2017 comes a roaring’ in


Photograph: Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock

Rebecca Solnit is a writer for the US edition of the British publication The Guardian.  On December 29, she wrote an brilliant article for The Guardian titled “Another, more beautiful America is rising. Trump will be resisted.

Please click on the link and read it.  It’s a hopeful message in a time of darkness for our great nation.

The picture above is the picture used in the the article.  The photograph credit says Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock.

It should also say AGMA.

Because this is a picture of AGMA.

Holy sh*t.

It was taken at the 12/19/2016 peaceful demonstration at the Georgia state capital in order to encourage the Georgia electors to have the courage to put America first and not cast their votes for Trump.

It didn’t work.  They all put party politics above love of country and voted for the unpresident anyway.  Now it’s up to history to judge their actions.

Imagine AGMA’s shock and surprise when I innocently opened a link on Facebook that a friend had posted yesterday.  And saw me staring back at myself.

Holy sh*t.

It was unnerving.  It was unsettling.  It was flabbergasting.

AGMA’s a very private person.  I guess you figured that out after 3 years of not knowing my name or even what I look like.

I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

I had quite a few people take my picture with my homemade sign on 12/19.  But I never imagined that, out of all of the gatherings all over the U.S. and of the thousands of pictures that were taken that day, that AGMA would be a headliner for The Guardian.

And 2017 comes a roarin’ in.

I posted this meme yesterday on my Facebook page before I saw The Guardian article.  Maybe it was an AGMA premonition.


So let’s get started.

Aging gracefully my ass!


33 thoughts on “2017 comes a roaring’ in

  1. Thanks, AGMA, for sharing the Solnit link–wonderful and wise article. Yes, the solace we have is that “there is another America rising, and it is beautiful.” Great photo, too. Can you use the sign again on January 21?

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    • Thanks for your comment! Solice indeed! I think a sleeping giant has been awakened and it’s about time! Not going to reuse the poster – I can’t fit it in my suitcase! But I’m coming up with a new one for Saturday! 🙂


  2. What a beautiful warrior you are, and a prime example of aging gracefully. Keep up the good fight, for us old farts and for the ones, especially the young women and younger girls, who will come after us!

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    • You mean a prime example of NOT aging gracefully! Ha! Hmmmm – never thought of myself as a warrior let alone beautiful… I’ll have to ponder that. And I think one of my prime motivations for all of this activism is my grandchildren. And of course all of the old farts out there like us!


  3. Yay you!!!

    But you are no longer anonymous. I certainly hope that doesn’t mean you will ever stifle yourself (as Archie used to order Edith).

    No, I didn’t think so.

    Thank you for doing your part to redeem us in the eyes of the world.

    And so nice to finally see your smiling face.

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    • I thought long and hard before posting that picture. Only something really, really important could entice me to come out of my AGMA cave… So I guess I think this is really, really important! Since no names were exchanged, I still sort of feel anonymous. But I do feel as if I’ve lost a bit of my mystery… 🙂

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    • Thanks – you’re so sweet! And yes, we have to be hopeful! And vigilant. And make our voices heard. I’ve never called one of my Congress persons in my life and this past week I’ve called probably 10 times. Power to the people! 😉


  4. Woo Hoo look at you AGMA! Giving legs to the concept of being fearless in the face of opposition. I don’t like confrontation. But I’m also committed to truth. And justice. I’m not where you are yet but I will be. Thanks for shaking it up and making a stand and encouraging the rest of us.

    And by the way, you look mahvelous!

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    • Thank you dahling! It is better to look mahvelous than to feel mahverlous… And for the record, I HATE confrontation. But I hate hate and evil even more and that’s what’s motivating me. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about going to DC and marching on Saturday. There’s so, so much that could go wrong. But I know I would never forgive myself for not taking a stand in the heart of our democracy. Thanks Ilona for all of your encouragement and please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers!

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    • Hey Marty, thanks!! “Willingness to agitate” – I like that! Agitating (and advocating) Gracefully My Ass!! Honestly, I’m not really sure what I’m doing – I just know that I feel compelled to do it. I hate bullies!


  5. So how cool is that??!! And you’re my hero for standing up for what you believe in, even if it was a way, way, wayyyyyy long shot. Now that the new congress is sworn in, I’m almost too afraid to watch the news. Almost. Sic’em, AGMA.

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    • OMG – my head is spinning trying to keep track of all of the horrible stuff this Congress is doing. How could people be so hateful? It’s beyond me… Not sure I think it was cool I was in the picture, but I have to think there is a reason that my photo was picked out of the literally 1000’s taken that day. Helps me be brave (which I am not normally…) Thanks for your support!


  6. I am definitely in your corner on this, but I had a thought the other day regarding the “unpresident.” Even though he scares the hell out of me, at least we know where he stands. This has not always been the case with the residents of the White House. It’s easier to resist an evil we know about. Great photo.

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    • Thanks! And I’m not sure I’m as afraid of the unpresident as I am of those around him who seem to be pure evil and the GOP “inmates” in Congress. Such rage and hate in their spirits. It boggles the mind and makes my heart hurt. 😦


    • I look boring… Like the Midwestern housewife/soccer mom I was for years. But thanks for your kind words Pat! It took a lot for me to post that picture. I like the comfort and safety of being anonymous, but I guess sometimes something is too important to stay in my cave. Be brave is my motto for 2017 (something that does not come naturally to me!) Thanks again for your support!

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  7. Wait a minute…I thought you were a donkey? 😉
    I can’t imagine how flabbergasted you must have been to see your own face as a headliner for the Guardian! (I’m just as private, if not more so, than you are.)

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    • Aging Gracefully is the donkey… Although I have been know to act like an ass now and then!

      So being a private person, you can imagine how I felt. I went totally red and started sputtering and jabbering. My husband thought I was having a fit or something. Crazy stuff!

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