk from our Hobbit Hole of an apartment!

And OMG…they sell bottles of lovely French wine for patio consumption for a pretty reasonable price.

Alert: drunk blog post coming soon!

Damn…it’s good to be back!






30 thoughts on “OMG…I’m back!!

  1. Welcome back! I’m so glad you made it through the tunnel and are now living in your cave. But I have to ask…THREE car seats? I remember TWO grandchildren. When did the third one happen??? Have you been holding out or did my memory fail me yet again? The new spot sounds heavenly. Wine on the patio? That’s a recipe for an inspired post.

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    • Last June, so the little guy is 13 months old now. I think I wrote a post after he was born (maybe??) Then things got a bit “strange” with my son and DIL (we’re still not sure what happened) and we weren’t able to visit as often as we wanted. And then we had a pandemic and I didn’t see him (or any of them) for 6 months. FaceTime was great for at least keeping our faces in front of them – mostly the baby because he would be captive in his high chair! He’s a real sweetie and one of the happiest babies I’ve ever come across. Like so many other grands though, we missed a huge chunk of his “babydom”. He’s a full fledged toddler now.

      The new spot is delightful!! As long as the weather hold out that is… 🙂

      So how many trips did you have to cancel? Actually, today I would have been returning home from 3 weeks in France!


  2. Good to hear from you AGMA.
    Here I was dealing with 1st World problems, like what do you follow “The Best of the Eagles” with; will Gerry Rafferty cut it, to would Pink Floyd be better…and then your post arrives….I’ll put the Blues Brothers on instead!!!!!
    Enjoy the Windy City, my favourite conurbation in the USA. Never mind Dancing Goats…get down to Billy Goats!!! (Chips, no fries!)

    “Oh baby, don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet home Chicago.”

    Best wishes, Dookes.

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  3. How exciting! I’m speaking of the spinning plates, of course. But honestly the move to your grand kids in a new city sounds awfully nice too. 🙂 Congrats on a new journey and meaningful time in your life. I do look forward to reading all about the adventures! – Marty

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    • Always a treat to hear from you Marty! Are you blogging these days? I truly hope there will be adventures, but with a pandemic on, they will be limited to playing “The Floor is Lava” and dinosaurs and superheroes with the grands. Turns out it’s really hard to move to a new city and make new friends with wild virus on the loose! Dang…

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  4. Well done, congratulations, and welcome back! Good to know you’re ok (this can’t be taken for granted these days), and good to know you’re back to blogging. Hopefully you’ll find much to love about Chicago, besides the grandkids of course. I literally drive hundreds of miles out of my way to avoid it when I head to the east coast, but then I’m not a city person, and it takes all kinds to make a world. You are hunting for a new more spacious domicile now, I assume?

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    • I’ve always been a city person, but this is the biggest one I’ve lived in yet. This should be interesting. But it’s like eating an elephant – a bite at a time! And as much as I’d love more space, I believe in my heart of hearts that we need to postpone any major purchases (like a house or condo) until after the election. I REALLY want to get settled somewhere and have all my “stuff” that’s in storage, and have more room (1200 sq ft sounds like a palace to me right now), but I really want to keep our assets as liquid as possible – maybe until next spring. We’ll see if I can hold out that long… And you are right – you can’t take somebody being okay for granted these days!!


  5. It’s so good to have you back!! So glad your life has settled back down. Think of yourself as the “Back Again Phoenix!” If you survived all of that and used the orange one’s guidelines to live in spite of the potential for a stroke, you got to be magic!! But I knew that all along. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! At least from here on out! I have only seen my grandbabies 4, 2 and one month on FaceChat. My awesome daughter in law is so thoughtful to hook me up so I can have a first hand view of the two older boys and the new baby girl Elowen! I have seen first son and wife twice but my son’s work situation allows for under the nose mask wearers which sets him up for getting the virus. Thankfully no one in my immediate family has gotten it! Yay! Good to have you back!!


    • JOYFUL!! Great to hear from you!! Yes – we have survived (so far) in spite of the orange one’s trying to kill all of us! And I think it’s more dumb luck than magic. Ha! I LOVE your granddaughters name! Sounds Celtic. Your grands are a year being mine – we are 5,3 and 1. The 3 year old is a girl who just melts our hearts (until something happens that she doesn’t like or it’s bedtime, then she turns into the Tasmanian devil!). It has been wonderful being here and able to play with them. I mean, how crazy do you have to be to give away 1/3rd of your belongings, sell your home, put everything else in storage, buy a used SUV to fit carseats and rent a Hobbit Hole just to be able to play superheroes with the grands. Nobody ever accused AGMA of being very practical… And Hubs just goes along with it. Go figure!
      We are fortunate that nobody in our immediate family has gotten the virus either. So far… Again, great to hear from you and hopefully I can settle into a routine where I actually get to start reading others posts on a regular basis! Stay safe!


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