The prodigal child returns (almost…)


‘member me?  AGMA…

It’s been a while and I kinda sorta left everybody dangling with some semi-dramatic stuff in my last post.  Then nada, nothing.

I’m soooooo sorry!

AGMA hit the road again and it’s been just a bit crazy.

I’m on the downside of a two week trip to Italy.   We fly back over the Big Pond on Tuesday.  I hope I.C.E. lets AGMA back in the U.S.

It’s been an eventful, interesting, fun trip.

I ran the Rome Marathon.  In Rome.  And finished.  It took me a long time – as usual.   But it was awesome!  More when I get home…

Hubs stayed home with the cats this trip so AGMA’s traveling with a long time friend who lives in a different city.  “They” say you really don’t know somebody until you travel with them.  “They” are right.  More when I get home…

Basically, I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m alive and okay.  And so is Hubs.

His CAT scan showed no other indications of cancer in his innards.  So we whooped it up over that!  Thank God.

My MRI showed the horrible, wonderful prednisone did it’s job.  The most unwelcomed mass in my pancreas is gone.  Poof.  Goodbye.  Thank God.

I’m still left with the ulcerative colitis that was an extra added bonus of the autoimmune pancreatitis, but so far, it has been extremely mild.  Thank God.

I got my two crowns.  It was traumatic (isn’t dentist stuff always traumatic?) but I survived.  With minimal whining.  Thank God.

And my shingles and the after effects are 99.9% gone.  Poof.  Goodbye.  Thank God.

So AGMA feels like a new woman!  Actually, after all of the wine, pasta and dolci I’ve had, I feel like two new women.  By the time I get home, I could be three new women

So hang tight.

I’ll be home soon and be posting some juicy travel stuff shortly.  All with the trademark AGMA “twist”.

And I’m really looking forward to getting caught up on everybody else’s posts.  And lives.

I really miss you guys!


P.S.  The massive picture at the top has nothing to do with this post. But you probably figured that out.  I couldn’t upload the one I wanted (it’s complicated…) so I just used one I had in my media library but hadn’t used yet.  AGMA will let you ponder what kind of post that was going to be…



18 thoughts on “The prodigal child returns (almost…)

  1. I choose to believe that there is a correlation between the machine gun and the good health report for both you and Hubs. You literally blew away the previous scares. Or some other verb that only an NRA member could love. In any event, extra kudos to both of you. Travel safe and enjoy that wine and pasta! – Marty

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    • Oh Marty – I enjoyed the wine and pasta wayyyy too much! Came back with 6 extra pounds (and they weren’t in my suitcase!) I’m on the wagon now… You know, the NRA has some sort of gathering here in Atlanta next week and guess who’s going to join them? The Cheetoman! I wonder if there will the irony of no guns allowed at the NRA convention when he’s there??


    • It’s been a year now and (I know I’m whining…) I’m really ready for the health issues to go poof goodbye. I think I’m almost there! This was probably my biggest running accomplishment since I ran into so many issues that tried to derail my training. I guess I am a tough old bird after all! 🙂 Thanks for the “you rock”! It’s more of a wobble, but that’s okay! Ha!


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