12 thoughts on “Easy peasy, stress free travel planning – part 1 (how to get there)

  1. I agree Tammie – it is a game of sorts and has been loads fun for me in the past. It’s just that I have 4 trips to plan this year and with everything else going on in AGMA land (job, grandkids, eBay, marathon training) time is very limited! That’s when I start feeling stressed… But one trip down (just got back from Italy on Tuesday), three trips to go! And beware of Scott’s…some of the deals are sooooo amazing, you find yourself wanting to book trips all the time! Yikes!! Happy travels!!


  2. ummm … Well … I’m fine here at home, in my workshop, making sawdust. My notion of travel is going to the lumberyard on Saturday.

    Now if there was a company that did guided tours of saw mills, furniture factories, table saw manufacturers, or logging camps – then I might go through all that work … maybe.


  3. We haven’t used any of cheapo discount flight firms.
    We just watch for deals with the regular transportation firms. That includes air, rail and bus.

    I would suggest considering a trip to Banff National Park/ Lake Louise in Alberta in the late spring to fall. Summer is expensive because of peak tourist seasons. Why? There will be a cheap $10.00 one way bus between downtown Calgary to the national park on weekends. The bus takes you into downtown Banff, a town where mountains rise in front of your face. You could rent a bike yourself to go biking 30 km along protected Legacy bike trail to Canmore and bike back or throw bike onto bike rack on the local transit bus.

    Same transit bus system also runs 50 km. to Lake Louise for about $10.00 one way. Parks Canada also offers $10.00 bus rides (over 30 km. long) to Johnston Canyon and Moraine Lake in summer-Sept. The park authorities are doing everything to cut down car congestion.

    The boomers here really need to think totally different outside of just car travel. There are some options that accommodate. http://www.onitregionaltransit.ca/banff-canmore-service/ https://www.banfflakelouise.com/explorethepark I know I don’t have to convince you AGA, because you’ve biked and run marathons so you understand already.


    • Oh my goodness Jean – thanks for the GREAT tips on traveling to (from what I hear) on of the most beautiful places in North American! It is definitely on our bucket list and could very well make the 2020 cut!

      And I hope you don’t lost all respect for me, but I don’t bike. I never learned how to ride. But you know I LOVE professional cycling… And I do run so I’ve got that going for me!

      And we never travel on cheapo airlines. The deals posted on Scotts (again, you don’t book through them – they just show you the deals and you book on the airlines website) are 90% major US/European airlines. Our $387 trip to Paris in May is on United. We’ve also booked on American, KLM & Delta. WOW and some of the other real discount international carriers are a little scary for us. Scotts also has had Air Canada deals. Right now I think they are having a free trial of their premium service – you should check them out!

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