As time goes by


“So would I do it again?  Probably.”

That’s how I ended my post “How I spent my summer vacation” in August 2015.

If you didn’t read it or don’t remember it, I’ll summarize…. Our vacation at the beach was 30% good and 70% sucky. Like a lot of family vacations.

But AGMA was right. I did do it again. Last week.

Crazy right?

Miraculously, it was 90% good this year. And everybody knows that 10% is certainly within the acceptable limits for sucky.

AGMA meant to post last week while I was lounging by the pool with a Mai Tai (which actually didn’t happen…)  I was in a beach house basically by myself for the first 3 days. Plenty of time to cobble together a few words.

One would think…

But, as happens so often, time got away from AGMA. And was MIA. One minute it was Sunday evening and the next it was Wednesday morning. Then my kin all descended on me and there was no time to do anything “elective” for the rest of the week.

But AGMA was ready for them.  This year, I was ready for them.

The Pack n Play was all set up for Adorable Grandson. He’s nearly 2. His toy box was ready and waiting, as was his high chair. His stroller and wagon were in the garage as were all of the beach chairs and umbrellas.

Thank God for the trusty AGMA-mobile… My 2008 Prius with 110,000 miles.

After three trips to the grocery store (one in Altanta and two at the beach), the pantry and fridge were fully stocked.

There was really nothing that anybody could want for. And they didn’t.

It helped immensely that Adorable Grandson was a year older. He is walking and talking (“no” and “more” and “mama” and “dada” are some of his favorite words) and understanding well.

It also helped that we were a minute’s walk to my niece’s beach house instead of a car ride like last year. My brother and SIL were there for a week as were my two nieces, their husbands and their kids (5 of them, ages from 4 to 11)

The niece’s house was the house of insanity, activity and craziness. Unless the kids were on their iPads. Then you could hear a pin drop.

But Adorable Grandson loved, loved, loved his second cousins and joined in the fray as much as he could. Between running around with the older kids and running around on the beach, the little critter was exhausted every evening. He went to bed each night with nary a whimper.

My younger son, who can be a bit inflexible at times, was pretty mellow and loved being the “crazy uncle” to Adorable Grandson.

My husband spent the whole time grinning after Adorable Grandson christened him “Bump-pa”. AGMA still has no name other than “nana” but I think Adorable Grandson was referring to an actual banana and not me.

My stressed out, over worked older son and pregnant DIL got some much needed R&R, and were much nicer to all of us this year.

So, I did it.

I feel like Clark Griswold at the end of Christmas Vacation. After many dismal failures, AGMA finally orchestrated a family event that everybody enjoyed.

I’m still dizzy with the feeling of success. Or maybe just dizzy from my new meds – not sure which…

So the question is…will there be a repeat in 2017?  Probably not…  Families, like life, are always in a constant state of change and evolution.

There will be a new addition to our family. Adorable Grandson will be joined by Adorable Granddaugther in November. And my older niece told me her family was planning on going somewhere else next year on vacation to expand their kid’s horizons. So my brother and SIL, and my other niece and her family probably won’t come either.

My sister and BIL couldn’t make it this year because of illness. They probably won’t come next year if my brother isn’t there.

It’s like dominos falling.

But no matter what happens, or where people go or don’t go, AGMA will always have the memory of last week. The week when I saw everybody in my family actually smile and get along and enjoy each other’s company.

We will always have the Isle of Palms 2016.

Play it once Sam. For old times’ sake

Play it Sam.

26 thoughts on “As time goes by

  1. So, 2016 was the year of the fun summer vacation, hold it close, relish it. I hope you took movies. Sometimes you just can’t get a repeat performance of great, there may be a law somewhere …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Memories eh…. Care to share or are the THOSE kind of memories

      It was sort of stressful leading up to it just making sure I had all the “stuff” that I needed to take. But the week was really amazingly not stressful. I think a big part of it was me deciding that I wasn’t going to let things get to me, but then there seemed to be a lack of things that actually could get to me. Does that make sense?

      Brave? Never thought of it that way, but maybe… Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I took my kids there, but often, went alone when they were in school. I’d just walk the beach, find a seafood lunch and head home, renewed. I love the energy of the ocean. We were 30-40 minutes away, so I took advantage. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

      • How wonderful to be so close! The closest I’ve ever lived to the ocean is right now in Atlanta – some 4 or 5 hours (depending on traffic) from Tybee Island near Savannh. Better than the 14 hours it used to take to drive to the ocean from Cincinnati though!

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  2. Congratulations! I do remember your blog from last year. You were not a happy camper. Grandbabies always make a difference; good or bad depending on their age and their parents’ stress levels. Lol


    • I was not happy to the point that my younger son couldn’t believe I would try it again! He said I was doubling down. But again, I’m nothing if not an unrealistic optimist! And I’m KNOW that Adorable Grandson being older greatly reduced his parents stress levels which helped the whole mood of the trip. And I didn’t have to listen to DeadMau5 for 5 hours while driving there. I didn’t start the trip with my head split open which is always good… Ha!


    • Yeah – didn’t mean to skip a week. It seemed as if I didn’t have a spare minute to put a single thought together. Now I have multiple spare minutes, but I still can’t put a thought together. What’s up with that? Thanks for noticing I was MIA!


    • I know, right? I still can’t believe it! Of course I worked like a dog getting ready for the trip, then getting the house set up with everything that everybody needed, then packing it all up again, but it was okay. In the past, I would have resented being the one to do all the work, but for some reason, it was all okay. I think I knew that it was all going to turn out good so it was worth all of the effort… Probably not something I’d want to repeat anytime soon thought – I’m crazy but not nuts!


    • Thanks for remembering my post from last year! I guess I was pretty much of a Debbie Downer… And it was all true!

      Yes – things do change – more often than I want them to. I remember when we used to have my family at our house for Christmas. I loved it and thought I would always be hosting them. Wrong! Once my dad passed away, everybody went their own separate ways. And of course the all kids grow up and start their own traditions and so on and so on… I guess the key word is flexibility!

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      • Absolutely! Each year, our traditions grow smaller. I’ve always enjoyed hosting but as the kids and their kids grow up fewer show up. A some point they begin their own traditions. Sad but the fact of life. Aging is hell, indeed.


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