Nog, lots of nog


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

And AGMA’s ‘bout ready to hit the egg nog. Hard.

Extra bourbon? Yes please.

I mean, it’s only 4 days after Thanksgiving and my left eyelid is already twitching. And every now and then my head does this jerk to the side thing.

The holiday season of stress is upon AGMA.

It doesn’t help that, in addition to seasonal pressures, our country is well on its way to deconstructing.

The orange Satan and his evil minions have done unspeakable damage to the United States both at home and abroad in so many arenas. Even if they all get arrested tomorrow – the PERFECT one size fits all holiday gift – at this point, it would take years to try to undo the damage they have wrought.

And if their “reverse Robin Hood” tax plan becomes law, the crippling debt it will cause both individually and governmentally will take decades to reverse.

(And by the way, you can call, email, fax, Tweet, Facebook, carrier pigeon or pony express [but make sure they have a fast horse] your Congressional Senators and Representative in the next day or two in opposition of the GOP tax scam. And if you aren’t a US citizen, go ahead and contact a GOP Congress person anyway!)

“What about net neutrality?” did I hear you say?

AGMA’s so glad you asked.

If that gets reversed on 12/4 or 12/5 (the FCC is due to vote on it around then), we can all have a big ol’ goodbye party to say farewell WordPress and the Internet as we know it…

(So as long as your are in the call, email, fax, tweet mood, you can also email the members of the FCC and let them know what you think of their plan to destroy net neutrality. Try to keep your *&%$^#$@*s to a minimum. Or not.)

My left eyelid’s twitching.

Another reason for the amped up stress is that in a week and a half, my son, DIL and MAGITW will be coming to Atlanta for a visit.

Wonderful! Exciting! Fantastic!


This is both a blessing and not.

On one hand, my precious grandchildren will get to see AGMA in her natural habitat. Hubs will make sure they don’t feed me any of their popcorn or use a flash.

We’ll get to show them off to friends and neighbors who have heard about them ad nauseam. AGMA will be parading around them neighborhood in the little red wagon we spent $100 on two years ago and have used exactly twice. I’m thinking of doing an Evite for that…

And we can do all those cool things that grandkids can only do at Nana’s house. AGMA’s at a loss as to what those things might be though. I’ll figure something out…

But, on the other hand, this means that our house has to be totally decorated inside and out. And junk picked up and stuffed somewhere. And babyproofing attempted. And cookies baked and meals planned and shopping done. And activities planned. In 9 days.

Now my head is doing that jerking to the side thing.

One additional bit of stress AGMA wants add before they get here is to find the time to go though my son’s ‘boxes’.

You know, the boxes that you store for your kids that has junk from their formative years. Baseball cards, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, school & sports honors, etc. The boxes that never seem to leave your house no matter how old your kids are.

THOSE boxes.

We’re going to be driving up to Chicago for Christmas, and it’s AGMA’s fervent hope that we can take most of those boxes with us. He has house now. It’s only fair that the boxes clog up one of HIS closets for the next 20 years.

But oh my…  The memories are intense.

I was trying to ‘pre-sort‘ thought a box this weekend. ‘Pre-sorting’ is the process of pulling out the stuff that is full of meaning and memories for AGMA, but that have a good chance of getting thrown out by said son.

“What do you mean you don’t want to keep the outfit we brought you home from the hospital in??”

Stuff that would just about kill me to throw out. So AGMA will just put that stuff in ANOTHER box and label it Son#1 Memories. And put it back into the closet. And dig through it every couple of years.

And sigh as the sweet, pungent memories of his childhood and a much younger AGMA flood my heart and my eyes.

He can throw it all out after AGMA saunters over the rainbow. I’m pretty sure I won’t care one way or another then.

Only 6 more boxes to go.

But oh my…

AGMA’d better do a Costco run for one of those jumbo tissue packages.

16 thoughts on “Nog, lots of nog

  1. Ah, The Boxes. We were forced to go through all that stuff when selling the family home. 95% of the stuff wound up being thrown away because the kids didn’t want it, and we would have no room in the new house. Fortunately, the memories I have in my head don’t take up any physical space and can be brought out for enjoyment whenever and wherever I wish, no dusting needed. And everyone seems to have slightly different memories (“I did NOT do that”), so we can share at those rare family get-togethers.

    I have no intention of decorating my house (again) this year as we’re not anticipating any visitors. I sincerely hope it stays that way. I’m more than happy to go to THEIR houses instead. Let them deal with the grief, I did it for many, many years.

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    • I totally get that! On a ‘normal’ Christmas, we still have people over (son, sister and BIL) so I like to have the tree up and a few things around. In the last few years I’ve been going to Home Depot on Black Friday and buying their 99 cent poinsettias. I load my cart up with those babies and – voila – beautiful holiday color and cheer for a mere $12!

      We’ll see how much stuff gets pitched from the boxes. My mind obviously can’t hold as much as other peoples do… (no surprise there!) Will keep you posted!


      • Please do.

        As for Christmas, I do have the small artificial tree in the basement, fully decorated, and it could be put up within about 5 minutes if I suddenly found company was coming over. And we always have candles around, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to make the house appear a little more festive.

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  2. We’ve had the same problem with the kid’s stuff, and not just baby stuff but stuff from all those times when they needed move (from college, apartment, bad relationship, great new job in distant state, etc) and just asked, “Can you store this until I get settled?” 5, 10 years later said boxes are still in our shed, laundry room, guest room, etc. This year, I’ve decided to wrap up all their stuff as Christmas presents and I’m mailing it to them. They’re going to get tons of great gifts. Pass the nog, please…

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  3. I know exactly what you mean AGMA. I’m the worlds worse when it comes to holding on to boxes full of what is best described as “emotional junk”….which is bad news at the moment as we are just starting the painful process of moving house!

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    • Oh Dookes…where are you going? Staying in Cornwall or what? And why? I have been toying with the notion of moving lately to a one story home (hubs and I are over the stairs in out townhouse), but it just starts my eye twitching again. I HATE moving. We’ve moved (including houses and temporary apartments) 7 times in the last 15 years. That makes my head hurt!

      Yes – you are right! They are boxes of ’emotional junk’! Maybe that’s why we get along so well…we’re emotional junkies! Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi AGMA.
        Moving wise the plan is yes, stay in Cornwall.
        Why? Well, to be honest we don’t need the amount of space that we have, both inside and outside. The other factor is that whilst living in a 300 year old house is great, they do take a fair bit of maintenance and I’d like to spend a little more time on my bikes and a lot less up ladders!

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      • The idea of living in a 300 year old house sounds so awesome – as long as everything works all the time! But I guess it doesn’t work like that… 🙂 As the years pass, the idea of getting up on a ladder becomes less appealing to me.

        It’s different over here. I’m pretty sure that every 300 year old house – all 8 of them (Ha!) – in the US are designated historical monuments and charge admission. You can’t actually live in them. Our townhouse is 14 years old so we’re cool…

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  4. Oh AGMA it’s all good and you will have fun and it will be loud and messy and you will probably work your aging gracefully ass off but I’m so excited for you! And going through those boxes will no doubt bring on some serious nostalgia, so pour yourself a bourbon eggnog and settle in for it. Wishing you happy times AGMA!

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    • Thanks Ilona! Wishing you happy times as well!

      You’re right it will be all those things, but I can’t wait! They spent Thanksgiving at my DILs parents home and her mom took a 5 hour nap on Monday!

      And as I told Linda, there is no way I can drink eggnog AND go through boxes at the same time. I’d be a sobbing mass of AGMA that Hubs would have to heave into bed that night! Booze and memories don’t go well together with me! Ha!

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