Cold sores and lip fungus


This past June marked the 45th anniversary of AGMA’s first tentative, wobbly steps into adulthood. Very wobbly. I was naive. I was shy. I was mousy.

But I was ready to start my real life.

45 years ago, I, along with 700+ classmates, graduated from high school.

And those of us who are still fortunate enough to be around and in relatively good health and with the means and desire to travel to Pittsburgh, got together last Saturday night to celebrate that momentous event. Or we were just looking for a reason to party.

Yes.  It was my 45th high school reunion.

And as promised in my earlier post in June, AGMA was boldly and proudly in attendance. Because, unlike 50 of my classmates who are no longer with us, I could go.  And not to be morbid, but of those 50 classmate who have gone over the rainbow, 22 have passed in the last 5 years since our last reunion in 2011.

Holy crap on a cracker – 22 in 5 years!  Poof, gone.

I think it’s a good thing we’ve started having reunions every 5 years now.

Aging is clearly a risky business.

Contrary to my plans in my June post, AGMA didn’t get glammed up or dressed to the nines. I didn’t wear heels or lots of make-up. I didn’t buy a new outfit either. It was billed as a casual affair so I went casual, wearing clothes I already had, and a bit of blush and eyeliner.

But I looked good… Darned good.  And people noticed.

It was a good night for AGMA’s normally fragile, humble ego. Like the Grinch’s heart, AGMA’s ego grew three sizes Saturday evening.

Because only 2 of my 5 BFF’s were there and Hubs stayed back in Atlanta,  I wandered around most of the evening striking up conversations with former classmates and/or their spouses/partners.  I call it social “cold calling” and I’m pretty good at it .

“Hi! My name is AGMA. I’m sure you don’t remember me because I was very quiet and shy in high school, and didn’t move into the community until 9th grade. So do you still live in PIttsburgh?” It was an effective opening line.

And if I was talking to a man, I added, “And I definitely didn’t talk to guys. I used to blush and turn red.” I was surprised at the number of men who laughed and said, “And I didn’t talk to girls!”

Turns out many of them were as terrified of me as I was of them! Who knew?

Based on AGMA’s observations of the 80+ people who came the reunion, my classmates, 45 years later, fall into one the following groups:

  1. People who have become self actualized enough to leave the cliquishness, “labels” and insecurities of their teenage years behind them and are now really nice people. AGMA falls into this group. Of course.
  2. People who are still suffering from self confidence issues and are still reluctant, after all these years, to go outside of their comfort zone.   So they still stick like glue to their old high school peeps for support. That’s just sad.
  3. People who have never gotten over the trauma of _________ (fill in the blank) from their high school years and have come back to prove a point. They are now (take your pick…) successful, beautiful, handsome, have a head full of hair, skinny, rich, have a hot spouse and/or successful kids, and have come to rub it in the face of the cool “kids”. Who really don’t give a flying f*ck. Still.
  4. The people who were self confident and nice in high school, and are still self confident and nice. Yeah – there were a few of those.

In general, the women have aged better than the men. Although I do have to admit to a few double takes with some of the guys. A few of them have gotten better with age. Much better.

But the big story of the night was that I did what was totally impossible and unthinkable to a 17 year old AGMA. And it only took 45 years. Who said crazy dreams don’t come true? You just have to be willing to be patient…

AGMA got to kiss our former class football jock hero. He was the quarterback of our state title winning football team. He was so popular that a quiet, shy mouse like me would never even think of daring to have a crush on him. That would have been just crazy.

Lest you think AGMA was dallying on Hubs, it wasn’t like that. Really. Although after 2 Moscow Mules, I’m not exactly 100% clear on how it all happened. I’m pretty sure we ended up kissing dramatically for a photo op.

Keep a lookout for it on Facebook. That possibility kinda makes me quesy…

At least there were no tongues.

Now that would’ve been gross. He’s turned out to be a kind of a slimy ,used car sales person type who drinks too much.  It’s tough being a washed up jock.

One of my first thoughts afterwards was that I hoped he didn’t have anything that was contagious. Not the reaction AGMA might have dreamed of 45 years ago….

But I was young and naive then.  And not aware of the dangers of cold sores and lip fungus.

I’m really looking forward to our 50th.

And I wonder who I’ll pucker up for in 2021?

Aging gracefully my ass!

24 thoughts on “Cold sores and lip fungus

  1. I have never been to a high school reunion, um, I didn’t graduate (but did get my GED years later). Yours sounds like fun. I doubt I would remember half of the class anyway. My BFF gives me a report, after the fact, and I hardly know who she’s talking about. She tells me who has passed away, and the numbers are up surprisingly. Well, everybody is at least 70, can’t expect different.
    A first kiss, no, I can’t imagine lip locking with an old man not my own.

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  2. OMG, how funny! I just went to my 53rd reunion a couple of weeks ago but we had to combine several years as our classes very small – maybe 30 or so. We are all in our early 70s. No kisses but a few hugs. Some had not changed mentally. Others, like me, have made progress. Funny how only the twirlers, cheer leaders and football players were recognized. Some things never change. Husband went with me but glad ex-husband did not attend this year.

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    • Sounds like it was an interesting evening! So glad you are in the “work in progress” category!

      We had an interesting situation with “hook-ups” in my class. Debbie R married Hal G. At some point, they divorced, and Debbie R married another guy from our class (I forget his name…) And they all live in Atlanta and all went to the reunion. We had a photographer roaming around so there’s even a picture of the three of them (with some other folks.) Awkward…. 🙂


  3. So you are in mid-60’s and several people have died already?? 😦

    I lost track of all high school buds except for 1-2 people. No, I never to our school’s 150th birthday event. I just heard the grapevine gossip who got really bald, etc. I agree with 1-4. Of course, I found out a guy who I had a gr.6 crush,….was recently charged in court for sexual harassment of young woman in hot tub.. Not surprising local golden boy’s ego didn’t deflate after high school.

    I doubt anyone would have guessed I would be cruising on a bike so enthusiastically in my 50’s. There was nothing in high school to hint at any sport interest. For me, it was about art and poetry…which in a way it still is. I was semi introverted mouse, just quietly smart but not brainy brilliant.

    I really think it’s cool the nerds and mousey young women, blossom into something wonderful after high school. Were you one of them?

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    • Oh Jean – I wish I could have been a mousey art and poetry person in high school. Instead I was just a mousey, average student who didn’t stand out at all. However, I did love theater and was in our Thespian Society, and also was a dancer in our musicals. So I guess I wasn’t a total zero… 🙂

      I did blossom after high school into an AGMA which is pretty cool! Ha!

      Just found out last week that two more classmates passed away to bring the last 5 year total to 22 which is totally absurd! We are all in our early 60’s so it’s wayyyy too early for that kind of nonsense! 😦

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      • I don’t know anyone from my high school who died yet but then I don’t keep up. 22 people who died already from your school does seem more unusual or maybe not. Not sure if your region of US has a higher mortality rate.

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  4. Since I moved to the high school where I graduated in the middle of my junior year, I had only a year and a half to make friends. I went to one high school reunion many years ago and discovered that no one knew who I was, and furthermore didn’t care. I’ve never put myself through that again. I envy your long lasting friendships.

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    • My husband’s dad was in the US Army so they moved around a lot as he was growing up. He is much like you – moved to his high school I think as a sophomore. He married his high school sweetheart and…welll…I guess you can figure out how that went. I think it lasted 2 years.

      He never went back to any reunions and I think his high school is a shopping mall now. He has never kept in touch with anybody from his class. I think he’s also a touch envious of my long lasting friendships. I really do feel very fortunate to have such long lasting friends! And honestly, they are just a wacky as they were in high school!!


    • I always suspected you were an old soul…. Dare to venture a guess as to what you were in a past life?

      Youngest son of AGMA is like that. When he was 4, he acted like he was 40. And he knew about things back then that were way beyond his experience and comprehension level. It was kinda spooky!

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  5. You sure have a knack for coming up with eye-catching (in this case, nausea-inducing) titles for your posts! 🙂
    I love your descriptions of the different groups of people at the reunion. Glad you’re in the first group.
    I have zero interest in attending a high school reunion (I don’t think my graduating class has arranged one yet, as the 25-year mark hasn’t yet been reached). In fact, I don’t like big social events of any kind. *shuddering at the thought*

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    • Thanks for the compliment about my titles…I think…. 🙂

      I don’t really like big social events either, but I go because it’s usually the only chance I have of seeing some of my old friends. But I’m okay “circulating” in that setting and think it’s kind of fun since I was so quiet and shy back in the day. Sort of “Then and Now” performance art! Ha!

      Honestly, I was dreading it a bit when I found out that only 2 of my 5 good friends would be there, but in the end, it turned out okay. Now I just have to hope I don’t get that lip fungus….

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  6. Well, I think I’ve only been to my ten-year high school reunion. I was single then and still living close to home. The whole thing was relatively low key and I think it was probably too soon for most of us to become who we really were, if you know what I mean. And I never heard about any others after that, but really 34 years ago social media was not what it is today, when I am now a member of at least one alumni group from my high school, maybe more, who knows?
    Anyway, fast forward to maybe 3 or 4 or so years ago. Somewhere in the interim my mom (aka J. Edgar Brook) had reconnected with my high school BFF so I re-established contact with her and we have kept in touch with her ever since, through the passing of both of her parents. FYI J. Edgar still lives in the hometown and is probably in touch with BFF more than I am!
    Now both BFF and I do not live in hometown and I don’t think either of us are looking forward to possibly 45 year class reunion, which would be next year, if either of us, or J. Edgar, even hears about it! If we do, I’ll try to keep your lessons learned in mind.

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    • I LOVE that you’re mom reconnected with your BFF and that was the impetus for you to reconnect! I love having one of my BFF’s living relatively close by here in Atlanta even though we only see each other once a year. I think she knew almost everybody in our class (all 700+) but she hasn’t been to the last two reunions due to her job or her daughter or no $$. If she goes in 2021, it will be 20 years since she’s been to a reunion. I think she might be in for a shock….Ha!

      I agree with you – the first reunion at 10 years was too soon. People were still angry about stuff other people did to them and all the cliques were still there and people didn’t talk to people not in their “tribe”. It was sort of miserable. 20 years was much better!


  7. How timely! Next July will be my 50th high school reunion. I missed several in the past mainly because they were held close to Thanksgiving and who wants to travel during that nightmare time? This year, I’m trying to do my bit to make it a wonderful event, which includes calling former classmates. Very interesting reactions. I’m one of the most curious people on the planet. I LOVE stories about people, wonder what became of them. I’m learning that’s not how everyone rolls. So sad.

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    • I’m the same way Shelley! I love knowing “the rest of the story…” I hate to say this and don’t mean to be morbid (well – maybe a little…) but it’s like getting towards the end of a good book finding out what happened to the characters. As Will Ferrell said when he was paling Harry Cary, “They call me Whiskers because I’m curious; curious like a cat.” That’s us Whiskers


  8. Ironically I am just returned from my 40 year high school reunion.I thought Las Vegas rules applied, you know the one, what happened in Vegas……no worries though agma, I behaved! Strange event, but loved the 70’same music even all the old people! 😎

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    • Ha! I thought about that Vegas parallel as well! But I’m glad to hear you behaved…

      And I still haven’t told Hubs about my smooch with the QB. I think it’s more because I am ashamed that had such bad taste…. I mean, an ex-jock who’s still trying to milk it 45 years later. PL-EA-SE! 🙂

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