It’s AGMA….

You remember me don’t you?  Short and stocky 60 something with the salt n peppa hair, and the obsession with her lazy girls and men’s cycling?

Sure you do!

I’ve been MIA for a spell.

Once again I’ve over committed myself and my beloved AGMA has gotten swept to the side.  Just like leaves on a Finnish forest floor…

15 years ago, I had a friend who only needed 4 hours sleep a night.  Talk about being productive…  She worked full time and raised 3 children as a single parent.  She was a Girl Scout troop leader, involved in her church, took care of her aging parents and had a small business on the side.

Clearly she needed to only need 4 hours sleep a night!

This is not AGMA.

I like to blame my autoimmune disorders for my pooping out so fast during the day, but I honestly think that I’m getting a bit lazy as I get older.

Like, I think, Cadet Bone Spurs.

tRump’s WH schedule for yesterday (11/19/18) consisted of two items.  He and the squinty lady he’s married to at the moment participated in the White House Christmas Tree delivery at 1 PM.  I wonder what that entailed?   Then he ate lunch at 1:30 PM.

Now THAT’S what AGMA’s talking about…

How do I get a piece of this Presidential gig?  I like his hours…

Being civically involved (me, not the Great Cheeto who is clearly NOT civically involved….) has it’s downside.  You actually have to carve time out of your day to actually be involved.  WTF??

And AGMA didn’t have a lot of excess time or energy to begin with…

But it’s that civic “stuff” that’s keeping me from the keyboard.  I’m still registering new Americans to vote at naturalization ceremonies.  And we still have some undecided races here in Georgia.  There’s a run-off election on 12/4 that will decide the next Secretary of State and Public Service Commissioner.

That’s a really short timeline with a major holiday – Thanksgiving – thrown in.

There probably isn’t anybody out there who hasn’t heard about the rampant voter suppression in Georgia leading up to and during the mid-terms.  I had a friend from Australia tell me it was on their news.

It really was worse than you heard.

The person in charge of Georgia’s elections, the Secretary of State, just happened to be running for governor.  And despite calls for him to step down during the campaign, he continued in his role as Secretary of State and Grand Poobah of elections.

No conflict there, right?  Very tRumpian….

It was a shit show of subtle and not so subtle voter suppressions tactics with the end result of him stealing the election from Stacey Abrams and the good people of Georgia.

OMG – AGMA is still so pissed!

Those of us who believe in open and fair elections are channeling our anger toward the 12/4 run-offs.  We are doing whatever needs to be done to support the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, John Barrow.  He’s Georgia’s best hope for returning integrity to the election process.

Here’s his website in case you feel moved to donate to the cause…

All the above is to say that I’m sooooooo very sorry for ignoring AGMA these past few weeks and (probably) in the coming weeks.  I LOVE this sweet little blog, but I feel like I need to be in this fight right now for every voter who got illegally purged from voter rolls, or who had to fill out a provisional ballot for bogus reasons, or who never received their absentee ballot or got their ballot trashed because they didn’t follow the confusing instructions for submitting them, or who couldn’t stand in a 4 hour line to vote.

Don Quixote and AGMA – always fighting windmills.

Oh yeah – and after the election, then the Christmas crazy starts.


If I only needed only 4 hours of sleep a night…

P.S.   In this season of thankfulness, please know that I am so VERY THANKFUL for all of you and your affection for this quirky little blog.  Gratitude is indeed an underrated attitude…  So THANK YOU and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!






22 thoughts on “Windmills

  1. Glad to see that you’re engaged and fighting the good fight there. The suppression tactics in your state were straight from the 1950’s Jim Crow playbook. At least here in Florida we basically only have incompetence going against us, which I’m told can be rectified. Keep fighting. I will cross my fingers for Mr. Barrow. – Marty

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    • Thanks Marty! Yes – it was definitely Jim Crow era suppression… Stacey’s new organization, Fair Fight Georgia, just filed a lawsuit against the state for its hijinks. Won’t change the outcome of this past election, but hopefully the end result will be fair elections in the future for Georgia. And getting John elected next Tuesday would be YUGE!!

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    • Boy, but does it get discouraging sometimes! And expensive… All this costs $$ and I have given more in political donations this last month than I probably have in 20 years. Early voting is this week and the Election Day is on Tuesday. Please send us good energy!


    • And we’re wondering as well what the hell is going on! But I have met so many wonderful people since I got involved in the Indivisible movement almost 2 years ago. Mostly older women who are funny, smart, snarky and engaged. I look like a serious slacker next to some of them! I’m convinced that its American women – especially women of color – who are going to save our democracy. Thanks Jane for your support!!

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    • Thanks Andrew! I talk a good game, but I’m a much better follower than a leader… I don’t have the instinct for politics. But if you put me in front of a phone and ask me to call 50 people to remind them to vote, I’m all over that! And I would NEVER run at the president. OMG, no telling what sort of creepy crawlies he has…

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  2. I love your blog too, but I’m even more grateful for your civic work. The whole nation missed out when Stacey Abrams lost (I live in Oregon, and she really impressed me), and we need to turn back the tide on Republican minority rule tactics. So thank you FB r doing what you’re doing.

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    • She is an incredibly intelligent, talented and savvy politician, and would have made an incredible Governor! However, we have a Senate race in two years and I can see her as Senator Abrams! The Senator who will be up for election is a tRump lapdog who is the one who said he didn’t recall if the Cheeto Cheater made the comment about the shithole countries or not. His tweets echo whatever Cadet Bone Spurs tweet. He’s totally worthless to the people of Georgia. It would be sooooo very wonderful for her to unseat him and I think she could do it if we can ever get fair elections. We’re working on that. We really, really need John Barrow to win on Tuesday! Please keep our fingers crossed for us!

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