A benediction

As I told my friend Marty today over at Snakesinthegrass2014, after more senseless mass killings, this time in El Paso and Dayton, I’m tired.

Very tired.

And upset and frustrated and angry and incredibly concerned about the soul of our country.  And the inaction of our elected officials.

I don’t normally post memes from the internet, but I found this to be encouraging and uplifting during this time of deep discouragement and sadness.

I hope it speaks to you like it spoke to me.


May God bless you…

19 thoughts on “A benediction

  1. I have never seen that, it made me think.

    I am sad knowing that vast majority of Americans are upset with mass shootings and violence in schools, festivals, etc and worried about the increasing number of events.

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    • You’re welcome. Not sure the source is really St. Francis, but the heart and soul of it is! Notice how quiet it’s gotten since El Paso and Dayton? That’s what the NRA and the politicians in their pockets hope for – people “forget” and the pressure lets up on them – until the next time. I know the insanity of what is happening in DC is so very fatiguing, but we need to try to keep focused on getting our State and Federal governments to enact sensible gun safety legislation.

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