Bejing 2022…here I come!


It’s happening.

As much as I’d like to think it isn’t, it is. Follow that?

My body’s getting older and starting to develop some significance health issues.


Conventional logic would tell me that I need to start fading into the sunset and taking it easy while I tend to my AIP, UC, HPB and CKD.

And if you don’t know what any of those are…be glad. Sheesh.

But in my head… Ahhh…in my head AGMA is an energetic 26 year old who can do all the things I did when I was young and carefree.

Full disclosure: I was pretty dull as a 26 year old. I’d been married for 3 years, had a full time job and was going to graduate school part-time.


But, hey, I was 26! Young and strong and healthy. Sure that I knew everything about the life. AGMA had it all figured out. The world was my oyster and I was having it broiled with garlic butter. Yum.

But time and life are great teachers…

It will come as no surprise to any of my wise readers that AGMA did indeed NOT have everything figured out. The world was NOT my broiled oyster with garlic butter – it was more like a sea urchin served raw in saltwater with sand still sticking to it.


But somewhere deep down inside of me, there is a spritely spirit that still thinks AGMA is 26. A vivacious spirit that still, for some odd reason, thinks that the world is her BWGB oyster.

But a shrewd spirit that acknowledges I did NOT have everything figured out.

I still don’t.

But why let that spoil the party?

So when a co-worker was in tears on Sunday because she was behind in moving out of her apartment, totally exhausted and having horrible back pain, 26 year old ‘spirit’ AGMA (in the 64 year old body) said, “I can help you for a couple of hours!”

What I forgot was that her apartment is on the 3rd floor. With no elevator. And what I didn’t know was that her new apartment (same complex, different building) was on the 3rd floor. With no elevator.

At the end of two hours, I thought my legs were going to collapse and my arms burst into flames. It’s nearly 48 hours later and AGMA’s still sore. And tired.

What’s that old saying, “The spirit’s willing but the flesh is weak?”


But I’m really glad that 26 year old ‘spirit’ AGMA is there. She keeps me interesting. She keeps me engaged. She keeps me optimistic in the face of yucky stuff. She also probably keeps me sane.

Okay…maybe semi-sane.

She’s the one who pushed me to go back to school to become a massage therapist at 54. And run my first marathon at 60. And get a tattoo at 63. And play granny superhero with my grandson. And buy a backpack suitcase “just in case” I decide I want to backpack through Europe. Or Thailand. Or Mexico. She’s the one who is making me want to start skiing again after a 20 year haitius. Downhill.

But sometimes she makes AGMA really sore, achy and tired.

Still, she helps me see the world as a place of ‘the sky’s the limit’ potential through younger, enthusiastic, unjaded eyes.  She encourages me to move forward when I want to stop.  Or retreat.

And when I resist her suggestions, she gently reminds me that the sand is quickly running out of the AGMA hourglass; I’ll have plenty of time to rest ‘afterwards’…


Aging gracefully my ass!

30 thoughts on “Bejing 2022…here I come!

  1. Ha! I know the feeling AGMA…
    In my younger years I played Rugby at quite a high level and also rode and competed horses for 33 years.
    My doctor asked me if I was surprised that things like joints and tendons were worn out? “On the plus side” she added,”your cardiovascular system is in great shape!”
    I tried to run for a train last year, the head said “go for it.” The legs said “You’re on your own pal!”😂😂😂

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    • Wow!! The things I learn about you Dookes! Rugby, horses,…. What else don’t we know about the fabulous Mr. Dookes??

      Unlike you, I was horribly un-athletic when I was younger. In primary and hight school I was always one of the last kids picked to be on a team. I tried various sports as an adult but then the kids came along so I spent a good deal of my adult life chasing after them!

      The adventurous spirit has come late to AGMA. In high school and college, my step-mother always said I’d be a late bloomer. She just didn’t realize how late! 🙂

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      • It’s better to bloom later than never at all AGMA!

        As for me?

        Well let’s just say I’ve been lucky, very lucky indeed and able to chase, follow and largely grab my dreams. Sure there’s lots I’d still like to do, lots that I wish I had, but y’know there’s a hell of a lot more that I’m glad that I have done!
        Keep blooming AGMA!


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    • My hero!!

      I always admired my brother who is 12 years older than me (so he’s 76 now…) He always followed his dreams – became a hunter in his 20’s (he grew up in a city…), taught himself to play the fiddle (bluegrass) and would go to music festivals to play with other fiddlers, he learned to ride horses in his late 50’s, bought a couple, thee started doing Civil War calvary reenactments. He just gave those up about 4 years ago. He was kind of my role model until he started veering to the far right in his political views and became a bitter, angry man. I miss the person he used to be and I miss his inspiration… 😦

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    • OMG – it’s been soooo long since I’ve taken a hot bath. That sounds absolutely, decadently wonderful! I’ll have to try to squeeze that in in the next couple of week!

      And I LOVE that:
      1. You asked your parents that question.
      2. Their awesome answer!!


  2. Nearly everyone I know thinks they are about 26 – in their mind. My inner 26 year old has slapped me down so many times, I am beginning to believe her.

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    • But it was only for 2 hours Jean and I thought my limbs were going to disengage!

      Oh my – “significant health issues” sounds very serious… I think I had just been to the doctor the day before and was bummed out so made it sound worse than it is. I had two autoimmune conditions (pancreas-AIP and Ulcerative Colitis) diagnosed 2 years ago. The UC hasn’t caused me any problems. But the GI doc had me on a high dose of a NSID for a while for the UC and didn’t monitor my blood work like he was supposed and now the NSID has caused kidney damage (discovered by my GP NOT the GI doc.) Which I think has caused some pre-hypertension. And HPB can further damage the kidneys. And it’s a vicious circle. Grrrr….

      I really need to do a post about this stuff because (in typical AGMA twisted thinking) it’s kind of amusing. I’m trying to monitor/log what I eat and drink and it is really comical. No alcohol and low fat for my pancreas. Low sodium for the blood pressure. Not to much protein to put a strain on my kidneys. Not too much sugar (for a variety of reasons.) OMG!!

      Are you sorry you asked? Ha!


  3. A true-life example of that age-old (or is it old age?) adge – the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. Also, it’s the thought that counts, so maybe you should have just volunteered to supervise.

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  4. The problem was that there were only two of us and she was supervising me! The good news was that she got moved out of her old place in time. But next time I’m going to tell her to hire the guys who hang around Home Depot!


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