When AGMA’s brilliant and witty progeny were growing up, they had very little contact with both sets of grandparents.

Not such a bad thing considering my in-laws and my dad were crazy.  Sort of.  My step-mother was wonderful, but she kinda had be in the line with what my dad wanted.

One set of grands lived in Arizona. Then New York. Then Kentucky. Then Tennessee. Then North Carolina.  Then back to Arizona.  True Amurkin’ gypsies.

AGMA could understand the infrequent visits from Arizona and New York.  But North Carolina and Tennessee were within a pretty easy day’s drive from Cincinnati, where we lived.  And Kentucky was right next door.

But still, their visits were few and far between.  Again, not such a bad thing for a myriad of reasons, but I know the kids would have liked to have seen them more often.

But they were busy doing other stuff.  They didn’t have the time.

My dad and step-mother always lived close – within a 4 hour drive.  But they rarely visited.  We always had to bring the kids to them.

But they were busy doing other stuff.  My dad said that they just didn’t have the time.

I thought it was odd at the time.  I mean, they seemed to always find the time to go other places. But never to see their grandchildren.

Now that AGMA’s a Nana herself, it’s beyond comprehension to me.

But it was all about priorities.

I understood on some level that building a relationship with their grandchildren was not very important to them.  Or at least not as important as other things in their lives.  Not important enough to spend the $$, time and energy on.

And that’s actually a great way to define priorities.

Where you spend the most of your time, $$ and energy?

AGMA is struggling with my priorities right now.  Time, $$ and energy is too damned limited these days!

High on my list are the MAGITW (most adorable grandchildren in the world).  Hubs and I travel to Chicago frequently; lately it’s been once every 4 to 6 weeks.  AGMA’s in Nana heaven.

Another biggie is travel.  After taking some big trips overseas when AGMA was a young woman, my travel bug had to go underground for most of my adult life until we had the time and the means again.  That didn’t happen until about 2010.

Ya’ll know I love me my travel adventures!

Running is another priority.  More than just the physical aspect and the health benefits, it enriches my life emotionally and spiritually.  Plus AGMA can eat and drink a lot more yummy stuff when she’s training and it doesn’t immediately plant itself on my midsection and thighs.

Maintaining extended family relationships is another priority.  It takes time and energy and in some cases $$ to do that.  I’ve been very intentional at building relationships with my nieces as adults, their spouses and their kids over the last 12 years.  And it’s worked!  My great niece and nephews pretty much adore their crazy great aunt AGMA.  And my nieces are more like girlfriends.

But since AGMA grand babies have made their appearances, my visits to said nieces & families have been scaled back.


And maintaining relationships with friends.  That’s important too.  “Friendships are like gardens – they need to be tended or they get overgrown with the weeds of neglect.”  That’s not an AGMA original – I think I read it somewhere…

But it’s true.

AGMA’s new role as an activist is important too.  There is SO MUCH to be done on the local, state and Federal level.  There are phone calls to be made, postcards to write, $$ to donate, social media posts begging to be read and re-posted.


Oh, and I’m still working part-time as a therapeutic massage therapist so obviously my clients are a priority.  They have to be if AGMA wants to keep earning the big bucks (sputter, laugh, choke!)

And AGMA, my blog.  That’s a priority for me.  Most of the time.  I try to set aside the time each week to blog, but it doesn’t always work with my travel and work schedule.

Which brings me to the origin of this post…

Frustration.  It’s been weeks since I’ve made reading your wonderful WordPress posts a priority.  And I hate that.  I tried catching up today with some of you but the volume was so overwhelming that I quit.  Ya’ll are great writers and I hate that I can’t read everything you write, but…

I only have so much WordPress time today.  And I need to respond to comments and write a post.


I know I waste time.   AGMA’s at that point in her life where my candle burns down pretty fast as the day goes by, and by the time evening comes, I’m spent.  So I just fiddly fart around and don’t get anything of substance done after about 7 PM.


There’s a glimmer of hope though.

I’ve rousted my bottom out of bed earlier than normal the past two mornings to do Centering Prayer.  AGMA used to do this on a daily basis and it was important to me.  But it got pushed out by running and travel and work and family and ___________(fill in the blank).  It hasn’t been a priority for me of a while.  And I’ve missed it.  I’ve missed the insight it gives me about myself and the world.  I’ve missed the peace and calm that washes over me when I spend some time with the great I AM, the Lover of my soul.

I can’t figure out how to make everything “fit” into my life, but I think I might be on the right track again.

Two days and counting…






23 thoughts on “Priorities

    • I used to make lists all the time when I was in my 30’s and 40’s. I lived by my lists – it was the only way everything got done that needed to get done in our growing family with two working parents, kids in sports, volunteer stuff, etc. Got kind of burnt out on them. Actually, I got real burnt out on them! Now, if I’m feeling really wild & crazy, I’ll occasionally do a grocery list! I know – I’m a wild woman…


  1. Interesting take on those visiting/non-visiting grands. We moved around a lot, and they usually came at least once to our various new homes. But mostly, we had to take the kids to them, even as they got older, retired, and had the $ and time to travel. Priorities, for sure. Glad you are enjoying your visits, the kids will remember that, and their lives will be enriched by your presence. (And your spoiling !)

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    • I hope they remember Van… We were a bit older when we had kids (for the time) and my son and DIL were in their 30’s so I’m an older Nana. I have friends my age who have grandkids in high school. What?? And I have one friend in my running group who is 2 years YOUNGER than me – she’s 61 – who just had her 2nd GREAT grandchild. Yikes!

      We recognize that it’s so much easier for us to visit my son and his family than for them to come to us. So as long as we can afford the airfare and are physically able, we’ll be making our pilgrimages up to the Windy City! They are actually coming down to Atlanta in a few weeks which is VERY EXCITING! I actually had the thought yesterday of maybe going up there next summer for a couple of weeks… I’m gonna have to work on that! Ha!

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  2. I can SO relate to this post. I too, get notified that one of my favorite bloggers has posted, but I’m in the middle of something or other, and time passes.
    So occasionally, I binge read.
    Like you, I get LOTS and lots of political notifications that need to be attended to immediately. Like you, I HAVE to do something about that disaster in the WH and his army of trolls and misfits that he considers his cabinet, because again, like you, I have a stake in preserving this planet for future generations.
    Just know that although I don’t immediately respond to your (and other bloggers posts) I always appreciate them, (and my virtual pen pals).

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  3. Back at you Shelley!

    I usually binge read WP, but it’s really difficult to do if you’ve been offline for a few weeks. There’s just too much out there! Which is great but not so great for us folks!

    Damn 45… My life would be so much calmer without he and his minions trying to destroy the planet! Another great reason to flip from red to blue – I’ll be less stressed and have more downtime! 🙂 Hugs to you soul sister!

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  4. I hear you, AGMA – I let the Voyage lay fallow on the internet for almost a year!!! (Insert the sound of crickets here…) And now I have a new battle plan. Every morning, coffee in hand, I take a moment to determine 3 or 4 things that are important TODAY – and also to think about what’s NOT IMPORTANT. Sometimes when we have so many irons in the fire, it feels like being torn apart in hundreds of directions at once. Glad you’re back! ~ Lynn

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    • So glad you’re back with Voyage! But we do have seasons to our lives and sometimes you have to put something aside for a spell…

      But I still am not getting over a blogger I used to follow named Dobster (or was it Doobster?) He used to post everyday and some days twice. And he would make comments on other folks’ posts – he was intense. He had a series of posts where he was going through each letter of the alphabet each about something topic, and on his ‘I’ post, he just said he had to quit blogging to attend to other priorities (there’s that word again!). And he just stopped cold turkey! He didn’t even ease into it. He was one of my first readers and he really did encourage me in my blogging efforts. I was on vacation when he stopped so I never had the chance to say goodbye… 😦 I often wonder if he’s back under a different name… Or if it was a serious health issues. Or work. Anyway, I still miss him!

      So I’m VERY glad you are back!! And I love your battle plan!

      I’m 4 out of 5 days – pretty good! And I’m taking a minute after my Centering Prayer to eek some WP reading/writing time and loving it!


      • Isn’t it amazing the relationships we develop through blogging? It feels as though I have so many new “friends” that I have never met in real life, but that, through reading their stories, I know I would adore! I’m sorry to hear about your blogger friend. Let’s both just keep a good thought that better priorities came his way! ~ Lynn

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  5. I can relate to your reference to running as something that’s not only for your physical health, but for your emotional and spiritual well-being as well. Hope you achieve a good balance as far as your priorities are concerned. ♥

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  6. I know what you mean. I feel guilty seeing people follow my blog when I know I can’t possibly read all of theirs. I also know what you mean about grandchildren. I have a 20 month old grandson, 5 year old granddaughter, and a third grandbaby in January, a boy. They make me feel so happy and loved. Have great holidays with them!! Hugs, my friend!

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  7. One of the best things about priorities at our mutual stage of life – (semi) retired – is that we get to set them for ourselves! And you, AGMA, can feel flattered that I missed you so much – and even noticed when you were missing from my feed – that I specifically went back and made sure to add you back in! You may also note, however, that this comment is made nearly two months after you put up this post! Goes to show that I am following my own set of priorities which, like my Self-Evident Truths – can change depending on what’s happen in my world!

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