Incredible journeys


Hubs and AGMA are hitting the road again. Finally.

We haven’t been on a long trip since May. I’ve been getting antsy.

Ya’ll know how I am…

We leave in almost exactly 48 hours. I have yet to do any serious packing. And I have an all day job tomorrow. Not the best job of planning on my part.

I did start pulling a few things together earlier in the week. Essentials like socks and underwear. The “base layer” some might call it.

There was much sighing as AGMA went through my sock drawer and came across several single socks. These are socks whose mates are long gone, sucked into that purgatory where naughty single socks are banished as punishment, never to return to the land of light.

Why do I keep single socks without a mate?

Who knows… Maybe to keep the memory alive of what a beautiful pair it and its significant other made. Maybe I’m holding out hope that the missing sock will enter the Narnia closet and come out back home in AGMA’s sock drawer. Maybe I’m just sentimental.

Whatever the reason, I can’t risk getting rid of the left behind sock lest its partner in crime magically reappears and I’m stuck with a single sock again.

Oh – what cruel irony that would be…

Then there’s my earrings. Oh, my earrings! The same alien force that transports my socks away from their mirror twin, also seeks to break up the unified bliss of my earrings.

And when it’s a pair of earrings that I REALLY like, I hold tightly on to the one that remains in hopes of a joyous reunion someday. In some cases, I’ve been waiting for a very long time for that reunion. 20 years ago, AGMA got an extra pierce in one of my ears to hold my single remaining diamond stud of the set that was gifted to me by Hubs a few years before.

I won’t give up on it finding its soul mate.

Perhaps I think it’s like that old Disney movie, The Incredible Journey, where a stylish black and white running sock, a thick brown wool sock and a shiny silver dangle earring are trying as hard as they can to get home despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles during the 365 mile trip from Cincinnati to Atlanta.

Or every Toy Story movie ever made where Woody and the gang face unmentionable dangers trying to get back to their adorable owner of the moment.

They are all out there somewhere trying to get back to AGMA.

In my heart, I just know they are.

In the meantime, I need to get my arse in gear packing for our 3 week trip through 4 different climate zones. In a carry on.

Which is why this post shorter than the normal AGMA-dribble.

I have my work cut out for me today.

Hopefully AGMA’s next post will be from the other side of the world in a different hemisphere where the water goes counterclockwise in a sink, the national rugby team does a ceremonial war dance before each game, and the skies are so dark at night you can see to the far end of the Galaxy.

I think it will be an incredible journey!

P.S. Don’t even get me started on plastic storage container lids…

20 thoughts on “Incredible journeys

    • I know, I know!!! So I just keep all the orphans around. That’s the same reason I’m still in my office lottery pool even though I quit that job over 13 years ago. I just know the week I don’t kick in $ will be the week they hit the big one! I PayPal the $ to them.

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  1. Umm, just wear unmatched socks. It’s the current fashion – my grandsons do it all the time. Same thing with earrings. Symmetry is highly overrated. A bit of creative mixing and contrasting colors will cement your reputation as a world class eccentric. Be brave, wear one blue sock and one pink sock. You can do it!

    and I’ll bet your socks would rather get out and see the world with “someone” rather than sitting at home waiting for Mr/Ms right/left sock to magically appear. I mean opposites attract right?

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  2. You are going to love NZ, the scenery is humbling in its beauty and there’s so much of it. Real big sky country. Been living in Wellington since December, is a very cool city. Happy travels

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    • Who said I was going to NZ?? 😉
      This is our 2nd trip. We spent a week there 5 years ago and barely scratched the surface. So glad to have the chance to go back. And we loved Wellington!! Lucky you! (But I hear its been a bit shaky – eek!)


    • Thanks! I just got a bit of panicky feeling because I was just wondering what would become of the “unmatched” when I go to the great beyond. I should probably change my will. Son#2 would just love having all that random sh*t -NOT. All the more reason to leave it all to him, right? I’m evil…

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  3. My dad forced me pin my socks before tossing them in the clothes hamper. I carried that habit into my adulthood where wives #1 and #2 have rolled their eyes at the practice. So perhaps it is best to just lose socks and see what magic materializes. Keep hope alive on all that’s missing, AGMA. Travel safe! – Marty

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      • Ugh, it’s so ingrained at this point that I can’t stop. When the drier went on the fritz last year, my wife was convinced it was an errant safety pin that did it (it wasn’t!). I actually “fetch and fold” when the buzzer goes off, so I still find it helpful to do. 🙂


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