old fart

There’s a serious malady out there affecting our older citizens.

It’s actually been around for years and years with little or no recognition by the medical community.  Sadly, my father had it and now my brother has it.

The CDC evidently hasn’t seen fit to do any research or alert the general population to its existence and the dangers of contracting it.  This is puzzling and alarming.

AGMA is shocked that, until now, it has even gone unnamed.

“Old-Fartitis” is a serious condition has always existed, but is now reaching epidemic levels since November 8, 2016.  And it’s spread rampantly among some family members and many peers.

Oh, the humanity…

Old-Fartitis can be recognized by two unmistakable symptoms:

  1. The longing for the past. (Defined as “the good old days” to many, these days gone by were only truly good for a small segment of the population based on skin color, national heritage, gender identity and religious affiliation.)
  2. Resisting any change that is a perceived threat to one’s narrow view of how the world should “work”.

Old-Fartitis is a state of mind that will eventually, if untreated, destroy the soul.  It’s mental, emotional and spiritual imprisonment influenced by the 4 F’s of Old-Fartitis:

  • Faulty memory
  • Fading influence
  • Fake news
  • Fear.

AGMA is really just scratching the surface of the nature of Old-Fartitis.  Much more research is needed into this serious condition with emphasis on a cure.

Having my BS (yes, I said BS), I am familiar with scientific principals, and would suggest the following as mitigation steps until a cure can be found for Old-Fartitis:

  • Travel. As far as one is able to go and meet as many different people as one can.
  • Volunteer in some capacity with disenfranchised individuals (homeless veterans, immigrants, the disabled, at risk youth, abused women, etc.)
  • Reference multiple sources (NOT just one and you know the one I mean…) in print, digitally and on TV for local, national and world news.
  • Read books/poetry by diverse authors with diverse viewpoints.
  • Walk in nature.  Like, a lot. I mean, a lot.
  • Visit an art museum.
  • Listen to a musical artist who is younger than Keith Richards.
  • Nurture friendships with people who are younger and/or of a different race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.
  • Develop a spiritual practice.
  • Extra credit item: get a tattoo (ya’ll know I had to throw that in!)

This is just a preliminary list I’m still fine tuning for submission to the CDC.

IMPORTANT!!!  Do not confuse being an old fart with Old-Fartitis.  While the two can coexist in one individual, they are separate conditions.

While an individual with Old-Fartitis will be always be an old fart, AGMA is here to declare that one can be an old fart without succumbing to Old-Fartitis.

Your relief is palpable.

An old fart is defined purely by the objective measurement of number of times a person has sucessfully circled the sun.  However, the specific number that defines an old fart is subjective to individual interpretation.  Some say you are an old fart at 60, some say 65, some say 70.

By my own definition, AGMA is an old fart.  I’m on my 66th journey around the sun.  My body is showing some of the wear, both internally and externally, that is bound to happen to a piece of finely engineered machinery after extensive use.  And massive quantities of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies over the years.

But I still look fabulous!

Until a vaccine is discovered for Old-Fartitis, I hope and pray that none of you become afflicted with this serious condition.

However, between AGMA and your tattoo artist, I think you’ll be just fine.











21 thoughts on “Old-Fartitis

    • You are so sweet! I have always thought of myself as not a good writer because of my mediocre grades in every English class I took. When I started AGMA, I just decided I didn’t care – I was just going to write what I wanted, how I wanted. It took a long time to shake off those early years of self loathing (in a literary sense), but better late than never! Yippee!

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  1. Medical science ain’t got nothin’ on you, AGMA. Multiple sources? What a concept in these days of that one source you bravely didn’t name; what a concept. That’s almost as crazy as diverse viewpoints! I’m going to print off your list and keep it in my wallet. I pray I never need it, but it’ll be good to know it’s in there just in case. – Marty

    ps: You really said “B.S.” didn’t you??

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    • I did indeed!! I have a BS from the University of Arizona! So I know all about that science stuff… And I am honestly not worried about you at all Marty – you seem like you have a good Old Fartitis immune system. But keep that list handy – you might be able to save a friend! Ha!

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  2. This is one of your best!

    I am doing my best to comply with all mitigation steps – except the last one. I have a strong philosophical objection to anything that could even remotely cause me to feel pain. Otherwise, I’m with ya. In fact, tonight is the last night of a bike trip in Vermont with four age mates. And yes, we did all wear spandex shorts.

    Sent from my iPhone

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    • You know I LOVE my spandex!! And yay for your bike trip – sounds like a great time! And thanks for the kudos – I honestly had no idea what I was going to write when I sat down with my Mac the day I posted this. The sick twisted mind of AGMA… And maybe someday they’ll invent painless tattoos???


  3. Thought this post would be about flatulence. 🏃💨😁
    I already do everything on your mitigation list except for the volunteering part… excellent tips for Old-Fartitis prevention!
    (As for tattoos, there are probably a few tattooed old farts who still succumb to the condition.)

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    • Good point… However I was actually thinking of Old Farts who get a tattoo AFTER crossing the Old Fart threshold. But you’re right, no guarantees that the tattoo wouldn’t be “MAGA” or a swastika! Oh – the horror!! And the list isn’t a “you have to do everything” list… Just suggestions to prevent the dreaded 4Fs. 🙂

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  4. My dear Great Grand Father used to sit in his wooden fireside chair and bang his walking stick on the floor exclaiming, “Progress, bloody progress!” at anything that offended him.
    As a youngster of about six or seven, I used to think, “Silly old Grandad…”
    These days, now my age begins with a 6, I really believe he had a point!!!!


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