And the word for the day is…charming


Last week we left our heroine, AGMA, breathless after taking down a purse thief in Barcelona. Well, maybe I didn’t exactly take her down… But I sure showed her you can have good manners even if somebody is so rude to try to steal your purse.

Sophia, my Guardian Angel, was bracing herself for the next 10 days.

After two amazing days in Barcelona, we picked up a rental car in town and headed out on the open road. On the way out of town, we stopped to see the Sagrada Familia Basilica by Gaudi.

Crusty ol’ AGMA was floored. I had only seen pictures of the outside, never of the inside. I don’t think I’ve ever said “Wow!” so many times in my life. To say it was spectacular is an understatement.

We headed east to Provence. Neither one of us had ever been there and we wanted to see if it would live up to it’s hype.

Yup. Believe the hype.

We booked a room through Airb&b in Saint-Remy-de-Provence. It was all that you would want a charming French room in a charming French home in a charming French village to be…

What’s the word? Oh yes – charming.

And Jen, our hostess, greeted us with two glasses of French rose when we arrived. Even more charming. Jen and her husband were absolutely lovely and went ABCD (above and beyond the call of duty) as Airb&b hosts. They treated us like friends.

One evening, after we got home from a full day of sightseeing, they invited us to join them on their patio with a big group of their friends to watch the Euro Cup semi-finals. And drink French rose. Then the next night, they invited us over again to hang out with them and different friends who came over for a BBQ. And drink French rose. After we had had quite a bit of rose at dinner a couple of hours earlier in the charming village of L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

Do you sense a theme here…?

So it all sounds lovely right? It kinda sounds like AGAM’s Guardian Angel, Sophia, could have taken a break.

Nah baby nah.

I went on this trip taking large daily doses of prednisone to treat my “sausage pancreas”. It did all kinds of weird things to me. I was loopy (more than normal), sleep-deprived (more than normal), angry at nothing (more than normal) and had a very, very fuzzy brain (more than normal.)

But the best side effects were yet to come…

When I was in Provence – and AGMA knows this is TMI – I developed a nasty case of inflamed, swollen, bleeding gums. Ouch and gross. And got a cold sore above my upper lip. So attractive. And finally, started developing oral thrush. Yuck.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say on SNL, “Mr Fader, you sound like a real delightful guy.”

AGMA was miserable in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery, best wine and yumblyest food in the world.

Sophia to the rescue!

She sent me to a pharmacy in town. Pharmacies in Europe are quite different from pharmacies in the U.S. The pharmacists in Europe are a bit like our nurse practitioners (without the $$ they charge you.) They can assess your condition and dispense medications. No need to go to a doctor.

It was truly wonderful.

Ten minutes and 27 Euros later, we were on the road to Avignon and AGMA was on the road to recovery.

Thanks Sophia!

But between our delayed luggage, my Barcelona purse snatcher, the crazy drivers in Spain and France, and all that rose wine, I think she was already starting to get tired.

One more post to wrap the trip up.

Stay tuned…

15 thoughts on “And the word for the day is…charming

  1. Wow, whatever made you leave? Gawd!
    No one told you to eat yogurt while you took prednisone? Amazing! I often end up with thrush and even a UTI if I don’t remember from the start. Yep, that stuff gets you going with road rage and other annoying little problems like no sleep. My house was clean though …

    Liked by 1 person

    • You made me laugh!! I honestly have never been more productive in my life – I’m like the Energizer Rabbit!

      No – I was not informed to eat yogurt… I spoke with my doc over the phone when he said he was going to prescribe prednisone. I asked if there were any side effects and he said, and I quote, “You might have some trouble sleeping.” Ya think so?? Thank goodness I had some Ambien. I generally took it every 3rd day just to get a decent night’s sleep. It’s amazing how good you feel when you get a good nights sleepI The great thing is that I’m tapering – down to two pills a day and have been sleeping pretty well without help…

      I meet with him next week and plan to let him know that he needs to be a bit more forthcoming with the side effects (and how to prevent them – i.e. eating yogurt!) I read that the gum thing was most prevalent in females over 60. How do it know that I’m a female and over 60? The mysteries of life…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much!! And I love the name of your blog! When my kids were growing up (two boys), mommy definitely needed lots of moscato! And beer. And vodka. Thanks again for visiting AGMA – you never know what hair brained scheme I might be up to… 😉


    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by AGMA!! And welcome! Stalk away… And I’m not sure where you live, but in Atlanta we are going into something like our 53rd day of over 90 degree temps with 75% to 90% humidity. Literally, every day is the same and it’s getting everybody down. Ugh.

      So reading blogs is a good thing to do I think! Again, thanks for stopping by and please visit again! 🙂


    • Yeah – they rock! It just makes so much more sense than having to run to the doctor for every little thing. Even when you go to one of those drug store clinics, it still takes time and they bill you. My oral thrush started to come back last week so I just ordered some oral probiotics (that I never new existed before…) to repopulate the good flora in my mouth and it’s gone away! Poof, goodbye! I’m going to keep on taking them until I’m off of this nasty prednisone. ONE MORE WEEK!! Yeah!


  2. Vive la Provence! 🙂
    I’m glad you recovered after taking the medication dispensed by the pharmacy. I was a little confused by your reference to rosé as ‘rose’…I wondered why you kept drinking a flower! Haha…just kidding. 😉


    • Actually, I thought about that since I don’t know where the little accent thingy is on my keyboard. So I thought adding “wine” after it might be called for! Ha!

      And even in the throes of all my crud mouth, Provence was truly lovely. I’d love to go back to visit for more than 72 hours! And not have crud mouth… I have to say, I really didn’t let it slow me down. My pictures look like I had a marvelous time!

      Liked by 1 person

      • To type an é, you just have to hold the Alt key and type the following sequence: +0233. Don’t forget the 0 before the 233, otherwise you get Ú instead. Complicated, I know. 😉 It’s easier to “cheat” by copying and pasting an é from a French webpage. 🙂

        Good to know your crud mouth was not evident in your pictures!


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