Just can’t do baby goats


Okay…this isn’t a continuation of my vacation report post of last week.  For good reason.

Like most Americans with a soul (this excludes the GOP), my heart is broken over the slaughter of innocents in Florida last week.


My Facebook timeline is full of antigun memes that I’ve posted.  I know people on Facebook are wondering why I’m still harping on this gun control thing and the FL shooting.

I mean, wasn’t that so last week…?

That’s what’s become of us Americans.  Oh – another week, another massacre using semi-automatic weapons built to shoot between 4 to 8 rounds a second.  No biggie.  It happens all the time.

And as the gun rights advocates say, “Your dead children don’t override my 2nd Amendment rights.”  Seriously.

We are losing our souls and our ability to feel horror at the type of mass murder we tragically experience on a regular basis.

But I’m just not ready to move on and watch baby goat videos yet.

I still feel the horror.  Still hear the heartbreak in the parents voices who lost children.  Still think of the young children who lost their parents; brave teachers trying to shield their students from death.

But I sense a glimmer of something different happening this time.

Yes, the GOP lawmakers who’ve taken the NRA blood money will still continue to offer up their ‘thoughts and prayers’ and then do nothing.  And the NRA will probably double down on their efforts to buy our Republican Congressional cowards.  And the impotent gun loving lunatics who say they need an assault rifle to hunt ‘varmints and coyotes’ (I had somebody actually tell me that’s why they needed their assault rifle!) will go out and buy more just to prove the point that they can.

But there is something in the wind.  Something that feels new this time.

I won’t call it hope.  That would be too optimistic.

The students of Parkland, FL are speaking out.  Loudly.  They are calling out the ‘thoughts and prayers’ of the GOP for the B.S. that it is.  They aren’t stupid.  They know hypocrisy when they see it and hear it.

And the GOP has their hypocrisy on full display this time.

The students of Parkland, FL are sick of being told their right to live doesn’t supersede the crazies right to own high powered killing machines.  They are sick of their lives being sold to the NRA by their elected officials.  They are sick of do nothing politicians who care more about getting re-elected than protecting kids.

They are calling for a student and teacher walk out all over the country.  And a march on Washington DC and in as many other cities in the US that want to organize one.  They will be demanding our elected officials do something about these senseless, preventable slaughters.  They will be demanding sensible gun legislation that will aim to keep these killing machines out of the hands of the mentally ill, those with criminal or domestic abuse backgrounds, teenage kids…

And if you don’t like the the term ‘gun legislation’, let’s call it massacre prevention.

AGMA will be marching with them.

Because I don’t want my grandchildren to be afraid to go to school.  And I don’t want to be afraid for them.







18 thoughts on “Just can’t do baby goats

  1. Hear, hear. Living north of the border I can only watch in horror – each bloody time. Now I am watching these young people saying what needs saying, right in the faces of the hypocritical NRA stooges, and thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, their voices may be heard. That maybe a real movement for sanity will take off and prevail. Bravo to the teenagers. It’s a “the emperor has no clothes” moment! Thanks for the post.

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    • Thanks for your North of the Boarder support! I think these kids are waking everybody up who have been living in The Matrix because it was all so horrific. I’m really encouraged because there are folks of all political persuasions who are speaking out in favor of gun legislation. Never underestimate the power of youth! And indeed, the emperor has had not clothes on since last January!


  2. You have some good points here, AGMA. It may be time for the children to lead us out of this mess. The NRA aside, our lawmakers are not showing much compassion for our children when we look at the cuts to education, healthcare, and DACA.

    This might also be the time to address the proliferation of shoot’em-up video games. Last year I was on an airplane and a father & son were in the seats in front of me. The youngster was helping his father improve his score at shooting the onscreen bad guys, represented by black silhouette figures. In a truly bonding moment the son coached the parent, “No, Dad, you have to shoot them in the head. There’s no score for any other body parts.”

    We have to make changes to a BIG mindset if we are going to effectively protect our school kids and teachers.

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  3. Well said. I am teaching English in a technical college in Beja, Portugal for two weeks. I expect our insane gun laws will come up during our discussions over the coming weeks. The rest of the world can see clearly how warped our priorities are.
    Like you, I hope that change will finally occur. Like you, I don’t want future generations to live in fear. I too will be joining in the protests.

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    • I will be really curious to hear what your students in Beja say about our insane gun culture. The world’s eyes are on us now – I hope we can respond in a way that shows that we value our children more than our guns. I never want my grandchildren to have to do an “active shooter drill” in school or expect that their teachers will lay down their life for them.


  4. Be not ashamed of your concerned words, AGMA. Parkland high school protestors are incredible fearless and vocal..they are to be commended and to be supported continuously by adults across the U.S. Their lives are changed forever.. My heart is sad and astonished at their courageous rage.

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    • They are amazing!! And everybody I know is in full support of their efforts. There is a big push now to get all the 18 year olds and those who will be 18 by the November elections all registered to vote. That is where their real power will make itself felt. Hopefully we can keep the Russians out of this election….
      Thanks for your comment Jean!


  5. I’m so impressed with these young people. I think I’d hardened my heart after Sandy Hook but now I’m hopeful we may be able to get real change. I’m sad though even for Cruz. The poor kid was fighting so many demons and we should have protected him from himself, not handed him an AR-15.

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    • I think these young Americans are amazing and represent the best of our country! I love how they are networking through social media to get more teens involved and calling out our cowardice politician for the B.S they try to spew. I haven’t really read anything about the shooter. I’m still too angry. Am I awful that I don’t care? I just can’t right now…


  6. #Enough is right. I am so PROUD of those students right now. Each time I hear them in interviews I am astounded at how articulate they are. I certainly wasn’t at the same age, but then again I didn’t have anyone trying to gun me down. They are amazing.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion, AGMA. Keep marching… – Marty

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    • I think kids grow up a lot faster these days than they used to. Especially when, as you say, people are trying to shoot them and they don’t see the adults who are supposed to be protecting them doing their job. They are incredibly, amazingly articulate – I could barely mumble a sentence to any of my teachers when I was in high school. Or college.

      March on Marty!

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  7. I agree one hundred percent. If you were my FB friend, you would see all that I post and share. Someone told me over the weekend that she stays away from politics and issues because so many people feel the opposite. I told her I didn’t care and anyone who is tired of my constant reminders of these events can feel free to unfriend me. I feel what these kids are doing is so similar to all the protesting and anger that went on during the Vietnam era. In those days, we didn’t have social media, so I was forced to send telegrams to the White House. My husband would get so mad at all the money it was costing him. 🙂 But, it didn’t stop me then either.

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    • You go Irene!! I feel the same way. I think you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. And people who just don’t say anything who think they are going to be apolitical don’t get a pass. Silence implies complicity. Look how many were silent while Hitler spread his horror across Europe…

      I have lost a number of ‘friends’ over my posts, but I honestly don’t ever think they were real friends. There is one woman though who I was really close to once upon a time who I think I’ve lost and that makes me sad. She is my one regret, but I have to be true to who I am and how my faith informs my actions. It’s almost as if I couldn’t stop if I wanted to… Thanks for the affirmation! March on sista!!

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