A lot of sh*t can happen in 5 years!


In 2015, at 92, Harriette Thompson became the oldest woman to complete a marathon!  She passed in 2017, but what an inspiration!

So somewhere in the bustle of the holidays, my never ending sniffles, and out of town guests, I missed my 5th anniversary on WP!  It happened like on December 30th (give or take a day.)

Happy Anniversary to my little ass, Aging Gracefully!

Holy cow, that was a fast 5 years!

When I started AGMA, I had a lot of time on my hands.  Blogging seemed like a good way to fill some of it.  I’m a bit ADHD, so I needed something to keep me busy.

Little did I know that the next 5 years would turn out to be crazy eventful.  And my days would soon be overflowing with “opportunities” to be busy…

  • The most adorable grandchildren in the world (MAGITW) made their appearances in 2014 and 2016.  And there is soon to be a 3rd MAGITW!  Stay tuned this summer…
  • I decided to start “running” marathons, and have 6 notches in my belt so far.  I ran my 1st one 2 months after starting AGMA.
  • My love of thrifting turned into a little Ebay business.  The problem is that AGMA loves thrifting more than listing the items on Ebay.  And I’m running out of places to store the crap…eh…treasures.
  • I gave up the space I was renting and made the decision to switch my massage practice almost exclusively to corporate chair massage.  And business has been good. Very good.
  • Because of the series of most unfortunate events on November 8, 2016 and after, arranged by Comrade Putin, I’ve become a Resistor (NOT the electrical kind.). This has taken up quite a bit of AGMA’s time.  But it’s time well spent (refer to the 1st bullet point!)
  • I’ve been able to indulge my passion for travel both domestically and internationally like never before.  With a very flexible work schedule, family & friends flung all over the US, a bit more in the bank account, and the desire to sample local wines in every country in the world (still working on this…), AGMA has racked up beaucoup miles in the air and in the car.  Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!
  • Some “not aging gracefully” health junk has taken up way too much time.  I’m not a fan and ignore whenever possible…   But I’m pretty pumped because I had my BIG birthday a few weeks ago.  It’s Medicare time now baby!


It’s been a rockin’ and rollin’ 5 years.

But I love this little AGMA blog and ADORE my blogging friends.  Yinz guys (to say it in my native Pittsburghese!)

And I’m looking forward to another 5, 10, 15, dare I say 20 (?) years of blogging.

By 2038, I predict I will have at least 4 more tattoos, will have run at least 30 marathons, have an Ebay business that Jeff Bezos will envy, will have finished my wine quest (hic), will have a great grandchild, and will have visited the Big Orange Cheeto and his posse in prison at least once since being sentenced in 2019.

Nah – maybe not that last one…

But you can read all about it here on AGMA so stick around!

P.S.  I am forever grateful to the now “retired” blogger, Dobster, who gave me wonderful encouragement in those early months of AGMA.  I still miss him – he quit blogging cold turkey one day in 2015.  It was jarring and I felt like I’d lost a friend.  If he hasn’t already, I hope he returns to the blog-o-sphere one day.  His posts made me laugh.

48 thoughts on “A lot of sh*t can happen in 5 years!

      • The use of the Ω started in WWII with the French Resistance (underground). They identified sympathetic communities and neighborhoods by scrawling it on walls and fenceposts. I started using it both as a tribute to my French teacher (ex-OSS officer) who told us about it one day, and because of my profession as an electrician. It took on even more meaning on November 9, 2016.

        You are welcome to use it. On a Mac, command + Z will do the job.

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    • Thanks Kat!! My problem is that I don’t have enough grandkids… But unless I find out Hubs has a son or daughter from a teenage relationship, three will be it. But there are a few folks I know who, I think, will let me be pseudo nanny! Thanks for looking forward to reading AGMA!!

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  1. Congrats on 5 years! Love that you have found your voice and continue on. 20 years and 4 more tattoos made me chuckle! I recall your indecision on #1. Oh dear, did I miss #2 already? I’ve not thought out 5 years, much less 20. I had 5 years envisioned out 4 years ago when I retired…but have not refreshed that vision. Maybe it’s time for that…but no tattoo. And no grandkids (no kids), but wine in more countries… there’s a goal!

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    • No #2…yet! I will probably augment #1 in the fall to put a new flower in the bunch for grand baby #3! I’m still pondering a grapevine on my ankle. That could be really pretty. And I may have 20 years planned out but don’t ask me about next year. I’m pretty much a “by the seat of my pants” type! Viva la vino!!

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  2. Congrats, AGMA! You were one of the first blogs I recall following after I started my own (I think it was when you were staying in a house in Ireland? Or was it Scotland? I was one of those “lands” is all I remember), and I thought to myself, “This woman is nuts.” I meant that appreciatively, of course. Keep making us smile, please! – Marty

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    • Good memory – it was Ireland and that was a particularly funny post (if I do say so myself!). Good first one to read! And I take your thinking I was (am) nuts as a YUGE compliment so THANK YOU Marty! I’ve always wondered…what does Snakes in the Grass mean? Or does it just mean that you have a lot of snakes where you live? Enquiring minds… (or is that inquiring minds?)

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      • Ah, my blog name. I started it out of frustration with my ex-wife over alimony, plus my former employers was taking forever to get my pension started. Those were my “snakes in the grass,” so to speak (among others at the time). Very quickly I moved on from that and started poking fun and finding my inner self-deprecating charm; or so I’d like to hope. Thankfully I deleted most of those early and angry posts. I’ve thought about calling it “Snacks in the Grass” but am loathe to go through all layers of WordPress changes that would entail. 🙂

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      • Sigh. I had forgotten my spelling-challenged response to AGMA there. Yes, sadly, the name of my blog takes it birth from anger. But it’s matured. Well, to the extent an immature senior can ever evolve to maturity that is. 😉 Stay away from snakes, Rachel. You’re probably better off! – Marty

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    • Thanks!! And I echo the LBJ blessing. AND I’m with AOC – 70% marginal tax rate in the rich so we can have Medicare for all! Nobody should have to go bankrupt because of medical bills. Or die because they can’t afford treatment or medications. But that’s another post for another day…


  3. You pulled me in with your blog name and never let go. Love the attitude. Sounds as if retired life is keeping things spinning.

    I stumbled on your blog. I’m hitting my one-year-blogging mark tomorrow (3/1) and wanted to see what other bloggers had done before me. Glad I found you.

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