Pink pussies everywhere


Picture courtesy of AGMA’s crappy phone camera

Hats I mean…  Pink pussy hats.  Everywhere.

The Women’s March on Washington was awesome!

I’m sure you’ve read about it and seen the pictures by now.   You’ve heard about Ashely Judd’s reading of that incredibly powerful poem written by a young Tennessee  woman.  And Michael Moore’s five step resistance plan.  And feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s speech.

And Madonna.  She was…Madonna.  ‘Nuff said.

But as always, there is an AGMA version.  Of course.

I got to DC on Friday, 1/20.  Inauguration Day.  Tragically, another day in American history that will live in infamy.

The Dulles gift shops were stocked full of DT t-shirts and memorabilia and made in China “Make America Great Again” red hats.  Considering how sparsely attended the inauguration was, they would have been financially more astute to have stocked Women’s March stuff since there were sooooo many more people at the March.


I stayed with my niece and her family in Virginia.  Before I left home, I got a text from my neice asking if I had my flu shot.  Ah oh…   Turns out her middle son had the flu, but before the end of the weekend, my niece also came down with it.  And her husband and oldest son got a severe, extra nasty colds.  It was the house of contagion.


Friday was spent getting ready for the March the next morning.  I finished my poster which was truly a thing of beauty.   Front…


And back…


I loaded up my burner phone (OMG – yes I did…) with the ACLU DC Justice app.  And encrypted everything on my phone just in case it was confiscated.  AGMA created a new FB account thinking I would do FB live if things got “rough”.   I brought $100 with me and my medications in their original bottles in case I got tossed in the hoosegow.  I wrote emergency contact numbers on my arm with a sharpie.


You can imagine my surprise when I saw a grand total of two police officers the entire day until the March got to the park in front of the White House.

Not that I’m sad it was peaceful and I didn’t need to do all that stuff.  AGMA just felt a bit…over prepared.  Understatement.

But it’s better to prepare for the worst and get the best, which is what happened!

There were 9 of us who went down to the March.  We got there around 9:50 AM. We couldn’t see the stage, but had a jumbotron in front of us so could hear and see the rally.  I didn’t realize that there were soooo many people there that 70% of them couldn’t see or hear anything.

My first inkling at the size of the crowd was when a friend who came up from Atlanta called me.  She said that they were in front of the National Archives and couldn’t get any closer.  That was a loooong way away.

The rally was great, but long.  Too long.  The organizers, in wanting to be inclusive of all groups, let too many of the many speakers go on a bit too long.  So instead of being the 3 hours and 15 minutes it was supposed to be, it went over 4.5 hours.

It was chilly and crowded and was nearly impossible to get to a port-o-let.  I didn’t try.  Thankfully, AGMA is good at managing stuff like that.  TMI right?

By the time the March started, AGMA was by herself.  My niece and the other 7 ladies bailed at 3.5 hours.  They were cold, hungry, had to pee and tired.  And my niece looked awful.  Remember, she was coming down with the flu.

But AGMA had no intention of leaving.  I was there to march and, by God, I was going to march.

And I did.  And it was a glorious thing.

Despite the long rally and tired feet and hungry bellies and full bladders, when the march finally started, the marchers were polite and peaceful and considerate of each other.  The energy was amazing.

I’ve never been in a crowd of nearly a million people.  It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Words fail AGMA if you can believe that…

Once we got to the Elliptical in front of the White House, I found a bench to stand on and watched for nearly an hour as people poured it the park.  Again, it was a sight I really can’t describe.

At 5:15 PM, it seemed like it was time to leave.  It was getting dark, things were winding down and I had to figure out how to get back to my nieces house.

But AGMA had two urgent needs.  I needed a toilet and some food.   I brought one banana to the rally.  Not good planning.  I was starving.

Thankfully there were port-o-lets close by and no lines.

But the lines at the food trucks were crazy long.  AGMA opted to head to the Metro to get somewhat close to my niece’s house.

It took my niece about 20 minutes to drive to the Metro stop to pick me up.  There was a Subway, a Chinese food place and a BBQ place across the street.  That was cruel.  The smell was intoxicating.

Bless my niece’s husband for having dinner ready when I got back.  They all kind of stared at me in disbelief as I inhaled the food.  Then had a second helping.  Protesting and marching evidently requires a lot of fuel.

Oh, and my burner phone could barely take pictures let alone do Facebook live.  I guess you can’t expect a lot for $29.99 from Walmart.  And I came back with my $100 and all of my meds.  And I had sharpie on my arm for a few days afterwards.  A reminder of what didn’t happen.

This time.

But in the 10 days since the inauguration, it’s far worse that I imagined.  Probably far worse than anybody imagined.  Our free speech, our free press, the rule of law, our Constitution are all under serious attack.

I keep thinking of Theoden’s line from The Two Towers from the Lord of the Rings series by JRR Tolkien, “What can men do against such reckless hate?”

What indeed…

Every American has to answer that question for themselves.  My prayer is that each one of us will be brave.  And not be silent.


P.S.  On a lighter note – OMG, OMG, OMG…I got inked yesterday.  It’s glorious!  Stay tuned for a picture once it quits looking red and nasty.











25 thoughts on “Pink pussies everywhere

  1. I have GOT to stop eating/drinking when I see AGMA has paid a visit!
    My computer almost had peanut butter as a snack *sigh*. Good thing I wasn’t trying to drink my very hot tea at the time.
    Spit takes are all well and good (It was the title that did it), but not with a mouth full of food! lol
    Glad everything turned out the way it should have.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great report. Waiting to see the ink pictures. At our march there was a police squad with riot gear (not wearing it, just in little bags at their feet) – leaning up against a wall looking bored. Except when people came by to ask to take pictures, or so the little ones in the crowd could get a sticker that the police were handing out (jr. officer badge). I tell you the cops at our march should have charged for letting the pictures be taken – year’s supply of donuts right there. Part of me suspected that if they weren’t on duty, they would have joined us.

    But then I’m in California, land of the professional protesters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it did… It and the hundreds of others around the US and the world. I think we (the millions who marched) sent the message that we won’t support or allow the US to go back to policies that are sexist, racist and demeaning. I marched for my grandchildren. I want them to grow up in a country of love not hate. A country of free speech and free press. A country that understands that we are only as strong as the weakest among us, and that showing compassion is an expression of strength. A country that doesn’t turn away those looking for a better life and safety from oppression – like my grandparents when they immigrated from the Ukraine in the early 1900’s.

      An no flu! Yeah!


  3. January 21 was the only day I felt lifted up rather than weighted down in a very long time. And now the let down is, as you said, even worse. Watching the marches all around the world was inspiring. I think they said it was over 200,000 in Seattle alone! Great job AGMA.

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    • Thanks Ilona! It was an inspiring day! Now it’s time to get down into the trenches and let our Senators and Representatives know what we expect of them. Lots and lots of phone calls. I made 4 this morning to my Senators – to their DC offices and their GA offices. And I’m planning on going to their town hall meetings when they are in town. I also want to get more involved in our state politics. That’s really where the rubber will meet the road when the 2018 mid term elections come around! You can do it too if you want! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for being one of the millions of women around the world that restored my hope in humanity. My husband and I will be in DC for the April 29 march for science and the environment.

    The last time I marched in Washington was to protest the Vietnam War.

    One thing I will say about “the Donald”–he has gotten me politically engaged and active again. I even taught myself to tweet and have been making ‘bird noises’ at KellyAnn, realdonaldtrump, my congressman and senators on a daily basis.

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    • Awesome Shelley! I think there are a lot of us “mature folk” who are either re-engaging or (like AGMA, to my shame…) engaging for the first time. And in this day and age, that requires having social media savvy. Tweet away girlfriend!

      I don’t think I’ll make it back to DC for the April 29th march, but if there is a sister one here in Atlanta, I’ll be there!


  5. Unfortunately for all those who marched, the “target” of the protest doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what you think or what you want. He is one of the most “soul dead” people I have ever seen. I know you have a sense of pride for marching, and I am proud for you. I hope we survive this as a country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow – I love your term “soul dead”! That pretty much says it all… And he did care in that it hurt his massively over inflated ego to think that there were wayyyyy more people marching on 1/21 (bigly yuge!) than attended his pathetic inauguration on 1/20. Anything that can attempt to insult his ego is successful in my book!


    • Thank you so much for marching!! I think the events of 1/21 gave a lot of people hope and let them know that they are not alone in standing against hate and fear and all those nasty -isms! Lots and lots of grassroots movements popping up here to get involved in – I think all of us snowflakes are going to turn into an avalanche!


    • Believe it or not, the choices are overwhelming! I follow a number of FB pages that are both on the city, state and national level and there are so many initiatives out there. And people are responding! It’s pretty amazing. I did an ImPEACH Trump 5 mile march on Presidents Day – there were about 400 people (Geogia is the peach state hence the big PEACH!) But there have been many marches locally that I haven’t been able to attend. There was a Save Our Heathcare one last Saturday that attracted several thousand here in Atlanta. There was a pro-trump rally on Sunday that had about 150 people. 🙂 I went down to our state capitol to learn how to lobby and did phone canvassing training for an important local election that will replace Tom Price in the House of Representatives. Its a red seat that we’re trying to turn blue. People are really pretty organized and focused on a grassroots level which is where I think this war is going to be won. Thanks for sharing your memories Jean!

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