The Hostess City


AGMA’s been on the road. Again.

This time it was a long weekend in Savannah, Georgia. It’s an easy, albeit boring, drive from Atlanta, so AGMA’s had the chance to visit there lots of times in the past 10 years.

There’s no place quite like Savannah.

For those of you who’ve been to there or read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – referred to in Savannah as “the book” – you know how beautiful and interesting and unique it is. Exquisitely restored Federal and Georgian homes, ancient giant oaks draped with Spanish moss, 22 beautiful shady public squares (each one different), Forsyth Park, and lots and lots of Southern charm. Quirky Southern charm. Savannah style.

I read a great description of Savannah that’s meant to be a joke, but is pretty much true.

In Atlanta, they ask you, “What you do for a living?”

In Macon, they ask you, “What church do you attend?”

In Charleston, they ask you, “To what family you belong?”

In Savannah, they ask you, “What you want to drink?”

Yup – that’s Savannah. It’s nicknamed the Hostess City for good reason.

It’s one of the few cities in the U.S. where you can openly, legally drink while walking around the city. With this crazy ass election coming up in November, maybe every city needs an open container law to help us all through the trauma of the next six months…

It’s a city that has the second largest St. Patrick’s Day blow-out in the U.S., innumerable stag and hen parties, and is one of the most haunted cities in the U.S. according to paranormal investigators from the Travel, History and Discovery channels.

In other words, it’s a real party town whether you’re alive or dead or any where in between!

And, sadly, AGMA and her 60 something friend fell in that “any where in between” category…

We took afternoon nappettes every day we were there. The first night, we watched the first two episodes of Downton Abbey in our lovely AirB&B townhouse apartment circa 1885. Then went to bed. The next two nights we enjoyed the pianists at the Planters Inn Tavern. We listened to the music of Cole Porter, Rogers & Hammerstein, Savannah’s own Johnny Mercer and…well…you get the idea. I had two adult beverages the entire weekend. My friend doesn’t drink.

AGMA n friend gone wild! Out of control. Not.

I’m worried. It was definitely an aging gracefully weekend which you know I really don’t approve of…

But I guess we’d be pretty pathetic if we tried to act like we were crazy kids in our 40’s. There’s nothing worse than 60 somethings on faux Spring Break fishing for Mardi Gras beads. And I really don’t need to get up more often at night to pee than I already do. Plus the hangovers are far more wicked at this stage of life.

So. Much. More.

Still, in a strange way, I sort of miss, a tiny bit, those semi-lost weekends of my youth. Or maybe I just miss being able to semi-successfully “pull off” those semi-lost weekends without being like the Walking Dead the next day.

AGMA was never a huge party animal, but I did have my moments.

I bet you did too.

And maybe you haven’t wimped out quite as much as AGMA and you still do.  Lucky you.  I think.

I’m holding out hope that I’ll have a active social calender in the after-life. Then I can party with all the rest of the ghosts of Savannah without having to worry about extra safaris to the bathroom or the horrible hammering in my head the next day.

Prince and I’ll be partying like it’s 1999.

27 thoughts on “The Hostess City

  1. Savannah is a destination I would enjoy visiting. I have heard warm reports about it for years. Someday I hope to see it myself. No worries AGMA, I confess that I catch myself yawning at 8:30 pm sometimes, ok – frequently and my wife just rolls her eyes when I tell her I can party all night. As long as all night is over by 10:30 🙂
    Regardless since I am an early riser and this time of day I enjoy as it quiet and I get my routine started so while others roll out of bed at 11 am, it seems to me that the day is half over and they missed it. All in the perspective I suppose.

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    • I’m with you! I much prefer early mornings – there’s just a peace and calmness to them. Provided I go to bed early enough… I need those 8 hours to get my normal 7 hours of actual sleep!

      And Savannah is really wonderful! I tell people that it’s a cross between Charleston, SC and New Orleans. But NEVER, EVER go in mid-summer. It’s almost unbearable hot and humid. Spring and Fall are the prime times, but lodging is also generally more $$ then.. Loved our AirB&B place – full kitchen, parking spot out back and huge all in a historic row house all for the same price as a hotel room.

      I hope you get to visit there someday!

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  2. I honestly don’t remember when I went to a party, got basted, or stayed up all night with people. Ten, maybe twenty years? I am not a party girl – I did that in my younger days, had the hangovers etc. One night, I didn’t drink and noticed the way everyone was acting. Ashamed to say I must have looked and acted like them. Sigh … Now, my all-nighters are spent in front of my computer or in bed reading a book. I’ve lost my starch! I think if I was healthy and could breathe – I could possibly be a terror again, but – the old lady would have shot the bear with the broom if IF didn’t get in the way!

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    • I’m generally not a party person. Generally. But every now and then I surprise myself. But anymore, it really only takes a couple of glasses of wine for me to feel it the next day, so I’m usually pretty good about pacing myself. Honestly, there are so many compelling reasons not to drink alcohol – you are wise for no indulging!

      As far as staying up all night. I NEVER could do that. Ever. Except when I’m flying overseas and then I feel like a truck hit me around 3 PM the next day… 🙂


  3. I’d be right there with you, partying not so much. Or as much as I could do by my 10 pm bedtime. I was never a night person. Not even at 20 ! Why change now ? Savannah is beautiful, but you’re so right…avoid most of the South in the summer months. Brutal heat and humidity. I don’t enjoy living in Air Conditioning. It completely changed the idea of moving to a warm climate in retirement. ☺

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    • Actually, Atlanta isn’t too horrible in the summer. But I’ve lived in Cincinnati and St. Louis, both of which were fairly unbearable in the summer with the heat and humidity – every bit as bad as Atlanta. But I also wouldn’t want to be any further south than Atlanta. 🙂

      Savannah is really bad because the heat and humidity start really early and just go on and on and on…

      I really hate AC when it’s over-used. I just don’t think it’s right when I have to carry a sweater everywhere I go during the summer because people and businesses have their AC set at 67 degrees. I’m supposed to be the one having the hot flashes, but it seems as if everybody else is having them worse than me!

      And 97% of the time, I’m NOT a night person. But watch out for that other 3% 😉

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  4. This was a beautifully-timed post because my wife and I are planning a trip to Savannah next month. I had no idea it is such a drinking town — my kind of place apparently.

    I remember when Jerry Garcia died and they were interviewing Deadheads. One had already hit the herb a bit commented in a great Jeff Spicoli-like affect, “Jerry’s up there rockin’ with Mozart now, man.” I remember thinking, “well, no, probably not.” But I do hope the weather’s fine wherever they all are. Great post as always, AGMA.

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    • Oh great! It’s gonna be hot so be prepared to be blasted with heat and humidity! I like the hop on hop off trolley as a good introduction to Savannah. I also went on a river cruise for the first time on this trip and it was pretty good. There are lots and lots of great walking tours so try to do one or two of those as well. I believe some of them are free. The Pirates House is a really touristy restaurant, but has a fascinating history. You can stop in and look around without having to eat there. River Street is uber touristy but fun to walk up and down. Make sure you stop into some of the sweet shops for praline samples. And, of course, it’s fun to listen to the piano a The Planter’s Tavern underneath the Olde Pink House restaurant (and the building of course is haunted!)

      Interesting thought…I wonder what kind of music Mozart would write and play now if he was alive. I’ll have to ponder that.

      Thanks much for the kudos and thanks for the thought provoking comment. And I want a full report on your Savannah trip when you get back! 🙂

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  5. I have been trying to get to Savannah ever since I moved to East TN, but have yet to make it. It was a planned stop on a trip that was scheduled for this very same week before Mother’s Day but that leg of Mom’s visit had to be cancelled pending confirmation that her boyfriend’s new and unusual back pains were not life threatening, which is where her mind automatically goes at the age of 81. We did spend Thanksgiving week in Charleston a few years ago, where daughter and I contentedly toured some of the fine old homes and ran between the warm raindrops!
    Mom was supposed to fly from ATL to Jacksonville, which was our planned starting point for the cancelled East Coast jaunt. Is that airport as confusing as it seemed? We avoided necessity to drive or park there by staying in a nearby hotel from which we took a shuttle to the Delta terminal to pick Mom up. Mom thought ATL was worse than LAX maneuver and navigate through. Do you have an opinion on that?

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    • Of course AGMA has an opinion! Ha!

      I rag on Hartsfield-Jackson a lot because the traffic to get there is so bad and the airport gets so terribly crowded and is too small for the volume it handles, but after traveling extensively both domestically and internationally, I have to say that it’s one of the best airports laid out airports I’ve been in.

      The thing I LOVE about Atlanta’s airport is that all of the terminals are behind one main security checkpoint so you only have to go through security screening once no matter what airline you are transferring to if you only have carry-on. All the terminals are connected by an underground train/walkway. The underground “plane-train” as it’s called in Atlanta that runs between the terminals is fast and easy to get to. Or you can opt to walk in the underground walkways between terminals and see some spectacular art.

      No walking outside to catch a train to another terminal like other airports.

      The plane-train is pretty clear with a light up map and announcements about which terminal it’s stopping at so it’s hard to get lost if you know what your terminal/gate is.

      And there are only two sides to the main terminals – the Delta side (South Terminal) and the all other airlines side (North Terminal). But it’s all the same building – just two different sides. That was waaayyy more than you wanted to know wasn’t it?

      Hope you’re mom’s beau is okay… I’m glad you made it to Charleston! But really try to get to Savannah – you’ll love it!


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