Freestylin’ it


When AGMA was young, maybe 6 or 7, we went on vacation to…are you ready for this…drumroll…

Lake Erie.

For those of you outside of the US or from other parts of the country or too young to remember, Lake Erie used to be so polluted that it regularly caught on fire.  Part of it.  The part around Cleveland.  Figures…

Nothing says vacation like adding fire extinguisher to your “what to take to the beach” packing list.

But it wasn’t too far from home so we could drive.  And we shared a cabin with my Aunt and Uncle and cousin so it was fairly inexpensive.  My mother was a single, working mom and my uncle worked in a glass factory so any vacation we took – which were very few and far between – needed to be inexpensive.

But to the 7 year old AGMA, it was like Disney World!

The first morning we were there, I was so excited to go swimming in the flammable lake that I ran out of the cabin a la natural.  I think somebody took a picture with their Kodak Brownie.  I’m sure I was adorable.

My mother and uncle had to chase me down to get me dressed in my swimsuit.

That’s how I feel about this post.  I’m going a la natural.  I normally type my posts in Pages then, when it’s all done & edited, copy it to WordPress.  But today, I’m going freestyle and typing it directly in WordPress. Sometime’s you gotta shake things up.

AGMA is out of control.  Again.  But still adorable.  Just not in a naked way anymore.

Gravity is cruel.

Speaking of a la natural, the most adorable grandson in the world who shares genetic material with me came to visit last weekend from Chicago.  It was a magical weekend.  I forgot how darned cute 18 month olds are…  Unless you’re his parents.  Or our cats

He’s still in diapers, but in my opinion, he doesn’t get nearly enough “naked time”.  You know “naked time”, right?  It’s when children get in touch with their ancient hunter-gatherer roots by running all around the house and in the yard in their birthday suit.    When they have the freedom to express themselves through their unencumbered body.   When they learn not to be ashamed of or hide their body.

Until gravity kicks in.

My son and DIL let him run around for like 5 minutes after his bath before they put his jammies on him.  That’s it.  They’re afraid he’s going to pee everywhere.

I’ve got news for them.  That bath he was in….yeah…full o’ pee.  As soon as that warm water hit that sweet little winkie, anything in his bladder immediatley came out to join the  party.

But I have a feeling, in six months or so, he will be getting lots and lots more naked time.  His parents are going to be too busy, too stressed and too tired to worry about him peeing in the house.

The Little Buddy is going to become a big brother in November!

And we weren’t the last to know this time.  As a matter of fact, we were one of the first to know.  Holy cow – miracles do happen…  We’re thrilled for them and couldn’t be happier!

But it’s a girl.  A girl?  I don’t know what to do with girl babies.  I have two sons, one grandson, a husband and two male cats.  The XX chromosome pairing is a rare thing in my world.

I’ll figure it out as I go.  Maybe I’ll finally have an ally who will help me fend off the attacks of the XY’ers.  A Buddette who will understand when I cry at sappy movies and not roll their eyes.  Somebody to pass on my grandmother’s pocket watch and my step-mother’s jewelry to.

Holy crap on a cracker…




35 thoughts on “Freestylin’ it

    • Thanks so much for stopping by AGMA!! I actually had the title before I had the blog… Just one of those kismet things that was meant to be! Ha!

      So how was your visit with your grandkids? I was exhausted after my 18 month old went back to Chicago!

      Please stop by AGMA again! You never know what might happen…

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  1. Wow, there’s nothing holding you back. Go you wild girl you!

    However, if you do start typing your blog posts without the benefit of clothing, we rather not know. I’ve seen the effects of gravity…

    And congratulations on the grand daughter.

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    • I know – like Girls Gone Wild meets Mardi Gras!! AGMA’s on fire…

      And just to give you some peace of mind, I will NEVER type a blog post a la natural. It would be just way too uncomfortable because of…..gravity. Damn that Isaac Newton!

      And thanks for the congrats!! I just need to make sure I don’t get too crazy with the ruffles and pink stuff.

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  2. Congratulations on the upcoming event. Little girls can be fun. Toddlers running around in the buff are cute, they seem to be more wild then. I agree about the peeing in the bathwater, ha ha. Your Lake Erie vacation sounds perfect for one not spoiled by white beaches and cabana boys. I would have loved it myself. I always write straight into my blog – if I make a typo – I don’t care. Life’s too short …

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re absolutely right! Life is too short, especially now… I think I might be free stylin’ it more often! Cut out the middleman.

      Oh my – now you’ve got me thinking about white sand and cabana boys! Take me away Calgon…. But I thought, at the time, our Lake Erie trip was just swell! We NEVER went on vacation so it was a huge treat.

      There’s nothing better than a naked toddler running around. They just seem so natural. And wild! And who cares if there’s a little pee here an there? There are so many great cleaning products these days. 😉 Thanks so much for the congrats on the upcoming blessed event!! We’re excited!


  3. About the crying at sappy movies with your granddaughter? When mine was about 6, I took her to see Charlotte’s Web. The movie ended … the lights came up … and she said, “Grandma, are you crying? Why are you crying?” Hopefully, yours will cry too.

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    • OMG that’s so funny!! And given that my son is her dad, I wouldn’t be surprised if that would be her response too. My son used to roll his eyes when my eyes would get moist and say, “Mom, you’re such a girl.” like it was a bad thing… Living with nothing but testosterone for the past 35 years has taken it’s toll… Ha!


    • Hey Shelley – thanks!! I wish I could say I had a part to play in all this other than birthing her father, but I really didn’t. Ha! Quite honestly, I pretty much had given up on the idea of them having any more children because they have been so freaked out since my Little Buddy was born. They are soooo afraid of not doing something right… I want to tell them to join the club! I’m still freaked out about being a mom some 34 years later!

      Evidently the door might still be open to a 3rd for them. Talk about miracles! My son told Hubs that they are going to wait and see how they do with two kids before deciding. Since my younger son isn’t going to ever be a dad, I’m cheering for a 3rd for my older son! Talk about putting the cart before the horse… 🙂


  4. Ok, first of all gravity – never mind it, that is why God gives us bad eyesight as we age. Second of all – I have three sons, one grandson and finally a granddaughter. You are in for so much fun.

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    • Yeah Bernadette!! Congrats to you! With so many boys in your life, did you go crazy with the pink and ruffles? I’m going to have to really restrain myself, I can tell…

      And thank goodness for underwire and long sleeves! Although today it’s going to be 95 degrees, so I’ll probably be displaying my under arm waddle to the world, but who cares? Viva la waddle!

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    • Oh Lord…I hope they do!! They will drive themselves absolutely mad and to the point of exhaustion if they try to keep it all up with a second one!

      Thanks so much for the congrats and for the fun post compliment. It’s interesting, I really had no idea where the post was going when I started to write it. That happens sometimes – it just sort of writes itself. I’m glad because I seem to have had a non-functional brain for the last few weeks… We’ll see what this week brings! Thanks again!


  5. OMG, just wait! Little girls are so special (says the mother of 3 grown women). Now that the Great Lakes are “cleaned up” you could maybe even take her to the beach there without having her come out all covered in tar like I did when I was a toddler (also Lake Erie, but at Hamburg Beach).

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    • Ah yes – the tar blobs. Such fond memories…

      Unfortunately, my family vacations have morphed from a $100 a week cabin for 6 on Lake Erie in 1962 to a $3000+ beach house for my family of 6.5 in 2016. But you can’t put a price on family memories right? I keep telling Hubs that as he rants at me about how much money we’re going to be spending this summer.

      That’s what I get for having son’s & a DIL with champagne appetites! And we’re on a beer budget. That’s okay – we really don’t need to eat this fall… Ha!

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    • Thanks Joyful!! And you made my day with you story about laughing out loud! With the rare exception of some more serious posts, that’s EXACTLY what I want AGMA to do – make people snort out their iced tea through their nose!

      I remember an incident from high school – a rare occurrence at this age – where I had just taken a big drink of a Slurpee and my friend (in whose parent’s car I was sitting) said something really funny, and I snorted it all out of my nose and mouth all over the dashboard! Good times…. 🙂

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  6. Congrats on the new grand baby! You always make me smile, even when I cannot relate. Not to the grandkids, anyway. Gravity and nakedness – that I can relate to! And those 2 words combined in a sentence …. on my.

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    • They drool and they fart and burp out loud. Savages… But I actually loved being the mom of boys. God knew I wouldn’t be a good girls mom. That whole fixing hair stuff – I would have definitely not been good with that.

      But I’m excited about having a grand daughter! Since I’m not much of a girly girl, I’m hoping to teach her how to be a tom boy, and to enjoy science and math… Weird right? Girls rule!!


    • Thanks Sheila! I’m pretty psyched although I sure wish we lived closer to them… Hubs retires at the end of 2017, but I don’t see a relocation to Chicago from Atlanta in our future. 😦 However, that will free us up for “extended visits”!! Lucky them!

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