What I did on my almost summer vacation


AGMA goes to France!

I know I promised last week, but it’s just so difficult to distill 15 days worth of sights, sounds, tastes and experiences into just 35 photos.  But honestly…that’s probably the maximum number of pictures of somebody else’s vacation that anybody really wants to view.

I know, right?

The “tile” organization of the pictures kind of distorts them – yuck and sorry…  You can hover over each picture if you want to read the compelling caption on each one.

As promised, “AGMA goes to France” in pictures:







The Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley that is world famous for its gardens.
















The back of our car at the end of 2400 miles around France. It’s kind of a good thing our friends luggage never caught up with us, but they were reunited with it in Paris before they flew back to the US.

Speaking of travel, for heavens sake, if you haven’t already, subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights!

We just booked another trip last night for September on British Airways, $290 round trip Atlanta to Paris.


We promptly cancelled it this morning to get a full refund (even non-refundable fares are refundable within the first 24 hours).

AGMA hated to do that!

But we need to let our waistlines and bank accounts recover for a bit before heading out again.

Sometimes being practical sucks.


17 thoughts on “What I did on my almost summer vacation

  1. Wow! So beautiful. I am living vicariously through your travels!

    The first photo would make beautiful note cards or as a print. (I would buy! ) I have always wanted to visit Giverny. Thank you for sharing.


    • Or get us kicked out of our home, but what the heck… I’m kind of regretting it and, at the same time, kind of glad we cancelled. I feel like I’ve been on the move constantly since January. And I have some “have to” long weekend trips I need to take this summer to visit relatives. And I’m going to try doing another marathon in mid-October. A week in Paris just didn’t fit. Darn it!

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  2. Excellent photos. I particularly liked the smiling angel. I suspect the reason she was smiling was she had a glass of wine or champagne in the missing hand.

    Love Van Gogh. When we plan a trip to Paris, I’ll be checking with you to find out more about the paintings on the wall of the quarry experience. That is definitely my thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gorgeous, colourful photos despite the “tile” organization. From the look of your car, you certainly didn’t travel light! 😉
    Considering all those irresistible patisseries, I don’t blame you for having an expanded waistline.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! And that was the car at the very end of the trip after we had bought a bunch of stuff. Still…we were def loaded! And I honestly didn’t eat that many pastries. Mostly it was bread and butter and wine and YUGE volumes of amazing food!


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