Elvis has left the building


After 44 years of service to the good people of the United States (Army plus Federal job) Hubs has retired.

That was a freakin’ fast 44 years.

His original plan was to retire at the end of January 2018.  After the election of a President hostile to everything his agency is tasked to do, he moved it up to May 2017.   The difference in his monthly pension for those 8 month would be like $1.20.  We decided we could deal with this financial blow…

Smart man.

Then in February, he came home one day and asked if I would mind if he pushed his retirement up to the end of April.  He said, “I just feel dirty working for ‘that man'”, referring to his new boss, the man-child Cheeto-head.

Very smart man.  Hubs that is, not Cheeto-head…

The level of his job prohibited him from saying or writing anything about the U.S. Government that was political in nature.  That was a big no no.  It didn’t allow him to follow the example of his bitchy, feisty wife (AGMA) in posting/sharing scathing commentaries on social media about He Who Must Not Be Named and his contingency of thugs, criminals, henchpeople and traitors.

I know – I really need to quit tip toeing around the subject and say what I really think.

But he’s bound by those chains no longer!  I have to say that, while he has posted several mild critiques about the deteriorating state of the office of President and our nation, he as not been nearly as prolific or wickedly cranky as AGMA.  But we do have very different temperaments…

It’s been 4 weeks since the wild rumpus of retirement celebrations and so far, so good.

In all seriousness, AGMA realizes it’s been difficult for him to go from managing 5 offices spread across the southeast U.S. and being responsible for some very important cases, to being the guy who scoops the cat litter and de-cat-hairs the furniture.

Serious demotion.

I know he misses the 8 to 5 regiment Monday through Friday, and having his days very ordered. He’s a very logical person who likes routine and needs structure.  AGMA doesn’t help the situation by getting up early one day to go running and sleeping in the next just because I can.  I’m very used to unstructured, unordered days with no routine, and flying by the seat of my pants.

But then again, you probably knew that…

Thank God he has multiple interests, nurtured over the years, to occupy some of his time.    He’s been a chess player since high school; a bridge player since college and a genealogy researcher since before it was cool to be a genealogy researcher.  And more recent events/pursuits such as becoming a grandpa twice in 2 years and becoming proficient in French help tremendously.

He also signed up at our local senior center and is taking a class on Astronomy.

So while he seems a little lost right now, AGMA’s pretty certain that he’s going to be just fine.

But I’m also pretty certain that he thinks I’m a slug.

Yesterday, he got into a declutter fit.   While asking himself, “Does this item bring me joy?”, he totally cleaned out his side of the closet, all the drawers in his chest of drawers and his night stand.  He took 5 bags of stuff to Goodwill this morning.  He had a very smug look on his face as he loaded the bags in his car.

That look that says, “I’m an awesome time manager.  I’ve only been retired 4 weeks and I’ve managed to do something that you’ve been saying you need to do for months but say you just can’t find the time…”


Between my running schedule and my AGMA blog and my eBay business and my massage therapy practice and my travels and my domestic duties and maintaining family/friend communications and my political activism, finding what gives me joy and what doesn’t in my closet isn’t very high on my list.

But then again, he’s clueless.  He’s never had any idea what I did from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.

And that’s about to change.

I will have given him a 5 week grace period.  Fair right?

Next week, we’re going to sit down to create the dreaded wonderful “Honey do” list.   This will be a combination of mundane, repetative domestic duties, one-off things that AGMA hasn’t had time to do that are within his skill set, and things that need to be done by a professional.

That’ll keep him busy for a few years.

Friends who’ve retired or spouses of retired folks have told AGMA that it took them 1 to 2 years to really settle into a new lifestyle.

So whaddaya think?  For those of you who have gone before, does this sound about right?

Any pearls of wisdom that you can drop AGMA’s way will be eagerly appreciated.










17 thoughts on “Elvis has left the building

  1. Congratulations to Hubs for his retirement, and thank you, to him, for his service to our country. He seems like a very principled man. You’re both very lucky. I suspect that you’ll enjoy his retirement as much as he will. Maybe he should start a blog? Best wishes!

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    • Thanks for your congrats! Yes – he is very principled. It’s a shame he felt like he couldn’t stay a bit longer.

      And I’ve suggested blogging to him but he just gave me “the look”… He writes well, but is not what one would call a creative writer. But then again, who knows what a little boredom will birth! Ha!


  2. My next career goal: retirement, so I am watch to see it goes for you two.

    But, 5 weeks? Normally I only take a week between jobs. Giving him 5 whole weeks is a bit extravagant, especially for someone who can de-cutler that fast. I’d give him a week for every decade worked, 4 weeks tops.

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    • I’ll check with regular reports on how it’s going. It’s quite interesting – I’m having a bit of trouble with it. I’ve been so used to being alone during the week; it’s difficult not to have that private time any longer. And yes – I do want some cheese with my whine…

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  3. We had the reverse at our house. Mike retired 7 years before I did. I was surprised to learn that he’d expressed concern about MY ability to occupy myself to our son (who ratted him out). I guess because I had always been employed in demanding, all consuming positions, he had little experience with the unstructured me. Fast forward 5 years…it has all worked out great. We have together time and alone time, common and separate interests, shared and individual friendships. Silly boy. What was he thinking?

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    • OMG, so funny! The day you posted this, he was on hold with OPM for 45 minutes trying to get a simple question answered! And his HR dept at his agency were abysmal (he had to deal with multiple HR issues during his tenure) so he’s used to stomach burn! Ha!


  4. No advice to add – sorry. My hubs has always been at home, but I’m out to work. Bridge (and chess) is a great time consumer. BBO online bridge available all day, combined with real bridge at the club plus many a voluntary chore for the sport keeps a man fairly busy.

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  5. Tell Hubs to join the local Lions Club and volunteer for everything he can, Lions Clubs International is the largest service organization in the world, with 44,000 clubs and 1.5 million members in 200 countries and geographic areas. It certainly occupies a lot of men time, and is very rewarding to know that you are making a difference.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion! While he’s always been quite generous financially to causes, he’s never been one to do a lot of volunteering (other than when our kids were in HS). I think it’s because he’s an introvert and just not comfortable around groups. I’m hoping his Senior Center classes might lead him to something like Lions Club. Stay tuned…


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