My evil twin


In my quiet moments, AGMA thinks ‘interesting’ thoughts.

Uh oh…

We bought a new iron a few weeks ago. Actually I ordered it online. AGMA feels very millennial when I do something like this.

I unboxed the new iron and set it on the dresser beside our old iron that had given up the ghost after years of faithful service. And I wondered what kind of a conversation they might have if they could talk. Seriously.

Would the new iron taunt the old one, saying, “I’m going to make ironing great again (MIGA)!” AGMA would have to chime in, “What do you mean “again’??” Or would the new iron be the student sitting at the feet of the old Master. “Steam, Grasshopper…” I can hear the Master iron say, “She likes a lot of steam. Even when she shouldn’t be using steam. It is her way of taming the storm inside.”

The above being a compelling reason for NOT allowing AGMA to have many quiet moments.

The latest ‘interesting’ thought is about faces.

AGMA’s doesn’t know a lot about the science of genetics other than Hubs regularly asks me to spit in a test tube. Then he ships my spit off and in a week he tells me that I’m related to Gengis Kahn or a 5th cousin twice removed of somebody who was the wife of mayor of Philadelphia once.

From what I understand, there are seemingly unlimited combinations of genetic material inside chromosomes. Okay, the number is actually a little shy of 71 trillion (yes – trillion with a ‘t’.) To AGMA, this qualifies as unlimited.

This YUGE number of possible combinations is why, other than in the case of monozygotic twins, everybody is genetically unique. Kind of like the old ‘there are no two identical snowflakes’ concept.

Except in the case of monozygotic snowflakes I guess.

But AGMA believes that this unlimited genetic combination thing doesn’t hold true for faces. AGMA believes that once you’ve lived ‘X’ number of years on this earth, faces start repeating themselves. The actual number ‘X’ depend on how much you get around.

So for example, somebody who has lived all over the US/abroad and traveled extensively might reach that ‘X’ number in 40 or 50 years. But somebody who was born, lived and died in the same small town and didn’t travel much may never have reached that ‘X’ number.

AGMA believes that it’s all about the number of faces you’ve seen in your lifetime.

I had this epiphany two weeks ago at a political gathering of progressive women in Atlanta. As I walked around the crowded room, AGMA saw people that I KNOW I knew. Their faces looked so very familiar.

But I didn’t know them.

I was sure I went to high school with one woman until I realized that, if I did go to high school with her, she would be in her mid-60’s, not in her mid-40’s as she was. That’s okay though, this high school person was a mean girl.

But people definitely have doppelgangers. Even AGMA!

I’ve had a number of people tell me they knew somebody who could be my twin. I have yet to meet one of them. I’m not sure I want to. It could be shocking seeing somebody that other people think looks like me, and she looks like old, haggard and cranky.

Reality is a beotch.

Doppelganger is actually an interesting word. German in origin (hence an umlaut is sometimes used over the ‘a’) I just thought it meant a double in appearance until I did a bit of research.

According to the source of all life, knowledge and wisdom, Wikipedia, a doppelganger “is a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal phenomenon and usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck. Other traditions and stories equate a doppelgänger with an evil twin. In modern times, the term twin stranger is occasionally used. The word “doppelgänger” is often used in a more general and neutral sense to describe any person who physically or behaviorally resembles another person.”

Which begs the question, is AGMA’s doppelganger the evil twin or am I?

OMG. Something new to obsess over.

I’m pretty sure they did a Star Trek episode about something like this back in the 60’s…

Getting back to my crazy-ass idea about faces, AGMA is pleased to announce that I am getting ready to expand my inventory. Of faces that is.

Hubs and I leave next Monday for a boondoggle in Belgium and France (with brief stops in Holland, Luxemborg, Germany and Switzerland) And you know what that means…

The posts will be few and far between for a few weeks. I’ll try to get a post written to schedule to publish when I’m gone. And I might even grace you with one of the now famous infamous AGMA haikus.

In the meantime, we can all hope and pray that I don’t get too much quiet time to come up with more ‘interesting’ thoughts. Or crazy-ass ideas.

Ya’ll behave yourselves!

16 thoughts on “My evil twin

  1. I have the same issue AGMA. Always think I’m seeing someone I knew. Rarely ever the case. I did substtitue teach a fitness class once and a lady there looked a lot like me only heavier and younger. It was weird. I couldn’t look at her too much and wondered if it was my imagination.

    Have a good time in Europe you galivanting granny you! xo

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  2. I think you actually get to choose if you’re the good or evil twin. This weekend I was the evil twin. I might be good next weekend, but I do know that telling me to behave pulls my moral code towards the evil twin.

    And I think Star Trek did about 10 episodes on it.

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    • So you did 4 weeks in Spain and Portugal, I just spread my 4 weeks out over two trips. 🙂 It was a great trip, but we didn’t make it to the Netherlands. We were only going to say we were there for a few hours, but we decided to spend more time in Bruges. That’s what I love about independent travel…

      So where’s your next trip?


      • You are right. Guess I can’t get anything by you. We have never been to Yellowstone , so we are headed there in late May. We decided to meet our son there, rather than visit him in San Francisco again.
        Then in July we are going to Iceland. We will be able to compare geysers and boiling mud ponds. Spoiler alert. Yellowstone has more geysers than Iceland.

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      • Seriously? Well then I’m scratching Iceland off of my list – I’ve been to Yellowstone twice! Just kidding about Iceland… A friend and his wife when a couple of years ago in January and his pictures are spectacular (but it looked very, very cold!)


  3. Reality really is a beotch! These are some soul-searching thoughts you have here.
    Quiet moments do lead to both the trivial and essential, though. So no need to censor yourself!

    We’ve been “test driving” a local synagogue recently, seeing if after years of quasi-agnostic attitudes, we both might be inclined to show a little faith and spirit (or maybe we’re really doing it for the post-service desserts only). What’s struck me as I look at people during the services, are how eerily similar the faces are to those of the temple congregations of my youth. I don’t think religion has anything to do with it, but perhaps shared experiences which we all have in select groups plays tricks on both our eyes and memories. Either way, it’s somewhat comforting to see “familiar” faces even if they’re only in my mind.

    Safe travels ahead of you, AGMA! – Marty

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    • Thanks Marty – it was a great trip! And you surely have some deep thoughts here. I really like “perhaps shared experiences which we all have in select groups plays tricks on both our eyes and memories.” I think you’re right! How’s the test drive going?


  4. I too have one if those faces. At the Iron Horse Grill in Jackson, MS the other evening, there blues singer stopped in the middle of her song to ask me if I were ‘Heather’. It was loud in the place, a converted coal distribution warehouse turned great restaurant to eat great Southern food. Anyway, I looked at her confused. She asked again, “Your name Heather?”
    “Uh, no,” I yelled back my answer.
    “Hmmm ,” the alto blues woman kinda huffed. “You look like ‘er.”
    That’s just one story out of many and the most recent. I hope all these other look alike are decent people.
    Safe travels.

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  5. AGMA – lots of thought-provoking insights here. Made me think of the term “alter ego” which I then had to look up. I guess Cicero came up with “alter ego” which was part of his philosophical construct in 1st century Rome. He described alter ego as “a second self, a trusted friend”.. Who knew? Then my monkey mind jumped to the movie “Twins” with Danny DeVito and Arnold S (how the hell do you spell his name? Doppelganger is hard enough!) And finally I was recalling two Doppelgangers from my life. One was a woman I was mistaken for at the office whose salary was in the six-figure range — a far cry from me — and who I did not want to be associated with, and the other one was a complimentary — told by others I reminded them of Diane Keaton. I will take the DK Doppelganger, thanks! Hope you and Hubs have some lovely travels ahead! Diane.


    • Man…Diane Keaton is a pretty sweet doppleganger to have! I recently met two young women who looked like beautiful, famous women (I forget who) and they said that I was not the first to tell them that. I look like nobody famous let alone beautiful. Okay – maybe Alfalfa from Our Gang,..

      And thanks for the insight into ‘alter-ego’. That was actually fascinating. Every day’s a school day I always say! Thank you also for the travel wishes!


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