Old friends


When Son#2 was around 4, our dishwasher died. Feeling rather panicked at the idea of…OMG no…hand washing all of our dishes, AMGA and Hubs went out to purchase a new one immediately. When the delivery/installation people pulled out the dead dishwasher and hauled it away, Son#2 started wailing.

Evidently he and the dishwasher had a ‘special relationship’. Like Putin and Cheeto Man.

Only the passage of time and M&M’s managed to calm him down. It took about 15 minutes. I think he liked the look of the new dishwasher.

4 year olds tend to be a bit fickle.

Once upon at time, AMGA laughed at what’s become known as “the dishwasher incident”.

Not anymore… I get it now.

Some of AGMA’s best friends are machines.

Take Goldie for example.

Goldie is my 2008 Toyota Prius. I bought her in September of 2007 after I was T-boned in my 2006 Prius – Bluie – on I-75 at about 50mph.

The good news was that AGMA was basically unharmed from the accident. The bad news is that Bluie was totaled.

(Can you guess the colors my last two cars? AGMA’s creativity is simply astounding and can’t be contained… I’m like an American Dali.)

So I’ve had Goldie for nearly 11 years. That is the longest I’ve ever owned a car. It’s 25% of my car owning life.

I feel old.

AGMA tends to take my cars for granted. I get Goldie regular oil changes and check-ups, but other than that, I basically ignore her.

My interior looks like I am homeless, and live in my car. On any given day you can find a treasure trove of banana peels, energy bars, half empty coffee cups, a plethora of napkins from Starbucks, mail, a variety of plastic utensils, salt and pepper packets, 15 reusable shoppings, empty soda cans and used dental floss (ewww…) in her interior.

There’s a large chocolate spot in the rear hatch back carpet area (spilled mocha), the carpet under the gas pedal is thread bare. Her glove compartment is stuffed with oil change receipts that date back to 2008.

But despite my treatment of her, Goldie has been very, very good to me. She’s been the most dependable mode of transport I’ve ever had. And she hasn’t been fussy at all.

Plus, she gets killer gas mileage – 48mpg. Her hybrid battery, that was supposed to last only 7 years, has far exceeded expectations.

Which is exactly why AGMA is thinking that it might be time to start looking around for a late model used car.

Shhhh – don’t tell Goldie.

Truth be told, I’d love to have a car with all that hands free stuff and blue tooth and the internet and the loud alarms that let you know you’re too close to the mailbox when you’re backing up.

My son and DIL have a car that parallel parks itself! WHAT?? Yeah it does!

But then I look at Goldie. And I realize that she’s a lot like me. Not fancy, not flashy, not a lot of bells and whistles. But sturdy, dependable, cute in a 2008 way and wears her mileage well.

I’m pretty attached to her. I’m real attached to her actually.

I think it might be love.

And then there’s AGMA’s washing machine and dryer.

We bought them waaaayyy back in 1995. Well before the advent of high efficiency (HE) front loading washers.

There’s something about those front loaders that I don’t trust.

My son and DIL have one, and I watch it sometimes when I’m visiting.


It just sort of tosses the clothes around in what looks like 1/2 cup of water and a tablespoon of detergent. I guess it’s fine for now while their kids are little. But there’s nothing like a full tub of soapy water and a violent agitator to knock the crap out of the clothes to get the the grime out of a 10 year old’s play shorts and shirt.

AGMA’s going to be sad when they need replacing. Which may be soon. Actually, at this point, every load they do is a gift.

I’ll be sad not only from a “Holy sh*t…a new washer is how much???” perspective, but from a ‘tug on my heartstrings’ one as well.

I washed/dried innumerable soccer, baseball, football and track uniforms in them. I washed/dried the last couple of years of little boy play clothes before they turned into teenage angst clothes. I washed/dried pants & shirts that were worn to junior and senior high school dances. And I washed/dried massive loads of clothes brought home from college on breaks.

Call AGMA crazy, but I kinda miss those days…

I washed/dried throw rugs that were ‘messed on’ by our dog, KC, and our cats, Wart, Willie, Caesar, Gus and Max. Okay – maybe not such a fond memories of the messes, but 4 out of the 6 critters have gone over the rainbow bridge. I still miss them…

I washed/dried my sweet step-mother’s clothes in them weekly while she was in the Alzheimer’s unit of a local nursing home. And AGMA was very grateful for the long soak cycle at the beginning, the extra wash cycle and the extra rinse cycle. If you catch my drift. She’s now been gone for 17 years. I will always miss her…

Yeah…AGMA is just one big sentimental blob about my washer and dryer.

And Goldie.

I’ll probably cry like Son#2 did so many years ago when they reach the end of the road.

Anybody have any M&M’s?


18 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. OMG. I just sold my 2006 Subaru yesterday…and nick named my brand new (yes, I went with new!) car … Goldy. Seriously. Although hubby insists that gold is an old-person color…I think it stands out from all the silver & grey in the parking lot (cars that is).

    I did have some twinges about getting rid of my Subaru. I went on many adventures with her… but she showed the wear & tear and needed some serious work done (more than me). Hard to justify investing that much $$ into a 12 year old car.

    And Goldy has back-up camera, blind-side warnings, and even something about pulling out of parking spaces. No, she won’t parallel park herself… I did not go for all the bells & whistles…but still, the smoother ride and good brakes again is delightful. Yeah, decent brakes are a good thing!

    Maybe the 4 glasses of wine last night was my equivalent of the M&M’s?

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    • M&M’s…wine…chips and dip… It all works! And I’m sure my next car won’t be able to park itself either – my son has one of those fancy $$ cars. So different from the blue 1985 Oldsmobile he drove in high school (in the late 90s) 🙂 Congrats on Goldy and may you have many years without tapping the bumper behind you! And enjoy that intoxicating new car smell!

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  2. My current car, Sierra, a nice green Honda Element, just turned 12. She’s having a few health problems, has a torn seat, and a few scratches from all the adventures we take her on. I’d hate to send Sierra to the used car lot – I mean we are buddies for life.

    Also I hate shopping for new cars and was hoping to avoid that this decade.

    My 14 year-old twin grandsons are staying and have reminded my wife and I that they’ll be getting their driver’s licenses in 2020 and they be happy to give Sierra a nice retirement home in their garage if we decided it was time for a new car.

    and they washed my wife’s 2002 Honda Civic, pointing out that she should take good care of it because it would be a great car for them to drive to school in …

    So what do you thing? 1 or 2 pound bag of M&Ms?

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  3. I have a 2008 Rav4 that I just love. I once owned a Porsche 912. (My ex got that in the divorce. I got the VW with bald tires.) The Rav is just as much fun to drive but I don’t get the looks I used to get in the Porsche. Could it also be because I was about 40 years younger then? Nah…

    I have a high efficiency washer that’s a top loader, so all the mysterious stuff happens out of sight. It makes a lot of weird noises during the cycle but it gets the job done. And I don’t have to wait to have a full load because it will use just the amount of water necessary for even a small load.

    I remember my mother having a wringer washer like your photo. There’s an old joke with the punch line being something about grandma catching her tit in the wringer, but it escapes me. Now we have mammography for our boob jokes. 🙂

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    • We had one of those ringer washers as well. Then after the clothes went through the rollers, my mom hung them up in the basement in the winter and outside in the summer. And she worked full time as a nurse. And there were no microwaves… It still astounds me! And I never hear the boob through the ringer joke…

      I had a Rav4 back in the 90’s and I LOVED it! It was so much fun! Don’t tell Goldie, but it was the most fun car I ever owned. Although I imagine the Porsche was fun too (ya think???)

      I just wonder what that HE washer is doing in there making all those noises… I keep expecting to hear Rod Sterling’s voice.


  4. I so enjoyed this post because of its storytelling and full circle to the beginning. It would be a sensational public speech. I sometimes suggest a longer post be edited for length but not this post. Light hearted writing like yours reminds me of Erma Bombeck. Thank you

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    • Thanks so much!! To be even remotely compared to Erma Bombeck is a YUGE compliment! And I do get very wordy at times. Sometimes I just don’t know how to turn the flow off… Erma would not approve. But sometimes you just need all those words! Or at least I do. 😉


  5. Oh AGMA. I SO enjoy your Bombeck-ian take on life. Are you sure you weren’t sitting in Miss Herod’s creative writing class with me in high school? Ahh…Miss Herod…she was so inspiring. Anyway. We are test-driving new/used cars lately. We are loathe to abandon — are you ready? — our 1994 Honda Accord. Yes. A ’94. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has been our mantra, but when the little dinging alert about headlights goes kaput, it is time for a replacement. I have no desire to tangle with jumper cables.
    A car that knows how to parallel park? Your son sounds like a wise man. I will alert my husband to that feature.
    As far as front-load washers go: you are spot-on. We replaced our top-loader with an FL and I rue the day. I know we need to be environmentally aware of water use and all and that the FL is touted for its H2O efficiency, but the rinsing just isn’t the same. Stuff doesn’t feel as clean as w/top loader. And I doubt that our FL would have removed the gasoline smell from my raincoat. And how did that happen? As I was standing at the pump, feeding our Accord, the nozzle got away from me and my coat was blasted with gas. Between that and the acupuncturist who set the tips of my hair on fire via cupping, I do not know what the Universe has been trying to say to me. Please pass the M&M’s.

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    • Oh my…I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop laughing out loud! People are looking at me… All I have to say is that it’s a good thing that the gas didn’t squirt on you when your hair was on fire! That would have been a pickle!

      I KNEW it! I knew those front loaders were not to be trusted! And these poor millennial…they don’t know any better. They never had the top loaders so they don’t know their clothes aren’t rinsed as well as they should be. Makes me sad… 😦

      I’ve pretty much decided to keep Goldie until she gives up the ghost. I like the idea of all the other bells and whistles, but there is something to be said for no car payment! And bless your 1994 Honda! Now THAT’S a car! Any luck in the test drives?

      I’d like to hear more about Miss Herod… The fact that you think (joking I realized) I was in your creative writing class is a bit mind blowing to me. I have always thought of myself until late as a dreadful writer. I did okay with technical writing when I worked in IT, but creative writing? No way! I was horrible at spelling and grammar in school so I figured I was a bust at writing. When I started AGMA, I thought, “What the hell…” I’ve always been a bit late to the many parties of life, but at least I manage show up most of the time even if I’m only wearing one shoe! And thanks for the Bombeck-ian remark. Again, a bit mind bending…


      • AGMA – have returned to Blog after a 2-week vacation to Upstate NY and Finger Lakes to discover that I have discussion threads from bloggers back to August that slipped through the cracks.

        Man. I don’t know how I miss things so much on WordPress. I need to get a grip on the bells & whistles of blogging. You being an IT person I’ll bet you’re a WordPress whiz. Did you go for the upgraded package to build your humorous site?

        I have the basic WP. Will I tear out my hair, already burned through acupuncture cupping, if I go for the upgrade? Inquiring minds want to know. And Yes — it’s good that the gasoline drench at the gas pump did not happen simultaneously w/the acupuncture hair burn. Hmmm…that David Bowie song just popped in: “Putting Out Fire With Gasoline.” Yikes.

        I am with you re the poor Millenials walking around in unrinsed clothes. The “Tide” should turn so to speak. Front load wash machine manufacturers need to improve the rinse mechanisms. No one should have to spin over these basics.

        Our test drives: we rented a Nissan Rogue SUV for our Upstate NY trip. It was OK but there’s others out there I want to try. Best feature in Rogue was the alert systems for both backing up safety and warnings when drifting in other lanes.

        Finally…Miss Herod, rest her soul. I’d wager she’s departed this world by now…she was no spring chicken, but had a lively way. If you’d been in the class, I think we’d all be peeing our pants laughing over your humorous pieces. (Although back then, our collective bladder control was probably better.:))

        On that note…

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      • I don’t have the upgraded WP but I might have to get it… All of a sudden WP won’t let me like a post or even comment on it. It keeps putting me in an endless cycle of having to log in, then I comment, then it tells me I have to log in again, but then my comment is gone. And it’s Groundhog Day because it all repeats itself if I try to do it again. Frustrating! Been to the Finger Lake area once (MIL & FIL lived up in Watertown for a spell). And I’ve found myself replying to comments that were over 6 months old so no worries! I don’t think WP organizes thing very well in that regard. Can you tell it’s bash WP day? :-). And the puns on the front loaders…groan and smile! Thank you for the compliment that Miss Herod (and you!) would pee your pants! The supreme compliment I think…


      • Groundhog Day. Yikes. You must feel like Bill Murray. Thanks for sharing your WP struggles. If I upgrade, I’ll let you know how it goes. One thing I’m curious about in reading your blog threads: are you presently living in Atlanta? You mentioned St. Louis and Atlanta. My Sis lived in both cities long time ago — now she’s back to Chicago roots & I’m in the PNW.


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