Into the fire


So AGMA’s planning on ignoring the elephant (literally…) in the room.

There are those of you out there, far more eloquent than I, who will be addressing the news of late surrounding the orange squatter in our White House here in ‘Murica.  I’m pretty sure I’m out of words to describe just how loathsome Individual #1 and the GOP that is enabling him are.

But can I say that Nancy Pelosi is a total BAD ASS??  Please….

Last night, she created one of the most iconic moments of tyrannical resistance in US history by ripping up the traitor’s SOTU “speech” that was full of lies and hate.  The Boston Tea Party patriots would approve.

I wanna be like Nancy when I grow up.

Amid the backdrop of impeachment and Presidential primaries and the destruction of America as we know it by the GOP, AGMA has decided to jump out of the frying pan.

Hubs and I have decided to sell our townhouse this spring.

This may not sound like such a big deal to most of you, but for those who live in Casa AGMA, it’s YUGE.

Your first question might be…  Why?

And it’s a good one.  We LOVE where we live.  We love the neighborhood and our proximity to great restaurants, shopping and all that the city has to offer.  And we love our townhouse.

The reality is that Hubs mobility issue gets a bit worse (he has a genetic disorder that is causing him to lose the use of his legs) with every passing year.   And our townhouse has 4 floors.

Because of that, AGMA has always had to do the heavy lifting (so to speak) when it comes to hauling stuff from one place to another.

But now I’m having spine issues that make it difficult for me to fulfill my previous position as pack mule.  I’m more like a pack squirrel now.

Damn it.  I hate it when that happens.

We always knew that we’d have to go to a single level living situation eventually, but my back issues have accelerated that timeline.

Plus, we think that the this might be THE time to sell to get top dollar for our place.  “They” are all saying that the real estate market is due for a “correction.”  We’d like to bail before it corrects.

“But where will you go AGMA?”

I’m glad you asked and the answer is….  We have no idea.


Anybody got a spare room for two charming seniors with two adorable cats?  One is an introvert and keeps to himself.  The other is an AGMA.  The humans, not the cats.  The cats are sweet and loving as long as you ignore the occasional hairball and the fur clumps.



Barring any fabulous offers from one of you, we were thinking of renting a place in Chicago this summer to be closer to the grands for a few months.  Not really sure how Son#1 and my DIL would like that though.  They’d get used to us I’m sure…

After that, who knows?

We talked about getting an RV and driving around the country for a year, but the more I read about it, the less I liked the idea.  It all seems like a lot of work.  And from what I’ve heard, KOA’s are hotbeds of MAGA folks.  Now THAT would be interesting.

But I think we’ll take a pass.

We’ll probably rent for a while here in Atlanta.  But then again maybe not.  Son#2 may be moving soon for a job yet to be found.  He’s finishing up his MBA and is currently “in the hunt.”

If he moves, will we follow him?  Depends on where he goes.  Or we could move back to our adopted hometown of many years, Cincinnati, where we still have some wonderful friends.  Or not.  Or we could move full time to the Chicago area.  Brrrrrrrr (even with climate change.)

Also, Hubs and I want to see how the election in November turns out.  If the Big Orange Cheeto cheats his way back into the WH with his BFF Putin’s help, we just might be political refugees.

AGMA had my annual “check to see if you have any moles look weird” check-up this morning.  I passed inspection (whew!) and they asked if I wanted to make my appointment for next year.  I said, “No.  I might not be living in Atlanta next year.”

There’s actually something weirdly intoxicating to me about not knowing where I will be in a year.  Is this something that I should be worried about?

In the meantime, before the end of March, I need to clean out 10 closets, figure out what to do with all my Ebay sh*t I haven’t sold yet (boxes and boxes worth), go through about 20 boxes that haven’t been opened in 8 years since our last move, make untold trips to Goodwill, and arrange to get rid of furniture that is taking up too much room.

We also have to replace a broken ice machine, fix a broken gas fireplace and whirlpool tub, make repairs to our dormers, fix a hole in our garage ceiling, paint our main living level, have the bar on our kitchen island removed and replace all the counter tops, paint our kitchen cabinets and have a new tile backsplash installed.

Before the end of March.

But here’s the thing.  Hubs and I leave next Tuesday for 2 weeks in France.  Awesome, but bad timing.  Then I’m home for two weeks,  Then AGMA leaves on March 11 for a 2 week tour of Turkey with a friend. Again awesome.

But REALLY bad timing.

Oh…and I am also working my part-time gig 2 days a week when I’m home, trying to keep up with my running and attempting to keep my little Ebay business going.

And blogging.

TOTALLY into the fire.




28 thoughts on “Into the fire

  1. Hey, we’ve had a mild winter in Chicago (can you say, “big orange climate change denier?) and summer is a great time to come see Lake Shore Drive (before it completely washes awaywith rising lake levels (see “giant climate change denying cheeto,” above). Would love to meet you at Wrigley or the IO theater for some real Chicago fun. Sorry about the health issues and good luck with the real estate market.🙏

    On Wed, Feb 5, 2020, 12:01 PM Aging Gracefully My Ass wrote:

    > aginggracefullymyass posted: ” So AGMA’s planning on ignoring the elephant > (literally…) in the room. There are those of you out there, far more > eloquent than I, who will be addressing the news of late surrounding the > orange squatter in our White House here in ‘Murica. I’m pretty ” >

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    • Thanks and YES! It’s a date! But I’ve seen some pictures of Son#1 and his kids dressed in snowsuits so I think the weather has taken a turn for the cold. Ha! But I do love Chicago! Son#1 has been there since 2000 and before that, my sister and BIL lived there for years so we are very familiar with the city. I think summer would be a perfect time to visit for a couple of months before Lake MI floods everything (thanks to the big orange climate change denier!)


  2. Glad you nixed the RV option. I have a friend who did that for sometime with her disabled husband. They realized their traveling days were over when they were stuck by the side of the road with a flat tire for many hours in bad weather until a Good Samaritan helped them change it.

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    • That’s exactly the type of scenario that gave me the chills when I was doing the research. To be honest, he has a difficult time driving/parking a small automatic car in Europe because of the narrow roads and small parking spaces in parking garages that are “space saving” (as we have been in France now since the 12th and have been driving and parking). There is NO WAY he could ever maneuver a RV and I know I couldn’t, let alone taking care of something like a flat tire. The RV idea lived for about a week before it died a natural death… RIP!

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  3. Yeah, that Nancy is quite a girl, I think I have a sort of senior crush on her!!!
    Hope it goes ok for you AGMA, we moved last July and went for the “ground-floor-semi-open plan living space” option; as Mrs Dookes insists on calling it! Oh and then the mighty tough downsizing of everything, or “getting rid of your rusty junk” as Mrs Dookes called it!
    Life never is dull for us is it?!?!

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    • Dookes has a crush…Dookes has a crush!! But I think I do too… 🙂 I remember when you went radio silent when you moved. I take it that it’s working out for you and Mrs. D? And I’m the one with the “old rusty junk”. Hubs could live in a studio apartment tomorrow if he had to. Me – not so much. But I’m working on it! Never.Dull!!

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  4. Fire? That ain’t no fire, that’s an INFERNO!

    Good luck with all of that.
    There IS a bright spot. You moved there a mere 8 years ago, so it COULD have been worse. We had to move our dad out of his home of 58 years to my sister’s house. Even after yard sale, countless trips to various donation sites, nursing homes etc, we STILL. Loaded a dumpster with over a ton of stuff.

    Does that take of woe make you feel better? I hope so.

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    • It’s HOT!! Inferno is right! Ha!

      My parents down sized once from a house to a townhouse around 1986. Then again in 1990, when my stepmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She moved to a facility and my dad moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. So when he passed away (20 years ago this year – so hard to believe it’s been that long!). it was fairly easy to clean out what he left behind. I keep thinking about that when I look at all my “stuff”… I really don’t want my kids to have to go what you went through. It must have been exhausting for you…


    • Thanks much! And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’d rather laugh about life’s aches and pains than cry about them (okay, maybe a little crying at the beginning, but then not taking anything too seriously after a few tears are shed!) The Bible even says laughter is good medicine!


  5. Been there, done that, not too long ago (the selling of the old home, I mean). In the process of boxing up and throwing out, we found stuff we hadn’t seen in more than 20 years! (and apparently never needed, so why keep it now?) Hubby and I went through the same discussions – rent? get an RV? get a new house? We were moving because of really, really bad neighbors, and we both still work, so opted for the new house, but we did manage to find one that has a bedroom and full bath on the first floor so when we can no longer climb stairs, we can still live there. Outside work will be an issue, though – sooner rather than later. During my husband’s recently medical event, we discovered fairly quickly that I’m not up to the task of removing snow, hauling out the trash bins, etc. Sure, I managed, but now I’m suffering for it. Guess at some point we’ll need to hire outside help (heaven forbid). Maybe at that point the upstairs bed/bath can be converted for a live-in helper.

    Good luck with your sale and your move. I’m sure you’ll find the place that’s right for you and your husband, whether it’s a permanent home or an opportunity to continue your travels.

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    • Thanks! I know that things will work out for us (I think…!). Sorry to hear about your issues though. 😦 I get the whole “I just can’t do this like I used to” thing. Not fun, but it is what it is right? But you’re smart getting the 1st floor bedroom and bath though – it’s always good to plan for the future rather than being in denial.

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  6. RV life isn’t all that bad, in fact it is responsibility-free — no mortgage, no utility bills, you can move if you don’t like your neighbour. Not everyone is a lover of you-know-who (see last comment about not liking your neighbour). KOAs are highly over-rated. But, whatever you decide to do, good luck and keep on posting your wonderfully entertaining and always insightful posts. I always love reading them.

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    • Thanks Margaret! I’m sure that RV life is wonderful in the right circumstances, but with Hubs mobility issue and my back issue, it would be difficult for us to handle any “on the road” problems. Plus, neither one of us could handle something that big. Heck, hubs is having problems with the little rental car we have now in France and maneuvering it down narrow roads and into small parking spaces. Not good!


  7. Loved you post. Hope your lack of time doesn’t stop you from posting. I’ve been there and done that. You’re smart to think ahead and prepare for the worst. My late husband and I prepared for the worst and am grateful we did. When his time came, it was less stress for me and was glad he left me in good shape, but still would have preferred a different outcome for our wonderful time together.

    You are aging gracefully as possible in these difficult decisions and situations.

    Shine On Lovely Lady

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  8. We downsized two years ago from a house to a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan (this isn’t Kansas lol) and love living in NYC near the grandbaby and: two liquor stores within two blocks 🥴, Trader Joe’s Whole Foods and two local groceries within walking distance, subway and taxis and ubers, no yard work but beautiful Central and Riverside Parks, no MAGAs, trash picked up from our hallway three times a day, yada yada yada. It was hellish “deaccessioning” and selling the house, but man are we happy. Good luck to you!

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    • LOVE your tale of successful downsizing to such an amazingly COOL living situation! My favorites are no MAGA’s and the close liquor stores!! The grand baby thing is okay too… You’re my kinda chick Mrs. D.!! Be sending good vibes my way so that I can follow in your footsteps when I get home. Stay tuned for future episodes of AGMA (which I just realized can spell MAGA if you rearrange the letters – oh sh*t!!!) gets rid of her crap!

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