Everybody loves a bargain, right?

I know AGMA does!  I’ll always be the first in line for a “value” deal.

So, I was an early fan of Groupon way back in 2009.  Groupon started in Chicago in 2008, and rapidly expanded to reach a global audience.

For the 3 of you who might not be familiar with Groupon, it’s a service that offers group discounts to save money on goods/services through virtual coupons.  You pay $$ for a goods/services specific Groupon but then get a substantial discount on the item/service you are purchasing.  So, for example, I can get $30 worth of food at a local restaurant by using a Groupon I bought for $12.

Back in the early days, there was one – count it – one (1) Groupon offered per day in the Atlanta market.  And they were very popular.  Very.

I remember deals selling out an hour after the they were announced, because the vendors limit on how many could be sold.  Now I think there are literally thousands of deals on any one given day in cities all over the world.

Obviously, competitors popped up over the years – LivingSocial, Yipit, Woot, Scountmob, to name a few.  And there are local, city specific businesses offering a similar service.  In Atlanta we have Atlantaonthecheap, LoafDeals and HandPickedAltanta.  I’m pretty sure that some of these are not stand alone companies – they are owned by the larger, national companies.

You know how that works…

Because the vendors that offer these discount deals through these virtual coupon companies have to split the income received for the sale of the coupons with said virtual coupon company, they end up getting very little money for the goods/services purchased by the consumer.  So in my example above, the restaurant might only get $6 of the $12  paid for the Groupon.  But the vendors obviously consider it a good way to promote their goods/services.

I guess…

Most deals have expiration dates on them, but have wording saying that the value the consumer paid for the coupon never expires and can be used at the vendor’s business.  So if I let my $12 deal for $30 worth of food at the local restuarant expire, I can still dine at that restaurant and use my virtual coupon for $12 off my meal.

AGMA is convinced that a huge part of these Groupon-type companies’ income streams is from those of us who buy these discount coupons and never use them.


But seriously, who hasn’t been tempted to try an ionic foot detox offered at a business across town because it was just SUCH a good deal?  And of course everybody’s feet could use a good detoxing.  But then it’s just so hard to carve out the time to do something that is pretty far out of the norm for you in a part of town you’re not all that familiar with.  And your good friend didn’t buy one when you suggested it and now you have to go alone.   And you’re really not sure what they’re going to do to you.  So you end up not going and the deal expires and now you for sure won’t drive across town to use the $15 credit you have for a $55 iconic foot bath.

Sadly, this was AGMA when this whole virtual coupon craze started.  But with age comes wisdom. I’m very selective of what I buy now.

However I need to share one of the recent deals I purchased. And used.

It’s just sooooo quintensenntial AGMA.

I run, but doesn’t do much else in the way of exercise.  A few years ago I bought a deal for 1 month at a gym that was about 5 miles away.   The gym had a water rowing machine and I fell in love.


I went twice a week to use that sweet rower.  I lost weight and my tummy was starting not to look like I was 3 months along with twins.  But the month expired and I had to break off the relationship.

Fast forward to 2 months ago when a deal popped up for rowing classes at a place only 3 miles away.   I jumped on it.  AGMA was gonna fall in love again.

In addition to rowing classes, they also offer silk aerial classes and those pole exercise classes that is all the rage with the young’uns these days.

I went for the first 3 classes during the day and the studio was pretty quiet.  The rowing machines were in the aerial space.  But I did get to see the pole studio which looked…


Anyway, I got back into my rowing groove.  And I decided that I like sort of doing my own thing rather than a “class”.  But I had one more class left on my “deal”, so I booked it for last Monday evening.

The studio really buzzes in the evening!  A bunch of young, very fit young ladies were milling about waiting for their class to start (NOT rowing…).  Then a woman, who obviously worked there, walked out from the pole studio with 6 inch chunky heeled red shoes, red hair piled on her head, a red baby doll nighty that came down to mid hip, and a thong.

And both cheeks were just a shinin’ like the moon!  And the moon was definitely full…

She was complaining because the air conditioner was dripping into the studio.  Nothing like a bit of reality to interfere with your exotic dance lessons.

And there was AGMA, looking like the frumpy plump sorority house mother to all of these supple and fit young things who were getting ready to swing their stuff around a pole and on aerial silks.

Ah….if only I was 40 years younger.  And my moon wasn’t ready the size of Jupiter.

And speaking of that general “area”, if anybody’s interested, there was another deal – through Living Social – that caught my eye last week.  It was for Vaginal Steaming Sessions.


I’ll just leave it up to you to use the Google.

$29 for 1 session; $55 for 2.

Get ’em while they’re hot.










13 thoughts on “Bargains

  1. I love the water rowers too. Our gym bought at least 15-20 of them several years ago. There are several Indoorow (indoor rowing, get it?) classes a week, or like you, they can be used individually whenever. I prefer the latter. My gym (actually, Wellness Center) membership is $55 a month. Besides unlimited use of all their cardio, weight lifting equipment, and the indoor pool, that fee includes any group classes like the Zumba one I go to three days a week. I think that’s a real steal for that price. No pole dancing, though. And the vaginal steaming thing? Here’s a link to what Dr. Jen Gunter says about that:

    Dr. Gunter has become Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Goop” debunker-in-chief. I love her for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • $55 a month!! That is a steal! Is it a chain? I need to find me one of those!! And thanks for the link – it was fascinating. Is Goop the name of her blog? I don’t follow GP so this is all new to me. She seems to be this generations Suzanne Sommers right? And by the way, I did NOT buy any vulva (per Dr. Gunter) steaming sessions! Ha!


  2. It’s interesting that they make their money from people not using the coupons after they purchase them (sort of like gym memberships!). That’s probably why I never looked into using it for myself— I always end up forgetting about things like this. It reminds me of the ONE time I signed up for the flexible spending account at my old job, promptly forgot about it all year, and then in December scratched my head over what I could spend with three weeks left in the year. 😏

    But it looks like you’re figured it out for yourself. Good on you for making it work for you.

    And, I believe I speak for many when I ask you not report back on the virginal steaming. Really, it’s okay, just enjoy!! 😀. – Marty


    • I did NOT avail myself of that particular deal. I was trying to figure out the logistics of it all and got grossed out… I just looked at a coupon I bought a couple of months ago for unlimited barre classes for a month that expires on Jan 6 and thought, “I’d better go soon.” Right…..

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  3. Okay, you told us red lady withheld heels worked there, but what you DIDNT tell us was whether she was the instructor!
    I sure hope you took the class.
    Inquiring minds NEED to know!


  4. So apparently pole dancing has become pretty mainstream, although I see that Snoop Dog did a a half time show at a college ball game that featured a couple of pole dancers and it caused all manner of hell to break loose. Maybe not quite that mainstream yet!

    There are soooo many things I don’t know about in this world. I’m going to Google right now because I’m so very curious.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my gosh – you made me laugh with the douchinabox comment!! You know, that stuff was always a mystery to me. I could never figure out why anybody would use it. Is Summer’s Eve still around? And what’s with that name? That’s what you get when you have a bunch of men inventing useless products for women… And that Brazilian thing – now THAT’s primitive! The steaming sounds like fairly harmless but again I ask, why?? The pole dancing I get… But yeah – Snoop got in a lot of trouble for that show (but I bet the kids LOVED it!!)

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