Fun is in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder


AGMA went to the dentist this morning.

You can tell because I have this obvious droop on the right side of my upper lip.  I look like I’m sneering at people.

More than usual.

I’m at the age when the dental work I had back in my teens and twenties is starting to disintegrate.  Not really too bad since that was 45 years ago!  In a weird way, AGMA is glad that I’ve lived long enough to be able to have problems with old dental work.

Does that make sense?

And my teeth are exponentially better than my brother (12 years older) or my sister (6 years older) who’ve had innumerable root canals and other seriously ouchy sounding work done on their teeth and gums.

So, overall, AGMA’s making lemonade out of “you need to have crowns put on 2 teeth” lemons.

Right now, I’m back in my very favorite coffee shop, sitting in my very favorite seat (and it’s really crowded so…SCORE!), starving.  Obviously, not literally.  My arse (big enough to have its own zip code) will tell you loud and clear that I am really quite the opposite.  Well fed.

VERY well fed.

Because my lips are still numb, the coffee I’m drinking is dribbling now and then ever so slightly out of my mouth.  I really can’t feel if my lips are closed or not.

It’s kinda cute.

Dr. S said I had to wait an hour before I ate anything.  Which really screws with my writing routine.

I always order a large mocha (no whip) and a scone.  It’s with this delicious sustenance that AGMA is able to be witty and humorous.  Sometimes.

15 more minutes and I can snag my scone.

Have I mentioned that I love my dentist?  When I first went to Dr. S over 7 years ago, I was coming off of a long stretch of not going to the dentist.  This, along with using a toothpaste without fluoride, and not flossing on a regular basis, was not good for AGMA. Really not good.

I am here to say that one can do stupid things even into their late 50’s.  But then you already know that based on the stupid nonsense coming from the GOP these days…

Dr. S is a great guy and very non-judgmental.  Or preachy.  He’s very gentle and does a great job of explaining without alarming.  If you know what I mean.  And he doesn’t recommend having work done unless it is really absolutely necessary.   And the work he does is very well done.

Anyway, without giving graphic details, I had periodontal disease and had to be “scraped”.


But hallelujah!  AGMA saw the light (translation – I don’t EVER want to go through that again if I can help it.) and now walks the dental straight and narrow.  I got an electric toothbrush, switched back to toothpaste with fluoride, and have invested heavily in floss and different mouth rinses.  I’ve also become a crusader for good dental hygiene.

My top piece of advice for millennials…floss every day.  Multiple times if possible.

So today was the 2nd visit of getting the crown on the first tooth.

As is the case with any outstanding dentist, his solo practice is always hopping.  But his staff does a great job of scheduling and there’s rarely a wait to get whatever work that you are there for, done.  Today he was busier than usual and I had to wait for him a bit for step 1 (the shot of Novocaine.) Did I mention that I barely feel it when he gives me a shot?

When he stepped into my “area” (because you don’t get your own room like you did in the old days – you get a cubby.), I mentioned to him that he seemed crazy busy today.  He said it was indeed a busy morning, but because he loves what he does, it’s all good.

“I’m like a kid jumping from playground to playground, and I love it!”, he said with a look of sheer delight.


AGMA really never thought of my teeth/mouth as a dentist’s playground, but why the frack not?

Now THAT’S the kind of dentist everybody should have!


So I have my scone now, the mouth droop is almost gone (and I’m not dribbling anymore!) and I got a 2nd mocha.

Life is good.

Now if only the Senate would call witnesses, read all the testimony, have a fair trial, and convict the mad squatter in the WH, life would be awesome.

Thank you John Bolton and whoever leaked that book transcript for making this a, if only very faint, possibility!

It’s going to get really interesting.

Popcorn anyone?







28 thoughts on “Fun is in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder

  1. Luckily I had already finished my coffee or my laptop would be in the laptop shop being dried out. That graphic alone is worth the price of admission (oh wait, this blog is free to read, right?).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just one note: Don’t eat popcorn with a temporary crown. Because, well, just don’t – trust me you’ll avoid lots of embarrassing questions …

    Okay, okay, the first time was just a little slip of awareness on my part, but the third time did boarder on embarrassing.

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  3. As a former dental hygienist and wife of a dentist, I have to say “Thank you!” for this post. People generally complain about going to the dentist (even to the good ones like yours) so it’s not often I come across compliments like this. Periodontal disease can have other effects on your health besides just your mouth, so keep on crusading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome!! He is really a great guy and just loves what he does! In my former life, I was always so good about going to the dentist, but after living in the same city for 30 years, we started moving around. I think I was in a funk about not staying in the same place for more than a couple of years and didn’t bother with a dentist. Duy…. I kinda got freaked out when I saw all the repercussions of periodontal disease so now I am religious about my dental health!! Better late than never right?


  4. You’ve gotta hand it to dentists, it takes a special type of person to peer into the depths of another’s mouth….I guess that they really do earn their corn!
    As for the whole thing going on on Capitol Hill? Well, we in the free world can only hope; but a balanced trial does strike me as likely as getting the turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving or Christmas!!!😱😂😱😂😱

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly, you were right about the turkeys Dookes! Oh dear me – it’s just soooooo depressing… How that “UK not in the EU” thing working out? Our news is just so overwhelmed by the turkey in the White House that we aren’t really hearing about the post-Brexit fall out. And yes – I don’t get the peering into people’s mouths AT ALL – but I’m glad there are those who love to do it!


  5. I have a great dentist as well. And it’s a good thing since I have what amounts to the price of a car in my mouth now. (I too cavalierly neglected hygiene in my youth.) Oh well, at least we’ll have nice smiles for election night. 😬

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  6. This is the best “I love my dentist” post I’ve ever read. Wait, maybe it’s the only one I’ve ever read. That said, I love my dentist too. He’s sarcastic and cynical which makes him a perfect match for my own attitude. His office even has actual rooms…no cubbies for this guy! I fear the day he retires, though.

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    • Dr. S is younger than me so I’m feeling positive about me going to that big dentist chair in the sky before he retires! Glad you love your DDS too! It makes a difference in one’s attitude when your 6 months is up and it’s time to go back for your regular check-up. One time I put off getting my X-rays with Dr. S and by the time I had them done, I had a tooth that was looking really bad. He managed to save it and put a crown on it, but I learned another lesson about making the time for EVERYTHING the hygienist suggests. That was a close call!

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  7. You always make me smile! My warning is not about popcorn, it’s soft gummy candy! It will pluck that crown right off, and if you are lucky you won’t chew on it or swallow it!
    I have an excellent dentist also, and his staff are always so friendly. My former dentist hygienist turned me off of going because she was so judgemental. Dribble and drool that coffee my dear friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At least I have a reason to dribble and drool now as opposed to maybe 10 or 15 years from now! ALWAYS glad to make you smile! Oh – gummy candy…never thought of that. So you can’t ever have gummy candy or you can’t have it when the crown is new? I’m not really a gummy candy kinda gal, but it’s good to know if I need to avoid it. And boo to judgmental hygienists… They are really downers!

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  8. I love this! As a dental hygiene student, I know exactly what you mean by “scraped”, and as nice as we try to be, sometimes it’s just not comfortable! I am glad you got to enjoy your two mocha’s and scone! Love your page!

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