Turkey day ditty


It’s Thanksgiving week here in the USA and nobody wants to read a long winded AGMA post.  Least of all AGMA.

So I thought I’d change things up and try some poetry.  Robert Frost is turning in his grave…

My apologies to all you real poets out there.

AGMA Thanksgiving haiku

Frozen turkey waits
Hot oil sits in a fryer
This may not go well

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  And be safe out there…


28 thoughts on “Turkey day ditty

    • Thanks (and love the Hill Street Blues reference!) It was good (the turkey actually was thawed…) but we all decided that it was not good enough to outweigh the cons of the whole process. The most important – can’t stuff the bird and no drippings for gravy. Oh yes – and we all could have gone up in a fireball. Whoosh!

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    • If they don’t, they should! No fire extinguisher needed thank the Creator! It was good but not so good as to justify the downside of potentially turning yourself into a fireball.
      And thanks for the not bad comment. I actually had fun doing a bit of poetry. Don’t worry though – I don’t think it will be a regular occurrence. But then again, who knows… 🙂

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