Intermission (Raisinet time!)


I know ya’ll are just sitting on the edge of your La-Z-Boy with your electronic device by your side just waiting for the 4th (and mercifully, the last) installment of AGMA’s travel advice.

You might want to get up, stretch, visit the loo and get a snack.

It’s gonna be a few weeks because AGMA is going to be….

(wait for it…)


Yes – I’m taking my own advice and getting outta Dodge.

And unlike so many of you who write lovely posts and share your beautiful travel photos while you’re on the road, AGMA will not be sharing anything while I’m gone.

Nothing personal.

It’s just that I’ve left on many a trip with the best of intentions of posting while on the road only to go into stealth mode on WP for 2 weeks.

Posting while AGMA’s traveling is about as realistic for me as taking my running gear so I can get some runs in while I’m gone.


My travel days normally start early and are usually so full and busy that I fall into bed each night exhausted by 9 PM.

Nothing says “Party Girl” like (in the summer) going to bed while it’s still light out…

AGMA will be making another appearance on the Emerald Isle to cavort with leprechauns and fairies!  And maybe visit a few pubs.


This time I’m going with a friend.  Hubs is staying home with the “boyz” (Gus and Max, our cats.).

He might be getting the long straw.

The friend I’m going with, M, is the same friend I went to Spain, Portugal and on a Mediterranean cruise in early 2018.  The one who got ill twice this 14 day trip.  And was kinda nasty with me when AGMA suggested she see a doctor after she spent 72 hours in bed while we were on the cruise.  I thought it was a sensible suggestion.

The good news is that she recovered in time to have a wonderful time in Portugal. For 3 days.

She’s also prone to tripping and hitting her face/head.  The first time I met her was on a trip to Croatia, and she had a black eye.  She had fallen a few days before on the island of Hvar.  She has fallen several times since then on trips (more black eyes.)   The last fall was last Fall, and caused her to stay on Mykonos (and miss Santorini) to recover from a slight concussion.

She is also really bad about drinking water while traveling and has fainted twice because of dehydration.  This past January when we were in Mexico together, she was once again feeling very lightheaded.  She hadn’t had any water since the day before.  Once she had a big glass of water, she felt much better.  Oh my.

And she is a retired nurse.

Say a prayer for AGMA and M!

As an FYI, I booked this trip through Great Value Vacations.  It’s one of those package deals – it includes air, hotels and rental car (upgraded for more $$ to an automatic and we paid the extra $$ for CDW).  We set our own itinerary between/in hotel cities.

And yes…we are renting a car.  AGMA will be driving on the left side of the road while I’m sitting in the “wrong” side the car holding a steering wheel on the “wrong” side of the car for 8 days.  OMG.

Say a prayer for the good people of the Republic of Ireland!

See everybody in a couple of weeks.

Ya’ll behave!

Let stealth mode begin and the Guinness flow…

P.S.  Just for the record, Great Value Vacations has pretty mediocre customer service.  As I mentioned in a previous post, when you call them, you stay on hold for for 30 to 40 minutes before somebody picks up.  Also, when you contact them via their contact form, it takes them a week to get back to you.  This does not make AGMA happy.





19 thoughts on “Intermission (Raisinet time!)

  1. Bon voyage. Maybe you can get your traveling companion to wear a bike helmet all the time so when she falls, she won’t get a concussion. Or maybe a football helmet. Yeah, that would be better. The mouth protector thingie might also prevent black eyes. Hey, ya never know.
    Fortunately HOW you get her to Don the chosen headgear won’t be a problem for someone as imaginative and creative as you. Good luck! I’ll be waiting to hear all about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The helmet idea is brilliant! Or something like an airbag that would inflate fast to break a fall. Seriously, she’s such a sweet lady… I might just have to be arm in arm with her a lot when we’re walking to make sure she stays safe!


    • My first trip to Ireland was in 2005 with a friend who had been there in the 80’s as well. I think you are in for a very big surprise when you go back… My friend said it was totally different in 2005 than her first trip on the 80’s, and I would say it’s very different now than it was in 2005! Read the post I did today…I honestly think it was Leprechauns I hit at the side of the road rather than rocks and they gave me a flat tyre! Those little scamps….


      • After I wrote this post, I was truly questioning my sanity in going with her again… But things went very well and life was quite calm with her (or as calm as it can be…). She has some interesting traits (but don’t we all?) She will say the sky’s crimson and I will gently and nicely correct her and tell her the sky’s blue. Then she doesn’t believe it until she asks somebody else and they confirm the sky’s blue. Then she pouts because I was right. But I am kind of used to that with her so it was okay. She’s really very sweet unless she’s sick or standing firm for a crimson sky! Ha!


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